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Larry's Musings for Fri. Oct. 31: "The Real Super Natural!"

Greetings from Pittsburgh...

Tonight we have a meeting in a college town, Oakland, which is a part of the Greater Pittsburgh region.  Of course it's Halloween!  I'm completely dumb founded by what all the excitement about Halloween is all about! Can you believe that many are actually calling this a "Holiday?"  

I'm thinking that there is such a hunger for the supernatural today that people are grasping at anything to try to see this fulfilled in their lives. Of course they are looking in the wrong direction.  Let's be honest here... talk to most unsaved people about going to church, and you know what the response will be!  Talk to the same people about the devil, witches, ghosts and demons, and you have their attention.  Why?  My thinking is that the Church has not been known to provide a true release for the super natural quest that God put within the hearts of people.  

Guess what?  Tonight, we're gonna change a lot of that... we're gonna have a super natural surge of the Holy Spirit with signs, wonders and true miracles!  I'll take that any day over ghosts and goblins and trick or treating!  Yeppers... any day!  

However, if you wish to save me one of those little trick or treat candy bars, I'll take that!  

Kingdom blessings and no "Trick or Treat" about that!


Important Message to the Church in America: Black & White

Important Message to the Church in America:
Black & White
Altoona, Pennsylvania - October 26, 2008 -

Dear Friend....

Normally you would have received this announcement from us as either a monthly newsletter or to make you aware of a new major blog article posted to "
The River is Here," Larry's blog. (see: However, this Sunday morning we awoke with a burden on our hearts that just would not go away! 
Larry & Corinne
This past Spring while ministering in the "Four Corners" region of CO, NM, AZ and UT we spent much time driving through the Land of the Navajo Nation.  One thing that we took note of was the sides of the roads, the shoulders.  When one looks at the shoulders of the roads within the Navajo Nation one notes that a strange glow seems to arise from the gravel.  That glow stretches as far as the eye can see, and is comprised of the broken glass of millions of alcohol bottles that have been thrown from the windows of passing vehicles and dropped from the hands of the many who walk those roads.  Our hearts were broken over this image and our cry out to God was, "How much longer can these people be ensnared by the sins of this Land?"

For those who know us, know that we are not people who are effected by racism.   Many of the churches we minister in are comprised of people of different colors and some of our closest friends and associates are people of other races.  So what we are about to share with you comes from our hearts  and as like our time in the Navajo Nation, are hearts remain broken today.  It is from these hearts, the hearts of Revivalists, traveling the "Highway to Revival" and the hearts of ones called into the ministry gifts of the apostolic and prophetic that we share the following information, "Lou Engle Speaks to the
Black Church in America."

We will post this, "Important Message to the Church in America: Black & White" in all places where we feel appropriate, such as Larry's Blog.  However we will also state that this will be the very last word publicly shared by us in regards to the upcoming American Election.  We will not forward or respond to any more email, etc., in regards to the subject.  Our plan of action, from now until
Election Day, is to be praying and fasting for what we consider to be the most important Election ever!

So, please take a few more minutes and scroll down, click on the link and read probably some of the most important words ever written about an American Election.  The very fate of our Nation hangs in the balance of what we are about to do
on November 4

May God bless you greatly this day!  We love you, we love Jesus and, yes, we love America!

Larry & Corinne

Lou Engle

Lou Engle Speaks to the Black Church in America
Due to copy/paste restrictions, please click on the following link in order to view this article:

Larry's Musings for Sat. Oct. 25: "Jesus is My All and All!"

Greetings from rainy Altoona, Pa...

We had a good meeting last night here.  I say it was good, as God was there and He moved, but it was a different type of a meeting.  Have you ever noted how different two meetings can be, like night and day?

This morning Corinne and I slept in a little, to about 7:30 a.m. and had a good bowl of oatmeal together, and spent some time praying for our lives and needs and for the meetings here, etc.  We also took communion together.  We are both believing God for the manifestation of some healing in our bodies, so taking communion, remembering the finished work of Jesus, is actually great medicine!  I love it... taking the communion pill offers no side effects except for more love of God being manifested in our lives, and I'll take those side effects any day!

You know, in these days when, "Everything that can be shaken is being shaken, so that only the Un-shakeable Kingdom of God remains" can be faith trying times!  Take us for instance.... We have no large church supporting us, we don't have hundreds and thousands of Partners sending in monthly checks... all we have is Jesus!  This morning, during our prayer and communion time,  it became even more clear to Corinne and I that our lives and ministry are totally, 100% a walk of faith!  And... that's OK by us, as the Word says, "Without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God!"  Lots of Laughs here... we must really be pleasing God!!!!

So... I just felt to write this today, share my heart some, run my mouth some more.... but my bottom line for this day is...JESUS IS MY ALL AND ALL!  And My Friend, that's not just some more of Larry's Musings, that is fact!

Love you!  ls

Larry's Musings for Friday, Oct. 24: "Is the devil Attacking Your Church" (Part 2)

Greetings again from Altoona, PA...

This morning has been a day of prayer and fasting for us as we're pressing in for a move of God in tonight's meeting.  We are looking forward to a powerful weekend of ministry in preparing the Saints for Kingdom Revival!  The Kingdom of God must be advanced in this beautiful part of Pennsylvania!

I wrote about this incident a couple of weeks ago, however, it's worth repeating.  We were in a meeting with a small group of folks in Lancaster, PA.  I was ministering to needs, moving with a strong healing anointing.  One guy came to the meeting in terrific pain, he couldn't hardly walk.  His back was very messed up!  God touched him and he began doing what he couldn't do before ministry occured.  We observed awesome results as the healing that Jesus provided for him 2000 years ago was being manifested right before our eyes.  

As I stepped away from this man, I noted an older lady, probably in her mid to late 70's sitting a couple of seats away.  I asked her, "What can the Lord do for you tonight?"  She said, "Nothing, I'm doing really good!"  I was about to walk on to the next person when I felt the Lord say, "Look at her fingers!"  I did and noted them rather twisted, a good sign of arthritis.  I then said to her, "Well what about the arthritis?"  Her answer to me was, "Well, this is just normal for people my age!"  I about jumped out of my skin when I heard that comment!

Isn't that what exactally what we're doing right now within the Body of Christ,  taking the attacks of the devil and saying that they are, "NORMAL!"  It's like we're taking all of the sickness and disease that the enemy is inflicting us with and believing that it's jut a normal part of Christianity!

Well, I say that it is NOT a normal part of our Christianity!  It IS a normal part of demonic attack!  There is NO  WAY that any type of arthritis or any sickness or disease, for that matter, is God's will for our lives!  I don't read my Bible that way at all!  John's admonition to the Church says it all in 3 John verse 2, "Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit." (NLT)  So, please don't take sickness and disease laying down!  Do not allow it in the midst of the Church!  Jesus was beaten severely prior to being hung on the cross.  That terrible beating was for our healing... "By His stripes we were healed!"  Let's not allow His acts of love go in vain!

If you seem to have a lot of sickness and disease within your church, it's time to hit your knees and find out what is going on!  I suggest calling special prayer meetings and begin seeking the Lord corporately for the answers to your situation.  Just maybe the enemy has been given an open door into your fellowship and through prayer and intercession the Holy Spirit will reveal that to you.

There is more I could write on this, but maybe I'll come back to it later.  In the meantime, get serious and don't take physical attacks laying down!  After all, you are the kings and queens that Jesus is the King over!  It's time to advance HisKingdom... let it begin in your life and in your church!

Kingdom blessings~  ls

Larry's Musings for Thursday Oct. 23: "Is the devil Attacking Your Church?" (part 1)

Greetings from cold Altonna, PA...  Burrr... 27 degrees this morning!

We arrived here yesterday afternoon, got settled in and spent an hour praying for people with our dear Sister Fran in New York over a live Internet prayer line,  God moved in several people's lives.  The Gifts of the Spirit were flowing like water!    Neat... I love my job!

Of course Corinne and I are included in a lot of email prayer requests.  I really don't mind, actually we encourage this.  The amount of requests is often over whelming, but we do try to pray for each one.  Of course we can't always spend deep intercession time on each one, but we try hard to say a prayer, even a short one, over each prayer request.  I feel that this helps as often the Lord will show us what to pray, what to say.  Isn't a minute prayer that is guided by the Holy Spirit a whole lot better than praying for hours, just running my mouth?  lol

One Gal, a friend in Ohio, sends us all of the announcements and prayer requests for her small church.  I can't always read every announcement or pray for each need, but lately, in reading some, I've noted a pattern being formed in her church prayer requests, there seems to be a lot of sickness and disease being manifested there.  Now this is a pretty small church, under 100 people, yet it seems like several times per week someone within the church is requesting prayer for healing, and this Gal is like the Church Secretary and spreads the word of the need to the rest of the congregation and interested parties via email.  

I was IM chatting with our friend last week one day and mentioned that I felt that there were many prayer requests for healing being forwarded by her.  She told me that she hadn't thought about it, but she agreed, there did seem to be lot of them lately.  So we agreed to pray about it some and see what the Lord is saying about this.

I first felt that this information might be a major new blog article, one that I would send out email notices for, but I'm sensing to keep it as one of "Larry's Musings."  Therefore I wish to keep it as short as possible as the "Musings" intent is to allow me to share some quick, non-formal thoughts with my readers.  So, keeping this in mind, I'm going to follow up tomorrow with Part 2 of "Is the devil Attacking Your Church?"  We'll explore some thoughts and concepts on how to handle physical attacks that comes from sickness and disease, etc. as the devil is attacking us.   Sometimes we just are not aware of the enemy's devices and we get blindsided!

So.. until Tomorrow.... Kingdom blessings~ ls

Larry's Musings for Wed. Oct. 22: "It's Wheels Up Today!"

Greetings from soon to be departed Mechanicsburg, PA...

Several weeks ago we got another word from the Lord regarding "Pilgrim 2."  We laugh as so many have prophesied our getting a new motor home or bus conversion.  It seems that wherever we go, someone is telling us that the Lord has the matter all in control.

We love "Pilgrim 1!"  It's been our home on 8 wheels for 8 years now.  But she is getting tired and we do have some needs.  When and if you pray about our new traveling home, here's a few things we're asking the Lord for:  1.  At least two slide outs (this will give us a lot more living space), 2.  A full size fridge and freezer (our current fridge is a typical camping one, very small and needs defrosting weekly), 3.  A washer and dryer (many have a single unit that washes clothes, then automatically drys them.  We could actually drive down the road doing laundry... what a blessing as many times the laundry mats that we have to use are filthy!!!)  4.  A stove with an oven (Corinne has to use a little counter top oven, it works but not very well) 5.  A unit that can handle cold temps!

Anyway, the word a pastor gave us about the new motor home several weeks ago was, "I see "Pilgrim 2" and she is going down the road and about to run out of highway and suddenly sprouts wings and begins to fly you  to your next destination!"  (We seem to have some more plane travel in our future as well!)

Today we leave Mechanicsburg, in just a few hours!  We have a short journey, heading to meetings for the weekend in Altoona, PA, about a 3 hour trip for us into mountain country.  Burrr!!! It will be colder there!  So for us... it's "wheels up" on our continued journey on the "Highway to Revival!"

Pray for us today!

Kingdom blessings~ ls

Larry's Musings for Tues. Oct. 21: "I Just Voted!"

I just filled out my absentee ballot and  voted.  It does make me feel good when ever I vote.  I am so thankful that God has put me in a country, even with all of her many, many faults, where I still have the right to vote.

You know, I seem to even feel a little "giddy in the Spirit" over this, I really think that God is in my voting.  I sense that my vote for LIFE means a lot to Him today!

Blessings~ ls

Larry's Musings for Monday, Oct. 20: "About the Election"

There is so much controversy about this years elections... Wow! 

Here's what I think... this is how I'm going to vote!  The answer to me is only one way.  Abortion CANNOT stand in America!  So, this verse says it all, "When the godly are in authority, the people rejoice.  But when the wicked are in power, they groan."  Proverbs 29:2

My friends any man, woman or even political party that backs up abortion, the killing of innocent life, is not godly!  

Something to think on this day!

Kingdom blessings~ ls

God's Glory Fills a Barn!

More from Mechanicsburg, PA...

Let me tell you about last night (Sat. Oct. 18, 2008)...

Around 5:00 p.m. people began driving down the 1/2 mile lane that leads to the home of Paul and Atha Lebo.  At 5:15 or so, Corinne and I walked across the door yard from "Pilgrim 1" which is parked next to the old, retired farm milk house.  We walked into the kitchen and were greeted by piles of food stacked onto the kitchen table and a living room, dining room and kitchen filled with hungry people.  These people came from all over the region as well as from several different states.  We gathered into the Lebo's living room and Paul asked me to pray for the food, and God showed up!  We sensed that we were about to be fed, not just good farm cooking, but also some great Holy Ghost Chow! As people marched into the kitchen to fill their plates a couple of us sang the old song, "Come and Dine the Master Calleth, Come and Dine!"   
A few minutes prior to 7:00 p.m. we began to gather in "The Barn."  It was cold last night!  The Barn was cold too, but it didn't stop people from coming, wearing heavy winter coats, many carrying blankets to wrap up in during the meeting.  I couldn't help laughing about the a traditional church setting, how many arguments occur about the setting of the air conditioner!  Here no one had control of the thermostat!  God set it on COLD!  However, before long we began to worship and one could actually feel the heat of the Holy Spirit begin to warm us from head to toe!

After some very anointed and lively worship Pastor Paul called several of us up to pray for him.  He stated that he felt unworthy to be in the position that God had him in.  He asked us to anoint him with oil and pray a simple prayer.  God had other plans!  We anointed him alright, but we also spoke into his life with prophetic words that powerfully got into his heart and soul.  He later stated, "I only wanted to be prayed for!"   Then he began to weep as God's presence was so strong on him.

Several preached, more exhortation than preaching, and more prayer went forth, many more tears were shed, and the prophetic flowed like water.
After the meeting we again gathered in the kitchen of the house for more snacks and fellowship.  The dinner left overs were pulled out, and God again just blessed us all in a great time of after glow.

These meetings have been going on all week.  Actually several hundred people have been coming hungry, and going home with huge smiles on their faces.  Some nights we didn't have a worship team at all.  Some nights we just sang some old choruses led by Atha Lebo.  One night we had a sister playing a keyboard, me backing her up with my guitar, and several coming forward to lead out in singing.  God's presence fell that night too!

So, what causes people to drive for miles, get their car all dusty on a dry, gravel lane, have their ears almost frozen off, not having the fancy climate controlled building, not always having an awesome worship team, not having big named speakers, what causes people to show up like this?  What is the draw for these meetings?  I've been asking God all week about this and the only thing I can come up with is that hungry people are being drawn by love!  Now, here at The Barn, I'd like to spell the word, "love" as LOVE!  From older Saints, to hungry young college students, to seasoned ministers, to those who are novices to the core, we're all being wrapped up in God's ARMS OF LOVE!  

There is also vast amounts of freedom here.  One  doesn't sense control here at all!  Ministry gifts are being used by many, they are being imparted to others as well.  Love is urging others to step out and use what God has given them!  It's refreshing to see more than just a few leadership types actually doing ministry work!

There are a lot of multi million dollar "church buildings" going pretty near empty these days in America.  Yet, down this dusty farm lane in Mechanicsburg, PA, God is on the move and the people are responding!

Once again God has blessed Corinne and I to be in, and minister in, one more "Grass Roots Move of God" on the "Highway to Revival!"

Yeppers... I love my job!

Larry the Revivalist!