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America.... Are You Listening?

Greetings from Bartlesville, OK

We continue on the "Road to Revival"......We just got nicely to sleep last night when both of our cell phones rang at the same time.  After 7 years of full time living in our motor home, "Pilgrim I," we've come to note that when Corinne's phone rings at the same time as mine, it will mean only one thing...SEVERE WEATHER!  Last night was no exception, our simultaneous phone calls were from Notify from the Weather Channel.  In our travels and life style the last thing we ever wish to happen is to be trapped in a serious severe weather situation. 

We've had our close calls.  We well remember the time when we saw a severe thunderstorm super cell forming around the Norman, OK area.  The reports on our CB and local weather stations were not good.  This storm was about to form tornadoes and the worst place in the world to be when that happens is around Norman, OK, the capital of "Tornado Alley!"  We had to go east on that trip, and we raced, just ahead of that storm all the way to Joplin, MO where we pulled into a Flying J truck stop, totally exhausted from bucking strong winds,  to spend the night and there "batten down the hatches" for the blow we knew was going to hit us hard.  Wow, and hit us hard it did!  The severity of that storm hit us right between the eyes,  and we were rocked and buffeted like we've never experienced prior to or after that night!We awoke the next morning safe, fueled our motor home and proceeded on our journey.  However, the lesson once again learned was to stay away from severe weather whenever possible. 

Last night was no exception!  After our rude wake up call, we saw the lightning in the distance and the thunder was getting louder by the second.  Notify has a web site that I can check during these conditions which includes very a very accurate Doppler radar site.  As quickly as I brought up the radar I took quick note that there were 3 tornadoes just south of us.  This looked like a long night with little sleep!  As always, we prayed and like always the brunt of the storms seemed to go around us.  However, the river that goes by our RV Park here in Bartlesville is at the top of its banks again.  Last year this same park flooded severely during a series of storms at this same time of the year!OK... here's the meat of this blog:  America is ripe for Revival!  Someone out there is trying to get our attention...Are you listening? 

The Midwest is reeling with tornadoes and floods.  For weeks it seems like one thunderstorm after another is hitting the "corn fields of America!" In America it seems as though we never go without food and lots of it.  I heard that the Midwest corn crop is better than 18% destroyed, and even it the ground does dry out, it will be too late to replant it!  Of course we are dealing with the price of fuel, the price of food, the prices of everything are on the rise!  California is getting hammered with severe drought conditions and more wild fires.  Do you think that Someone is trying to get our attention?  I do!

At the same time there is a wonderful upswing in the power of God moving.  For those who are hungry for more of God, He's really showing Himself friendly!  We are seeing a dramatic increase in miracles, signs and wonders in our meetings.  Others revivalists are reporting the same results too!  Our meetings have been powerful lately!  We're excited!  Yet there still seems to be some who are going about "church as usual!"  How sad!

America, if you will hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church, you too will hear, "It's time! It's time for the Spirit of God to once again move in your midst!"  Please seek God while He can be found.  The Old Farmer used to say, "Make hay while the sun shines."  Friends the Son is shining in America right now!  It's time to press into this wonderful move of God.  Corinne and I are revivalists.  It's our job to help churches light fires of revival and to help keep them burning strong.  Revival is our business!  It's what we do!  Give us a shout, we sure would like to come along and help you get your church and area burning with His Revival Fire!  We can send you some references if you would like!

In the mean time, Lord let Your Spirit fall on America once again!  Lord, light up Your Church, In Jesus name, Amen!


Larry the Revivalist!
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