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Larry's Musings for Thurs. Aug. 28: "Preparing to Leave Our Family... Ouch!"

We have been staying and ministering in Michigan for the past two months.  The ministry has been powerful and it's always wonderful to be ministering to God's Kids under His strong anointing.  The side benefit to being in the Great Lakes State is that all of our family resides here.  We've been able to see all of our 5 children and most of our 17 grand children.  We have eaten lots of hamburgs and hot dogs at several family reunions.  My 84 year old Mother lives with my Sister Dawn for a couple of months each summer, so we've been blessed to spend a lot of time with her and Dawn and her husband Jerry.  My brother Ron, his wife Patti and their kids live just down the road from the RV Park we're staying in.  So...we have had a lot of family time mixed into a very busy ministry schedule.

Now... here's the hard part... Monday (Labor Day) we leave for another year long journey on the "Highway to Revival!"  Ouch!  When I think of leaving my grand children behind, I develop an very pronounced "ache" in my heart.  Then I look at Corinne, a First Class Mom and Grand-mom, and I don't see an "aching heart," I see downright PAIN!

I know you don't know what we go through, how we live the life that we do.  People don't understand how we have to live totally by faith.... actually you have no way of understanding!  I'm not writing this to try to get you to feel sorry for us.  I know that you can't!  I'm writing these words this morning, maybe as a little therapy for myself.  By writing about this, it makes the "aching heart" feel a little better!

Corinne and I always have to fall back on the promise of Jesus....Mt. 19: 29, (NLT) "And everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or property, for my sake, will receive a hundred times as much in return and will inherit eternal life."  The "ache" and the "pain" are real today in our hearts.  But the promise of Jesus is way more eternal, way more important.  Corinne and I have claimed as our own motto the "Call to Moravian Missions" (I may blog about this someday, but in the meantime I suggest you listen to the "Revival Hymn", link on proceeding blog).  As the two Moravian Missionaries were leaving the dock on their trip to life time slavery so that they could preach Jesus to an island of slaves, they cried out, "May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering! That is our motto too!  That is our heart's cry and purpose of life.   Knowing this higher calling really helps damper the "ache" and "pain!"

Please keep us in prayer....WE REALLY NEED IT!

Kingdom blessings~ ls

Larry's Musings for Wed. Aug. 27: "Revival Voices of the Past!"

[Duncan Campbell 1898 - 1972]

Please check out "Revival Hymn" at

This Video is "Revival Voices of the Past."  Listen to Duncan Campbell, Leonard Ravenhill, A.W. Tozer and others.  Please make sure you have plenty of Kleenex available!

This 34 minute Video will help you focus on what is really important during these days of upheaval within the Church!

Blessings~ ls

Larry's Musings for Tuesday Aug. 26: "Friends Stick Together!"

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who's an evangelist.  He and his wife and children are also fellow travelers on the "Highway to Revival."  We spoke of some of his recent meetings and some of the latest Church type current events.  As we were saying good bye, my friend said, "Larry pray for me and my wife."  He simply placed within my grasp a personal prayer request that when answered will be a very positive asset to their lives and ministry.  Of course I told him that we would pray.

But after I hung up and after I did pray God's blessings on my Friend, his family and his ministry, I thought how honored that I am to have him as a friend!  Yep, my Friend called me for prayer because he knew that I would indeed pray!  That's what friends are for!  Isn't that the way the Body of Christ should be?  Shouldn't we all stick together like glue?  In other words our relationships should be so strong that when one of us are attacked, even if and when we are wrong, the only way to get to them is through us! 

I'm thinking more about this, more than ever before!  I want to be such a friend to my Friends that the only way you can stick a knife in their back is to get through me first!  After doing some contemplating on this concept this afternoon, I've got a fresh resolve to become a better friend to my Friends! 

Yeppers.... Friends "Stick Together!" 

Kingdom blessings~ ls

Larry's Musings for Monday, Aug. 25: How to Bring Revival to Your Country/Church

Please note...  There seems to be a problem with my blog program today, so the font size and boldness difference below can't be repaired.  Thanks for understanding!

I often receive email from ministry leaders from other countries inviting us to come and minister in their conferences, support their ministry, etc.  Of course, many of these are just looking for a financial hand out from a "Wealthy American" and little do they know that Corinne and have to live by faith just like they do!  However, there are other posts from leaders who are sincere in their desire to see their country swept by the change that only God can bring. 

I'm up early this morning thinking about God things and checked my email Inbox and read the following, short post, from a leader in the Philippines.  Robert wrote in response to "Recharged for Revival,"  this weekends major blog post,  "I am still hoping  revival will reach to us in our country Philippines."

My hope is that Robert sees his "hope" completely fulfilled!  However in our "hoping for revival" there are some things that we can do.  Here's a few thoughts for you to consider:

  • We must "contend" for Revival.  That means that there is a fight/battle involved.  Often people involved, those sitting in our churches and ministries don't know that there is such a thing called, "Revival" and what it means, etc.
  • So... Teach, talk about, eat, breathe and live Revival.  If you are happy with "Church as usual" in your local church or in your country, then forget it... just keep teaching the things that you are teaching!  However if people who only eat bread for meals do not realize that there is fish and chicken and beef, they will never hunger for some good meat, instead just be satisfied by the bread!
  • Teach about past moves of God, past "awakenings," etc.  I suggested to Robert that he look at the Hebrides Revival of a few decades ago.  How about Finney?  How about Wesley?  How about the Moravian?  The Moravians changed the world through their 100 year prayer meeting and world missions outreach!  Yet I find many, many in the American Church have never heard about the Moravian Revival!  I can imagine that there is even less knowledge of it in the Philippines.
  • I encourage pastors to teach about true Revival all the time.  It blows me away how many American "Church Going" Christians, baptized with the Holy Ghost and Fire, have never even heard of Charles Finney!

Friends we need to be teaching our people that there is much more to Christianity than "Sunday Morning Church!"  Wow..... there is much, much more! 

Just some thoughts for 5:00 a.m. Tuesday morning... Just some thoughts!

Kingdom blessings~ ls

Larry's Musings for Sunday, Aug. 24: "Our Life on the Highway to Revival"

We have been in Michigan for nearly 2 months now!  We originally planned on coming here to spend some time with our 5 children and 17 grandchildren, see other family members and friends, have some meetings, get a little vacation time in and then leave for the East Coast.  Little did we know that God had other ideas for us.  He chose to open up some pretty powerful meetings for us, so we chose to stay put and follow the anointing,  follow the Fire.

That's the way we operate.  If you go to our webpages: (Corinne's new page) or, and check out out schedule page you will see that beginning the day after Labor Day, we advance on another year long tour of the Nation.  We have a lot of miles to travel between now and the first of the year.  What's more we have many, many wonderful Holy Ghost times of ministry lying in wait for us.  And.... some great people like you to meet, love and minister to!

Picture 087
Corinne always gives me a hard time about my desire to always be on the road.  She is a great mother and grandmother.  When she's with her babies and grand babies, she smiles from ear to ear!  Me too, but when it gets near time to be  hitting the road again, I get an itch that just can't be satasfied until "Pilgrim I" is taking our home on 8 wheels down the road to the next place for God to move!  I love it!  I thrive on it!

We have a lot of work to get at over the next several days.  We still have a meeting or two left, need to get things situated, packed up, etc.  "Pilgrim I" is in need of a good washing and waxing, needs an oil change and when we get to our first destination next week, Mansfield, OH, our great long term friend and ministry partner, Dave the Mechanic, will go over the engine, brakes and anything else that he can think of, getting us prepared for being used of God.

Please pray for us!  Maybe you can tell from this post that we are excited to get going, hopefully we'll be meeting up with you someplace on the "Highway to Revival!"

We love our jobs!

Blessings~  ls

Meditaciones de Larry para hoy Domingo 24 de agosto:  “Nuestra vida sobre la Autopista hacia el Avivamiento”

¡Hemos estado en Michigan los últimos 2 meses!  Originalmente planeamos venir acá para pasar un tiempo con nuestros 5 hijos y 17 nietos, ver a otros familiares y amistades, tener algunas reuniones, pasar unos días de vacaciones por acá y luego irnos hacia la Costa del Este.  No sabíamos que Dios tenía otros planes para nosotros, así que decidimos quedarnos quietos, seguir la unción, y seguir el Fuego. 

Esta es la manera en la que caminamos.  Si visitas nuestra Página de Internet: (La Pagina nueva de Corinne) o, puedes checar nuestro calendario y ver que comenzando con el día después del Día de Trabajo, iniciamos otro tour por esta Nación, con duración de un año.  Tenemos muchas millas que viajar de aquí al día primero del año.  Lo que es más, tenemos muchas, muchas reuniones de ministerio que estarán llenas del Espíritu Santo y que nos están esperando.  Y… muchas personas maravillosas, como ustedes, que conoceremos, amaremos y ministraremos.

Corinne siempre me está recordando mi deseo de estar siempre de viaje.  Es una gran madre y una gran abuela.  Cuando está con sus bebes y sus nietos, siempre sonríe de oreja a oreja.  Yo también, pero cuando se acerca la hora de comenzar nuestra aventura de nuevo, siento un hormigueo que no puedo controlar hasta que “Pilgim I” está trasladando nuestro hogar sobre 8 llantas al siguiente lugar donde ¡Dios, estará obrando!  ¡Me encanta!  ¡Me emociona mucho!

Tenemos mucho trabajo durante los próximos días.  Todavía tenemos una o dos reuniones, tenemos que situar todo en su lugar, empacar, etc.  “Pilgrim I” tiene necesidad de una buena lavada y encerada, necesita de un cambio de aceite y cuando lleguemos a nuestro primer destino, nuestro gran amigo y hermano en el ministerio, Dave el Mecánico, revisará el motor, los frenos y todo lo que pueda pensar, para prepararnos para ser usados por Dios.

Por favor oren por nosotros.  A lo mejor puedes reconocer por medio de este escrito lo emocionado que estamos de comenzar nuestro viaje, espero que nos podamos encontrar con ustedes en algún lugar del trayecto de “La Autopista Hacia el Avivamiento”. 

¡Amamos nuestro trabajo!




Recharged For Revival! ¡Recargado de Energía para el Avivamiento!

Special note:  Check out Corinne's new website:

Greetings from Cedar Springs, MI

Once again, Corinne, Rascal (The Revival Budgie) and I are preparing for our new year long journey on the "Highway to Revival." (We begin meetings in Mansfield, OH on Sept. 2) We have been very busy over the past 8 weeks!  We've caught up on family, been in the midst of many, many powerful meetings within Michigan, got a little (very little) rest, but more than anything we've been "recharged for Revival!"

Picture 106 

Our travel buddy: Rascal

Man... is there a lot of bad things going on within the American Church right now!  To be honest, in my 32 years of ministry I've never seen so much disunity taking place within the ranks of the Body of Christ as I've seen in the past few months!  I don't think that God is pleased with us at all!  None of us!!!  Both sides and all in between seemed to have failed, and the sooner we own up to it the better we will all be.  However..... My Friend...There is a future!!!

The wonderful thing about the future is that it can begin one split second after this very moment of time!  In other words, one second after right now is the future!  The past several months have been very good as well.  We have many friends who have been touched by true Revival!  The testimonies of changed, healed, impacted and freshly anointed lives are endless!  We've seen a very marked increase in our ministry since our trip to Lakeland, FL in May.  We know of many others that have also received great, new impartation.   Surely we can say, "The 'Winds of Change' have hit the Church."  In many ways that "change" is far different than what we expected, but "change" it's been!

Now here's the deal..... I am sensing in my spirit that we are very close to a completely new, fresh move of God.  This fresh collision of the Holy Spirit upon the Church will eclipse everything, and, yes,  that even means Lakeland!  However keep your eyes on Lakeland.  God is not done there yet!   I sent Pastor Stephen Strader an email this week encouraging him that, "He's not seen anything yet!"  But.... this thing that I'm seeing in my spirit is NOT just a Lakeland thing!  It is a total God thing!  Get ready Church, we are standing on the threshold about to enter into all of God's purposes. 

Please do not be "bummed out" by the events of the past couple of weeks!  Get your eyes off of man and once again focus on the face of God.  He's smiling at you right now!  Remember Isaiah 6:1, "In the year King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord!"  Let's say it this way....Spiritual King Uzziah has died, now let's see the Lord!  Wow!!

My friend Roger Webb ( has been saying for a long time, "The best is yet to come!"  Yep... to Pastor Strader, I'd say, "The best is yet to come!"  To the American Church I'd say, NO I'M YELLING!!!!!  "THE BEST IS YET TO COME!"

Man.... I'm pumped!  I'm ready to advance the Kingdom of God more than ever!  How about you?

One last thing... all of the past events over the past several weeks are nothing but speed bumps!  They will not stop us, they've only slowed us down a little, maybe doing us a favor, so that we can once again "see the Lord!"  True Kingdom Revival is at hand!

Kingdom blessings,

Larry the Revivalist!

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Agosto 23, 2008

¡Recargado de Energía para el Avivamiento!

Nota Especial: Visita la Página de Internet nueva de Corine:

Saludos desde Cedar Springs, MI

Una vez más, Corinne, Rascal (El Pajaro del Avivamiento) y yo nos preparamos para nuestro nuevo año de viaje por la “Autopista Hacia el Avivamiento”.   (Comenzaremos las reuniones en Mansfield, Ohio el 2 de Septiembre)  ¡Hemos estado muy ocupados durante las últimas 8 semanas!  Hemos estado con familia, hemos estado en muchas, muchas reuniones muy poderosas dentro de Michigan, tuvimos un poco (muy poco) de tiempo para descansar, pero más que nada, hemos estando “Recargando Energía para el Avivamiento”.

Wow… que si está pasando por muchas cosas difíciles la Iglesia de América hoy en día.  Para ser honestos, en todos los 32 años dentro del ministerio, nunca antes vi tanta desunión dentro del Cuerpo de Cristo como lo he visto estos últimos meses.  ¡Nadie de nosotros!  Los dos lados y todos los de en medio pareciera que hemos fallado, y en cuanto más rápido lo reconozcamos, mejor estaremos todos.  Sin embargo… Mi Amigo…. ¡Hay un futuro!

Lo maravilloso acerca del futuro es que comienza tan solo un segundo después de este momento en la vida.  En otras palabras, un segundo después de ahorita es el futuro.  Pero también han sido los últimos meses muy buenos.  Tenemos muchos amigos que han sido tocados y cambiados por el verdadero Avivamiento.  Los testimonios de vidas cambiadas, sanadas, impactadas y ungidas son muchísimos.  Nosotros hemos visto un mayor impacto en nuestras reuniones desde que regresamos de Lakeland, Florida en mayo pasado.  También hemos oído de otros que también han recibido una gran y nueva impartición.  Ciertamente podemos decir, “Los Vientos de Cambio han golpeado a la Iglesia”.  En muchas maneras este “cambio” es muy diferente a lo que se esperaba, pero desde luego que si ha sido un “cambio”.

Ahora aquí está el asunto…  Siento muy fuerte en mi espíritu que estamos muy cerca de un mover de Dios completamente nuevo y fresco.  ¡Esta nueva frescura del Espíritu Santo sobre su Iglesia va a opacar a todo lo anterior, y si, ¡incluyendo a Lakeland!.  Sin embargo, mantén tus ojos en Lakeland.  ¡Dios aun no ha terminado ahí!  Le envié esta semana pasada un correo electrónico al pastor Stephen Strader animándolo, y diciéndole:  “Todavía no has visto nada”.  Pero…. Esto que estoy viendo en mi espíritu no es solo algo en Lakeland.  Es Dios.  Alístate Iglesia, estamos parados en la brecha, a punto de entrar dentro de todos los propósitos de Dios.

Por favor no te desanimes por los sucesos de las últimas semanas.  Quita tus ojos de los hombres y de nuevo enfócalos en el rostro de Dios.  El te está sonriendo en este mismo momento.  Recuerda Isaías 6:1 “En el año que el Rey Ussía murió, yo vi al Señor”.  Ahora, digamoslo asi…  El Rey Ussía espiritual ha muerto, ahora veamos al Sénior!  ¡Wow!

Mi amigo Roger Webb ( ha estado diciendo durante mucho tiempo, “Lo mejor está aun por venir”.  Si, al Pastor Strader, yo le digo, “Lo mejor está aun por venir”, a la Iglesia Americana le digo, NO, ¡LE ESTOY GRITANDO!  “LO MEJOR ESTA AUN POR VENIR”.

Hombre… ¡estoy emocionado!  Estoy listo para avanzar el Reino de Dios más que nunca.  ¿Y tu, también?

Una última cosa, todos los últimos sucesos de las últimas semanas no son sino simple piedras en el camión.  No nos detendrán, solo nos han hecho que disminuyamos la velocidad un poco, a lo mejor haciéndonos un favor, para que de nuevo podamos “ver al Señor”.  ¡El verdadero Avivamiento del Reino está aquí! 


Bendiciones del Reino,

Larry el Evangelista

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Larry's Musings for Friday, Aug. 22: "The Best is Yet to Come!"

Note:  I posted the following this morning  on, on the Revival Forum and I felt that it would suffice for today's "Musings."

All day yesterday, Aug. 21, I had an immense excitement burning within my spirit.  Our meeting last night was awesome and powerful as more Kingdom revelation was released to a small West Michigan church.  All day yesterday and even this morning, I've got this strong sensation that the Lord is saying, "The best is yet to come!" 

Like Ann, my wife and I went to Lakeland in May.  We met God in one of the most dramatic times of impartation that we've ever had.  I can honestly say our walk with the Lord and the fresh anointing on our ministry was increased without measure!  That's a strong statement, but I mean it!  We didn't go there to see Todd Bentley, we went because the Lord told us to go, He even provided the finances to go. 

I'm sensing so strongly that we are about to be ushered into the move of God that Ron speaks of.  I feel that we are right on the threshold of going through that door.  All of the things that have been happening over the last few months in regards to Lakeland HAD TO HAPPEN!  Hebrews 12: 14-29 could be revisited during this time. but especially verses 26b-27, "Once again I will shake not only the earth but the heavens also.  This means that all of creation will be shaken and removed, so that only unshakable things will remain."

Get ready Church, we're being ushered into the Church's finest hour!

Be blessed!


Larry's Musings for Thurs. Aug. 21: "I'm Mad Today!"

I've been thinking....!!!

Some may say, "That's dangerous... Larry's been thinking!  lol

Anyway... There is so many "goofy" things going on right now in the Church!  Wowsers!  What a mess!  Saints are angry with other Saints!  Some are on a mission to expose all sin, others are trying to cover it up as soon as it comes to light.   There are those who are saying that we are in the middle of a "Charismatic Civil War."  You know I think that there are some pastors who won't have Corinne and I in for meetings because of our perceptions of Revival and by our standing with what has and is currently taking place in Lakeland, FL. (by the way, I always spell "Revival" with a upper case "R," at least the Revival that I'm speaking of... Kingdom advancement, taking regions, not just good church meetings, etc.)  You know...WHAT'S WITH THAT?

I'm also mad at all the many, many people who are still sick, dying of cancer, etc., etc, etc!  I'm really mad at our enemy!  (I never use an upper case letter when speaking of the devil, satan or the enemy)

What would happen today if we would all go on a crusade?  That crusade would be to do whatever we can to take the wind out of the kingdom of hell's sails!  In other words, if you are wrestling with a sickness or disease, how about going on the offensive?  By this I mean if you are currently sick, been fighting for your healing, etc., how about doing what ever you can today to heal the sick, start ministering to sick people where ever you can find them! 

I wonder what would happen if we would all do this?  What would happen if we would all cooperate with the Holy Spirit today?  Wow!

Please allow me to share a vision that I once had.  Several years ago, before we began traveling on the "Highway to Revival" we were pastors of a church in Michigan.  A young lady, from Ohio, with a lot of sickness and affliction from the enemy, called in the middle of the night while she was having a panic attack.  She wanted me to pray for her, it was about 2:00 a.m.   As I was praying, wiping the sleep from my eyes, the Lord gave me a great vision.  The location was this lady's home in Ohio, I knew it was there as Corinne and I had been there prior so that we could pray for her.  I saw a huge search light in her front yard, the type that are used to announce grand opening events, etc.  Her driveway, front yard and the street in front of her house was filled with cars.  There was a long line, several blocks long, of people awaiting entrance into her home. 

This young lady was in a hospital bed located in the center of the living room.  She was very weak, with hardly enough strength to raise her arm and hand.  But as each person passed by she would reach out and touch them, say a couple of words, commanding healing to come, and the person would go on being completely healed and delivered!  All of these people in line were sick, oppressed and afflicted by the enemy! 

The people then walked out the back door of the house, got in their cars and drove off healed and delivered! 

I shared this vision with this young lady and she rejected it.  But what if it were a vision from God?  I feel it was as it's as real to me today as it was then, probably about 10 years ago!  But just think.... what if we would all do this very same thing!  What would happen if a person who was afflicted with cancer would make it a CRUSADE to minister healing to every cancer victim that he/she could find?  I have to wonder what would happen??  What would happen if we would  make it our mission to attack the kingdom of hell in every area we are being attacked in?  I have to wonder what would happen if the Church of Jesus Christ would EVER GO ON THE OFFENSIVE??

So, today I'm going to do my best to promote unity within the Body of Christ!  I'm going to do my best to see someone healed today!  I'm going on the offensive, thus doing my best to expand and extend the Kingdom of God!

Yep... I'm mad today! 

Blessings~ ls

Larry's Musings for Wed. Aug. 20: "The Cheapest Gas Ever!"

When we take "Pilgrim I" into a gas station it is very often the case to put about $150.00 worth of mid-grade gas into the tank, just to top off the tank for the day's journey.  To fill up an empty tank it costs us over $300.00!  All I can say is....WOWSERS!  Ouch!!! 

Over the past three weeks we've been in wall to wall meetings, with God moving big time, and we're thrilled about that.  We have kept "Pilgrim I" in an RV park north of Grand Rapids, Mi and have been driving "The Toad" (Our tow behind the motor home car) to meetings.  Most of our meetings in Michigan have been about an hour drive for us, which isn't too bad on the way, but... Oh how long the drive home can be!  "The Toad" gets nearly 30 miles per gallon on the highway, so we are spending a little over $100.00 per week driving back and forth to meetings.   However, the worse thing isn't the cost, it is that very LONG DRIVE HOME after the meeting is done! 

We work hard in our meetings!  The anointing hits us very heavy and praying and ministering to people, especially when the prophetic hits us, is very physically demanding!  So, when it's time to come back to our bed in "Pilgrim I" we don't look forward to that very tiring hours drive. 

Corinne and I have been thinking about Philip a lot lately.  In Acts 8: 26 - 40 we find him being sent to Gaza.  There he preached Jesus to the Ethiopian Eunuch, baptizing him, etc.  This event most likely was used of God to spread Christianity to much of Africa!  The Ethiopian Church is still reported strong today!  However when he was finished in his ministry venture the Bible says this...V. 39 (NLT), "When they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord snatched Philip away.  The Eunuch never saw him again but went on his way rejoicing.  Meanwhile, Philip found himself farther north at the town of Azotus.  He preached the Good News there and every town along the way until he came to Caesarea."

One of these days we are going to have this same thing happen to us!  Not only is it going to be easy coming home from a time of tiring ministry in a meeting, but we will actually find ourselves in a complete different location preaching the Good News!  I love it!  I can't wait! 

On September 1 we head "Pilgrim I" out on another year long journey on the "Highway to Revival!"  We leave Cedar Springs, MI and head to Mansfield, OH to begin meetings there on September 2.  Wouldn't it be neat to pull out of Duke Creek Campground, turn "Pilgrim I" south and within the blink of an eye, find ourselves pulling into Mansfield, OH!!!!  From Mansfield we head to the Binghamton, NY area.  Wow... the same thing might happen again heading that way! 

What a hoot... this would create the "Cheapest Gas Ever!"  My question is, "Why not?"  If it was good enough for Philip it's good enough for Larry and Corinne!

Blessings~  ls

Larry's Musings for Mon. Aug. 18: "The Highway to Revival"

We are still physically located in Cedar Springs, MI.  Yesterday (Sunday) was a real day of rest.  We've been in meetings just about every night for 3 weeks solid.  The strange thing is that we've had an hour drive in the "Toad" one way to our churches we've been ministering in, that means an hour drive home as well!  That's the hard part!  People often don't understand how physically, emotionally and spiritually demanding real anointed, powerful meetings are.  Saturday night's meeting at Plainwell Assembly of God in Plainwell, MI is a good example.  The Holy Spirit was moving so strongly that we could hardly stand and minister.  The gifts of prophesy were flowing very strongly through Corinne and I as we ministered to the Saints as a team.  Then we had the dive back to our wonderful bed in "Pilgrim I."  By the time we got in, got a snack, unwound some, talked with Rascal (The Revival Budgie)  a bit, it was time to crash in bed and by then it's 1:00 a.m. 

Now we have a few days off, and are already missing the excitement we have as we pour our hearts out to God's Kids.  WE LOVE OUR JOBS!

Kingdom blessings~ ls

P.S.  Please let me know what you think of the new blog format!