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Looking Beyond Lakeland (Viendo Mas Allá de Lakeland)

I recall a day, and not too long ago, when we were told, "Do not have meetings on Thursday nights because "Survivor" is on TV!  I recall a time, just a couple of months ago, when it was very difficult for us to get meetings.  I recall people coming to one night's meeting and never seeing them return for another meeting.  Man... was the Church dry!  To be totally honest, it wasn't so long ago that Corinne and I were seriously praying about getting out of our form of ministry, we just didn't know if we could go forward or not!

On April 2 everything changed!   Most reading this blog post know the story well.  Todd Bentley showed up at Ignited Church, Lakeland Florida and everything changed.  I recall reading Stephen Strader's email news letters informing us of revival breaking out in his church.  The rest is pretty much history.

We also noted an extreme amount of discussion on if this happening was of God or not.  Many issues came under intense scrutiny and many judgments were made, both for and against the events taking place and the people who are ministering in Central Florida.

I have done my share of defending those involved in this Lakeland epic event.  I still will, as I find them doing a very wonderful job, in spite of obvious imperfection.  But isn't that the story of revival?  God uses people and none of us are perfect.

Yet the most exciting thing to me is what is taking place around America.  I sure wish more reporting would be done of what's happening in America!.  The Fire of God is falling on America.  God used Lakeland as the initial spark, but my Friends, this thing expands far beyond the Lakeland meetings and Todd Bentley!  REVIVAL IS HITTING AMERICA!  I have another bit of good news for you too.... The Kingdom of God is in expansion mode!

The reports that I am getting from others have me so excited that I can't even sleep at night.  What is happening in our own meetings is just phenomenal, going way beyond any description!  Corinne and I visited the Lakeland meetings a few weeks ago.  We would like to go back again, however, I can't state enough that we should elevate our eyes beyond the Florida meetings and catch a glimpse of the larger picture...THE FIRE OF GOD IS FALLING IN AMERICA! 

Please don't miss out on your personal revival.  Please jump into all God has for you as an individual, then get ready.  "The blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, the dead are being raised and the Gospel is being preached to the poor!"  Please seek the Lord for revival to break out in your own heart and do everything in your power to spread it to others.  Then watch out!  I see this as a time for Kingdom expansion like never before.  I'm hearing the call to the true apostles...."expansion, expansion, expansion!"  It a time to plant new churches, new Kingdom Churches, it's a time for the Body of Christ to go forth like never before..."These signs shall follow those who believe... not just Todd Bentley!" 

Now about Lakeland... the "fuss" most likely will continue.  However, even there, let's listen to the Bible... Gamaliel had it right when he said in Acts 5: 38 (NLT), "So my advice is, leave these men alone.  Let them go.  If they are planning and doing these things merely on their own, it will so be overthrown.  But if it is from God, you will not be able to overthrow them.  You may even find yourselves fighting against God!"

I like the words to the old song..."Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full into His Wonderful face, then the things of earth will grow strangely dim as we look at His glory and grace!"

Let the Fire fall!


Larry the Revivalist!


Viendo Mas Allá de Lakeland

Recuerdo el día, y no hace mucho, cuando se nos dijo, “No tengan reuniones los Jueves en la noche porque es el día que se transmite el programa de televisión “Survivor”.   Recuerdo que hace un par de meses nos era difícil organizar reuniones.  Las personas venían una noche a la reunión y mas nunca volvían a otra reunión.  ¡De verdad que la Iglesia estaba seca!  Para ser honesto, no hace mucho tiempo que Corinne y yo estábamos orando para ver si podíamos dejar nuestro tipo de ministerio, realmente no sabíamos si podíamos continuar o no.

¡El día 2 de abril, todo cambio!  Casi todos los que están leyendo este blog conocen bien la historia.  Todd Bentley fue invitado a la Iglesia Ignited, en Lakeland Florida y todo cambio.  Recuerdo estar leyendo los correos electrónicos de Stephen Strader informándome del avivamiento que estaba dándose en su Iglesia.  Como se dice, lo demás es historia.

Nos enteramos de la gran discusión acerca de que si este suceso era realmente de Dios o no.  Hubo muchas calumnias y se emitieron muchos juicios acerca de esto, tanto a favor como en contra de los eventos que se están dando y acerca de las personas que están ministrando en el Centro de Florida.

Yo he defendido a aquellos que están involucrados en el evento que se está llevando a cabo en Lakeland.  Y lo seguiré haciendo, ya que considero que están haciendo un trabajo maravilloso, a pesar de las imperfecciones obvias. 

Sin embargo lo más emocionante para mí es lo que se está dando en toda América.  ¡Me gustaría mucho que se reportara lo que está sucediendo en América!  El fuego de Dios está cayendo sobre América.  Dios uso a Lakeland como la chispa inicial, pero mis Amigos, esto se está expandiendo mas allá de Lakeland y de Todd Bentley!
El Avivamiento esta dándose por toda AMÉRICA!  También te tengo más noticias buenas…  El Reino de Dios está en expansión!

Los reportes que me están llegando de otras personas, me tienen tan emocionado que casi no puedo conciliar el sueño.  Lo que está  sucediendo en nuestras propias reuniones es realmente fenomenal, y va mas allá de cualquier descripción!  Corinne y yo visitamos Lakeland hace un par de semanas.  Nos gustaría mucho ir de nuevo, sin embargo debo recalcar que debemos de elevar nuestros ojos mas allá de las reuniones en Florida y ver la totalidad de lo que está sucediendo.  ¡EL FUEGO DE DIOS ESTA CAYENDO SOBRE AMÉRICA!

 Por favor, no te pierdas tu propio avivamiento.  Sumérgete en todo lo que Dios tiene para ti como individuo, y prepárate.  “Los ciegos ven, los sordos oyen, los cojos caminan, los muertos están siendo resucitados y el Evangelio está siendo predicado a los pobres!  Por favor pídele a Dios que el avivamiento comience en tu propio corazón y haz todo lo posible para compartirlo con otros.   ¡Después, cuidado!  Veo esto como el tiempo adecuado para la expansión de Su Reino como  nunca antes visto.  Estoy escuchando el llamado a los verdaderos apóstoles… “expansión, expansión, expansión!”  Es hora de plantar nuevas iglesias, nuevas Iglesias del Reino, es tiempo de que el Cuerpo de Cristo  siga adelante como nunca antes… “Estas señales seguirán a los que creen… no solo a Todd Bentley!”

Ahora acerca de Lakeland… seguramente el “murmullo” seguirá.  Sin embargo, aun ahí, escuchemos la Palabra… Gamaliel estaba en lo correcto cuando dijo en Hechos 5: 38; “En este caso les aconsejo que dejen a estos hombres en paz. ¡Suéltenlos! Si lo que se proponen y hacen es de origen humano, fracasará pero si es de Dios, no podrán destruirlos, y ustedes se encontrarán luchando contra Dios.”

Me gusta mucho lo que dice esa vieja canción… “Fija tus ojos en Jesús, tan lleno de gracia y de amor, y lo terrenal sin valor será a la luz de Su gracia y amor!”

!Deja que el Fuego caiga sobre ti!



Larry el Evangelista

Problems on the Highway to Revival!

HighwayrevivalWhat does it mean...."Highway to Revival?" 

Sometimes people say to us, "You call yourselves "Revivalists," what does that mean? 

Often there are those who say, "Revival... what's that all about?"  I also am fully aware of that there are those within the Body of Christ who think ole Larry Boy is way out in left field with all of this, "Revival Stuff!"  I get the stares when I enter a room..."Here's Larry again.... get ready he'll be talking about revival soon!"  Often I feel that people tolerate me, humor me, they may say..."Yeah, Larry... Yeah... me too on that Revival stuff!"  It makes me smile as they don't know it, but by one brief look I know that they don't have the slightest idea what true Revival is, they really don't know what they are talking about!

Today Corinne and I left Stephenville, Texas.  We loaded up "Pilgrim I," hooked up the "Toad," and headed for a week of meetings in the Austin Area.  Just 10 miles south of Stephenville we heard..."BAM!"  And it didn't have a thing to do with the famous "Bam" coming out of Lakeland, FL these days.  (Todd Bentley often says, "Bam" when he prays for people)  This "bam" or should I say, "BAM!" sounded at first like an engine back fire.  Within seconds the "BAM!" was followed by... "rumble, rumble, rumble, etc." coming from the rear tires and I quickly hit the narrow shoulder as we had just experienced another tire blow out!  After a quick call to our road service, thankfully my cell phone held the call, we were informed, "It's Memorial Day!"  The road service couldn't get a new tire for us, so they said they would have to send a tow truck and tow us into the nearest campground for the night.  Guess what???  No tow truck either!  To be honest, it takes a tow truck with real muscles to tow "Pilgrim I."  So I guess on Memorial Day "Big Trucks" don't break down! 

"Pilgrim I" is in the parking lot of a huge dairy farm, Corinne, Rascal and I are safe and secure back at Mike and Barb Tummullo's house, and we will face the difficult challenges of the "Highway to Revival" tomorrow and still have a powerful meeting tomorrow night in the Austin Area.

OK.. You are asking, "The point here Larry.... any point to this blog post?"  The point is, no matter where we find ourselves on the "Highway to Revival" we still have to deal with "stuff!"  I actually found myself COMPLAINING to God!  I know that is very difficult for you to believe, "Larry actually complained to God!"  Yep... I dumped a ton of my junk on God this afternoon as I was hot, sweating badly, tired and thinking about the price of a new tire... "God if you want me to keep doing this.. then you better do something about it!"  I felt like, "Lord, if you don't supply "Pilgrim II," I'm just not going down your old, "Highway to Revival."  I actually think I almost told the Lord off pretty good!

Yet, now after getting cooled off both physically and spiritually at my friend Mike's house...I'm thinking to myself... "Boy are those meetings in the Austin area gonna be something!"  We're going to see God move once again!  The sick are going to be healed, prophetic words are going to flow like water,  people are going to get excited about the Lord, and the Fire of God will fall on the entire Austin Region!  I'm pumped!  I'm ready!  I'm about to charge forward.... the "Highway to Revival" is actually a battle field.   It's the path into the Kingdom of God, and my Bible tells me that the "violent take it by force!"  That's where I'm heading. 

Get ready Austin... We're gonna have a "Barn Burner" this week!


Larry The Revivalist!

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When Revival Hits Home! (A Powerful Testimony)

Note from Larry...

Corinne and I personally know Henry and Grace Falany, they are good friends of ours.  These folks have been used of God in spreading powerful Revival Fire throughout California and beyond.  This is one very powerful and moving testimony!  Please read it and believe God for the miracle that you need in your life or in your family!  "God is no respecter of persons!" 



By Pastor Henry Falany
Confirmed by the Stanford University Medical Center doctor!!
She placed the phone over her kidneys & they got hot!
Grace & I were sent to Lakeland, Florida a couple of weeks ago by the Holy Ghost.  We are not conference
runners.  We do conferences and minister healing and revival crusades ourselves.  But when God says go,
you go.  Our hearts are desperate for an increase in "the ministry of Jesus" in our lives and ministry!  And
make no mistake, that is what is being poured out in an uncommon way with Todd Bentley in what is now
called "The Lakeland Revival, or Florida Outpouring." 
Although we have people healed of all kinds of diseases in our own meetings around the world, we still have
serious challenges in our own lives.  We have even had Todd in our church twice and he stayed in our home
both times. 
One might think that someone like us wouldn't need to run to a meeting like this.  But as Pastor Pedro Ibarra,
who is pastor of one of the leading revival churches in Argentina (Carlos Annacondia's Pastor) preached in the
morning service while we were there, "when something like this is released from heaven, no matter who we are,
we must be humble and hungry enough to bow under it in order to connect with it and to receive from it."  (My
paraphrase of the point of his sermon)  He, himself, bowed and received prayer from Todd the night before.
Our three children are all adopted from infancy.  Our oldest daughter, Bernadette, is Salvadoran by nationality. 
She is 25 years old, a wife, and the mother of a beautiful 5 year old little girl.  (Grand Pa's braggin' rights here!) 
For her whole adult life we have been walking through the flames of hell with her and her failing kidneys.  Originally
the well meaning doctors said that she would never see her daughter's 5th birthday.  She is enrolled in a special
program at Stanford University Medical Center.  The doctors said that she is not a canidate for transplants
because of an uncommon condition of her blood.  She has been on dialysis and her kidneys have been as low as
under 10% of their function .. and falling.  We, and many intercessors, have been on our faces doing battle over
this.  Over the years there have been several respected prophets that said "she shall live and not die," yet the
battle raged on.
Our third night in Lakeland was the first night at the baseball stadium.  Todd started calling out different body parts
that God was healing.  I grabbed my cell phone and called Bernadette and said "put the phone on your kidneys" 
... she did and immediately they got hot.  She was in Colorado then and not available for a doctor visit.  But now at
home in California, she went for her doctor visit yesterday at Stanford and after the blood tests and check-up the
doctor said ...
... "our treatments and medicine could not have done this.  This must have been your God because it
wasn't possible by medical standards to get better like that, and especially in that fast of a turnaround." 
Bernadettes kidneys have suddenly jumped to 76% and 80% output, respectively!  And they are improving
rapidly!  She is off of dialysis!     Somebody shout Praise The Lord with me!!!
Bernadette shared the whole story with the doctor about the Lakeland Revival, the phone on her kidneys and the
heat.  The lady doctor listened.  She has a personal challenge with her own son's health with a heart murmur and
autism.  She promised Bernadette that she would tune into God TV and the revival herself. 
Now here is an interesting question.  Grace & I have a proven healing anointing and revelation of the ministry of
Jesus Christ.  So why did we did we have to go somewhere else to receive a miracle for a prayer that we have stood
so long and so hard for?  Well first of all we don't have all the answers and there are things that we are still learning
all the time.  The only thing I do know is that we don't have it all.  Even Todd Bentley will tell you that he doesn't
have it all. 
The Apostle Paul said in Phillipians 3  that he had not attained or apprehended it all, but forgetting about everything
else he kept pressing for the mark of the prize .. Christ Jesus!  (My paraphrase)  He also said in 2nd Corinthians 12
that he learned to glory in tribulations and infirmities (challenges) because when he was weak then was he strong
because the power of Christ came upon him.
It is also a historical fact that most of the healing generals of the past, like Wigglesworth, Kuhlman, A.A. Allen, etc.
held powerful healing miracle crusades while fighting their own physical challenges.
Therefore, we as ministers and believers must understand that its not about us and our circumstances, but about the
Lord Jesus Christ, and the Word and its mandates and promises. 
Somebody say amen with me again!
So friends, be encouraged, God is faithful and the Word is true!
Love and blessings!
Henry & Grace Falany
Mariposa Revival Center
Mariposa, Ca.

Bible Reference to Female Angels

Please note verse 9 below.  Scroll down for NLT version. (check out other versions and more of my commentary below as well)



Zechariah 5 (King James Version)

Zechariah 5

1Then I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a flying roll.

2And he said unto me, What seest thou? And I answered, I see a flying roll; the length thereof is twenty cubits, and the breadth thereof ten cubits.

3Then said he unto me, This is the curse that goeth forth over the face of the whole earth: for every one that stealeth shall be cut off as on this side according to it; and every one that sweareth shall be cut off as on that side according to it.

4I will bring it forth, saith the LORD of hosts, and it shall enter into the house of the thief, and into the house of him that sweareth falsely by my name: and it shall remain in the midst of his house, and shall consume it with the timber thereof and the stones thereof.

5Then the angel that talked with me went forth, and said unto me, Lift up now thine eyes, and see what is this that goeth forth.

6And I said, What is it? And he said, This is an ephah that goeth forth. He said moreover, This is their resemblance through all the earth.

7And, behold, there was lifted up a talent of lead: and this is a woman that sitteth in the midst of the ephah.

8And he said, This is wickedness. And he cast it into the midst of the ephah; and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth thereof.

9Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven.

10Then said I to the angel that talked with me, Whither do these bear the ephah?

11And he said unto me, To build it an house in the land of Shinar: and it shall be established, and set there upon her own base.

Zechariah 5 (New Living Translation)

New Living Translation (NLT)

Holy Bible. New Living Translation copyright © 1996, 2004  by Tyndale Charitable Trust. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers.

Zechariah 5

A Flying Scroll
1 I looked up again and saw a scroll flying through the air.

2 “What do you see?” the angel asked.

   “I see a flying scroll,” I replied. “It appears to be about 30 feet long and 15 feet wide.[a]

3 Then he said to me, “This scroll contains the curse that is going out over the entire land. One side of the scroll says that those who steal will be banished from the land; the other side says that those who swear falsely will be banished from the land. 4 And this is what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies says: I am sending this curse into the house of every thief and into the house of everyone who swears falsely using my name. And my curse will remain in that house and completely destroy it—even its timbers and stones.”

A Woman in a Basket
5 Then the angel who was talking with me came forward and said, “Look up and see what’s coming.”

6 “What is it?” I asked.

   He replied, “It is a basket for measuring grain,[b] and it’s filled with the sins[c] of everyone throughout the land.”

7 Then the heavy lead cover was lifted off the basket, and there was a woman sitting inside it. 8 The angel said, “The woman’s name is Wickedness,” and he pushed her back into the basket and closed the heavy lid again.

9 Then I looked up and saw two women flying toward us, gliding on the wind. They had wings like a stork, and they picked up the basket and flew into the sky.

10 “Where are they taking the basket?” I asked the angel.

11 He replied, “To the land of Babylonia,[d] where they will build a temple for the basket. And when the temple is ready, they will set the basket there on its pedestal.”

This  an interesting passage for sure.  So is the current debate about if angels can be female, dealing with Todd Bentley and Bob Jones and the talk of "Emma the Angel."

According to Matthew Henry, it seems that the two female beings could be angels of God.  The word "temple" and "pedestal" found in some modern translations can be mis-leading.  Of course the KJV uses "house" and "base" which takes away all thoughts of worship directed towards  the basket of sin. Henry also faintly alludes to the female beings being carried on the wind, and only God can create wind, hence the Lord Himself is helping their flight and mission.

Here's some other Bible references:

The Amplified Bible:

   9Then lifted I up my eyes and looked, and behold, there were two women coming forward! The wind was in their wings, for they had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the ephah[-sized vessel] between the earth and the heavens.

     10Then said I to the angel who talked with me, Where are they taking the ephah[-sized vessel]?

     11And he said to me, To the land of Shinar [Babylonia] to build it a house, and when it is finished, to set up the ephah[-sized vessel--the symbol of such sinners and their guilt] there upon its own base.

The NIV: 

9Then lifted I up my eyes and looked, and behold, there were two women coming forward! The wind was in their wings, for they had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the ephah[-sized vessel] between the earth and the heavens.

     10Then said I to the angel who talked with me, Where are they taking the ephah[-sized vessel]?

     11And he said to me, To the land of Shinar [Babylonia] to build it a house, and when it is finished, to set up the ephah[-sized vessel--the symbol of such sinners and their guilt] there upon its own base.

The Message:

9Then I looked up and to my surprise saw two women flying. On outstretched wings they airlifted the bushel basket into the sky.

10I said to the Messenger-Angel, "Where are they taking the bushel basket?"

11He said, "East to the land of Shinar. They will build a garage to house it. When it's finished, the basket will be stored there."

From these references it seems that the place created by the two flying women is nothing other than a place to store the basket of sin.  Sure looks like these women are agents of God to me....most likely woman angels!  This may be rather thin evidence to build a doctrine on, stating that there are indeed women angels.  However, I might also suggest that it is thick enough evidence to add some real questions to the doctrine that some are teaching that says that there are no women angels found in the Bible!


In Revival Don't Miss Grace!

Note from Larry:

For a bit over a month now there has been a lot of discussion, both pro and con, about what is taking place in Lakeland, FL in the "Greater Florida Healing Outpouring."  Back on April 2nd Evangelist Todd Bentley came to the Ignited Church in Lakeland, pastored by Stephen Strader.  What began as 5 days of meetings turned into a world-wide explosion as People began to watch the live streaming video on their computers.  Soon "God TV" began to air the nightly meetings live and the rest is history.  Within days thousands of people descended on Lakeland and "it" keeps on going!  We have also found that all over the United States a new excitement and expectancy for the things of God has increased dramatically.  People are praying for one another and those of us who consider ourselves Revivalists are thrilled without measure.

In the  midst of all of this has come a furry of contradiction!  Just this morning a person, I've never heard of,  filled my email In box with all kinds of terrible things about the Lakeland meetings, about Bentley, Strader, and even totally "burned" past moves like Toronto and Brownsville!  The words in my email In box were nothing but poison.

Yesterday, Friday May 16, Corinne was given a very important Word for the Body of Christ.  I felt that this word was so important that I had to get it published as soon as possible.  So, here's her word.  Please feel free to comment on it by hitting the little "comment" button just below this post. 

Blessings ~ Larry

 In Revival Don't Miss Grace!
                                                                                by: Corinne Silverman

With all that is currently happening in Lakeland, Florida and beyond, there has been a rush from some within the Body of Christ to criticize and even condemn it.  We are hearing about miracles being questioned, criticism of angel manifestations, questions in regards to doctrine and the past of those who are ministering.  Some are stating that this is not "revival."  Others say it is "revival" but it's an "old wineskin move" and the list of criticisms  goes on and on and on! 

Yesterday I felt that the Lord gave me some Scripture and thoughts to share with you.  Larry felt that it was very prophetic and needed to be shared with the Body of Christ, so here are some thoughts about some very "Current Events!"

In  Acts 2:5 (NLT), "Godly Jews from many nations were living in Jerusalem at that time.  When heard this sound, they came running to see what it was all about, and they were bewildered to hear their own languages being spoken by the Believers."  Verse 11, "....and we all hear these people speaking in our own languages about the wonderful things that God has done!  They stood there amazed and perplexed.  'What can this mean?' they asked each other.  But others in the crowd were mocking.  'They're drunk, that's all!' They said."

The point is, verse 5 says that these were Godly Jews living in Jerusalem.  Out of that group two things happened.  When the "Suddenlies of God" fell Godly people judged the move.  Some heard and were amazed by it, while others mocked and dismissed it!  Who was right?  The fruit of this "Suddenly" is found in Verse 41, "Those who believed what Peter said were baptized and added to the Church- about 3,000 in all." 

At this point Peter was empowered by the Holy Spirit, moving with a new found authority for the first time in his life.  You could actually say that he was doing everything right.  But, it wasn't always that way with Peter.  His past was not "picture perfect!"  In Luke 22:28, Jesus, after eating the Passover meal with the Disciples,  speaking to both Peter and the rest said, "You have remained true to Me in my time of trial.  And just as my Father has granted me a Kingdom, I now grant you the right to eat and drink at My table in that Kingdom.  And you will sit on thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel."  The events of that evening were a direct contradiction of the affirmation of Peter and the rest.  He actually told Peter that he would deny Him that night!  And in the Garden none could stand with the Lord in prayer as He approached His time of trial!  They had all failed miserably, even to place of abandoning the Lord at the time of His arrest.  Of course we know that Peter went on to deny the Lord. 

Repentance restored Peter and the rest of the Disciples.   The Lord was not looking at the frailty of their flesh, rather He saw the sincerity of their hearts.  They had forsaken everything to stay with Him.  However, when He needed them the most, ALL the Disciples failed Him.  Yet Jesus didn't cast them aside, rather He said, "You have remained true to Me in My time of trial.  The Disciples wanted to do all that Jesus asked of them, yet in their flesh, they didn't have the power to do it!

Today we are still dealing with the imperfections of human flesh!  Those of us in ministry are not perfect!  We do make mistakes, we always will!  Many of us have failed God, and even those we have minister to, even to the place of not having proper doctrine, and even allowing sin into our lives.  We ALL can identify with Peter!  Yet the Lord has declared that in spite of our our failure, we are priests and kings unto the Lord! 

When the "Suddenlies of God" that are now in our midst are observed we must use great caution in our judgments of them and of those who are called to minister in them!  If we are offended by what we see, perhaps the Lord is actually trying to show us what is in our hearts.  The Lord often offends our mind to show us what is in our heart! 

The Lord is not as concerned about the "issues" as we seem to think He is.  Jesus knowing about the great failures of Peter and the Disciples actually affirmed and established them as Kingdom rulers with authority, in spite of their past sin, failure and lack of character!  For those who cannot hear what is going on in the Revival setting of today, a great need of care should be established.  Do not criticize what you do not understand!  God is giving great Grace to cover the weakness of the human vessels He is using.  Instead of criticism we need to focus our attention on the fruit of the outpouring, remembering that God chooses the "foolish things of this world, in order to confound the wise!"

Many blessings,

Corinne the Revivalist!

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Is It Revival?

Greetings from Texas...

O.K... what is it?  What in the world is going on lately?  Is the "Florida Healing Outpouring" in Lakeland, with Todd Bentley really revival?

Many are asking questions about what is happening in Lakeland.  Some, even some important people like Lee Grady of "Charisma Magazine" have asked what he calls, "Honest Questions."  Some  are saying that to call this move of the Spirit true Revival is wrong.  And the list of questions, criticism and even innuendo  goes on and on.   Even though I consider Mr. Grady's approach and his, "Honest Questions" not really honest, I don't wish to spend time going down that road.  Rather I wish to spend a lot of time looking at the "bottom line" of what is going on in Florida and the world for that matter.

  1. Revival is an "awakening from the dead" that which has once lived and now is dead.  Therefore as Revivalists, we've taught that the first step in getting true Revival is to acknowledge the fact that we as the American Church are dead!  This concept in itself has gotten me in a lot of trouble over the years.  People say, "But you don't know what's happening in my church!"  Or, "Our church is doing, ______ and ______ great programs,etc."  Friends, church programs are a far cry from true Revival and in themselves a very poor substitute to the moving of the Holy Spirit within a church or region, etc.  Historically when true Revival hits a church the first thing that goes out the window are all of the "programs!"
  2. Revival has been called the "Suddenlies of God!"  People often suggest all types of things that we must do to get Revival.  One is we need to pray more!  Another suggestion often is, all the churches have to unify.  Both of these things, plus many other suggested "jobs" we must do to get Revival are works.  If we the Church are dead, then how can we do what is right in order to get Revival?  These things and the others, are actually eventual products of Revival, and won't bring it in.  Revival shows up at the most dire and unexpected time.  Sure many of us are praying for a move of God, but it's still all God's call as to when and where and even how He wants to bring it!  No doubt about it....what happened in Ignited Church, Lakeland was a "suddenly!"
  3. Revival, at least true Revival, is much more than good meetings in a church!  It is a spreading of God's purposes throughout a region or even a nation.  In today's standards we see "hot spots" breaking out all over the world!
  4. Revival is accompanied by signs, wonders and miracles.  When asked if Lakeland is of God or not, the only thing that I can point to are the standards that Jesus used when questioned by John the Baptist (John's disciples on behalf of John), "Are you the one or should we seek another?"  Jesus, in Mt. 11, says, "Go tell John what you have SEEN and HEARD, the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, the dead are raised and the Gospel is being preached to the poor!"  if these things are going on, then we can rest assured that God's in it!
  5. True Revival is far greater than the Revivalist.  So many look at the imperfect vessels God uses to minister in and lead Revival.  If you study Evan Roberts you will find all kinds of personal issues that he had to deal with.  Look at Azusa Street, there was racism that came from those meetings, yet both the Welsh Revival and Azusa Street changed the entire world!  We cannot always judge a move of God by the people that He chooses to use in it.  God always delights in using less than perfect people.  If I recall properly, I think I've read where "God chooses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise!"  Hummmm.... think about it.. how about Todd's tats?  Wow! 
  6. Revival is way beyond the good meetings!  It spreads like wildfire!  I'm more excited about this aspect of Revival than any other!  People don't have to go to Lakeland, FL to experience Revival.  Yet I highly recommend that they do make the pilgrimage!  I would encourage anyone to go.  People are saying, "Well God's not telling me to go!"  Hummm... Is He telling you not to go?  For Pete's sake... GO!  If you can, go!  History may be getting made in Lakeland, take advantage of it!  Yet, get ready, hold onto your hats, as this move of God is spreading like the Fire of God that it is!

I recall the last great move of God.  After Toronto broke out, people debated, "Is it Revival?"  Many would say, "No, it's renewal!"  Who cares... it changed people for ever, Corinne and I included!

Now, we are seeing strong Revival symptoms in our meetings.  This week in north/central Texas we've be watching God move in powerful ways.  Wednesday night we were supposed to be ministering in a small, select house meeting setting.  The people came and came and came, and wow... did God move!  Corinne and I were talking on the way home, through a heavy Texas thunderstorm, we recall a time just a little over a month ago, when you could hardly get anyone to come to a meeting!  Now people were thronging to the meeting, saying, "We're here to 'Get Some!"  I recall awhile ago we were told that we shouldn't have meetings on Thursday nights because "Survivor" was on TV!  I wonder what "Survivor's" ratings are now with millions watching God TV!

By the way, isn't it interesting that God TV is backing Lakeland 100%!  It sure says something to me!  May the Lord bless God TV!

Folks, please don't expect everything that is happening now in Lakeland, FL to be perfect!  Let's give these people a break!  The main thing is that lives are getting changed, impacted very powerfully!  Including mine!

Get ready, REVIVAL, yes, I'm calling it Revival is coming to your town, your church and more importantly, your heart!  I believe you can lay your hands on your computer screen right now, touch this blog and pray, "Lord, let your Fire fall on me!"  Then get ready... He will and it will!

Yes Friend....It is Revival!


Larry the Revivalist!
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Watch/Listen to Todd Bentley

Greetings from Stephenville, TX

We just returned from Lakeland, FL where we attended 3 days of the "Great Florida Healing Outpouring."  There are no words available to fully tell all that God did there for Corinne and I.  Of course the old stand by of, "Awesome!" just doesn't do it!

Anyway, Pastor Stephen Strader sent me this link of last night's meeting (Saturday May 10).  The entire video is wonderful, but if you don't have the time to listen/watch the entire thing, please do take the time to listen/watch to Todd Bentley's message.  (you can fast forward the video)

Be blessed and after you watch this, go start a Revival someplace!

More later!


p.s.  Meetings begin Tuesday with us in the Dallas area, then this coming weekend back here in Stephenville.  These meetings will be special times of impartation!  Give me a shout for more details.  Also if you would like us in for meetings in your area send an email to: [email protected]

Revival Police Still on Patrol!

Greetings from exciting Lakeland, Florida..

In many ways Corinne and I are saddened this morning as we leave Lakeland, Florida and the "Florida Healing Outpouring" and the exciting ministry of Todd Bentley, hosted by our Friends at the Ignited Church here.  We are going to Punta Gorda in a few hours to visit my Mother, and then back to Texas where God's moving strongly.  Our first meeting there is Tuesday and I've already warned the leaders there that we are coming in "loaded for bear!"  On the way to our "Toad" (tow car), after the meeting, we were discussing when we would return to Lakeland!

Last night's meeting in the Lakeland Center was very possibly the most powerful meeting that I've ever been in since my days of salvation in 1973!  Corinne  and I are excited to get back on the road and in the flow of meetings as we've been downloaded a lot more Fire and we can't wait to give it away.  Last night there was a  mighty mass impartation of Fire as Todd prayed over all present, that we would be able to give the Fire away through the laying on of our hands.  I sense that this will be the case in Tuesday's meeting and beyond!

However it is interesting to note that the Revival Police are still on their patrol beats.  More and more I'm hearing how this great move of God isn't from God at all.  One person has stated on the Internet that this revival is a false revival.   I wonder what all of the people I saw healed last night, walking and running without their wheel chairs would think about the fact that this is a false revival??  Hum-mm!

Here is a tid bit to remember:  THE PREVIOUS MOVE OF GOD ALWAYS PERSECUTES THE PRESENT MOVE OF GOD!  This is pretty much an historical fact.  Here are some examples: 

  • John Wesley begins to have large outdoor meetings.  The Church of England says that "it isn't from God!"
  • General William Booth founder of the Salvation Army is booted from the Methodist Church because he's holding large outdoor meetings.  The Methodists say, "it isn't from God!"
  • Charles Finney has people all over New England coming to Jesus and the established churches band together and say, "it isn't from God!"
  • More recently Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, etc. are getting baptized in the Holy Spirit in the charismatic movement, speaking in tongues and the Pentecostal denominations say, "it isn't of God!"
  • Ten - fifteen years ago a mighty wave comes from Toronto and Florida and guess what?  Many within the charismatic movement said, "it isn't of God!"
  • From the "River" comes gold dust, gems, etc, and once again we hear, "it isn't of God!"

So here we are today, God's on the move not only in Lakeland but we're hearing reports of the Fire falling all over the world, and once again the Revival Police are saying, "It isn't of God!"  Wow.. sometimes I just can not believe the stupidity of these people who have appointed themselves to police every move of God in every generation of revival!

This current, world wide, move of the Holy Spirit seems characterized by the Fire of God falling on hungry, dry people, igniting them with a new passion and zeal for His Presence and for His Holiness.  Get ready as no "unclean thing" will enter this move.  If an anything "unclean" enters this, the Fire will soon purge it out!  This in itself gives me some great concern for the safety of the Revival Police.  In past moves of God I feel like the Lord tolerated the Revival Police.  Often these self appointed surveyors of truth would actually be used to thrust the move of God deeper into Him and His purposes.  However, I'm sensing that this time, things are changing!  God is restoring His Church into His order.  Therefore, I might suggest that the Revival Police may be walking on rather thin ice!

Please note the following words of Jesus from Mark 3: (NLT) (underline is mine)

Jesus and the Prince of Demons

"One time Jesus entered a house, and the crowds began to gather again.  soon he and his disciples couldn't even find time to eat.  When his family heard what was happening, they tried to take him away.  "He's out of his mind," they said.  But the teachers of religious law (the Revival Police) who had arrived from Jerusalem said, "He's possessed by Satan, the prince of demons."

Jesus called them over and responded with an illustration.  "How can Satan cast out Satan?" he asked.  "A kingdom divided by civil war will collapse.  Similarly, a family splintered by feuding will fall apart.  And if Satan is divided and fights against himself, how can he stand?  He would never survive.  Let me illustrate this further.  Who is powerful enough to enter the house of a strong man like Satan and plunder his goods?  Only someone even stronger - someone who could tie him up and then plunder his house.

I tell you the truth, all sin and blasphemy can be forgiven, but anyone who blasphemes the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven.  This is a sin with eternal consequences."  He told them this because they were saying, "He's possessed by an evil spirit.""

If you note the context of the sin of "Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" you will note that it comes by calling the works of Jesus of the devil.  As I viewed last night's miracles of, "The blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, the dead are raised and the Gospel is being preached to the poor," (Mt. 11:4) my thoughts were drawn to the Revival Police of today and how this time God might not be so tolerant of them.  Remember this move of God is going to establish the Kingdom of God on this earth.  It is not just some good meetings in a Florida arena, it's the Kingdom of God invading this earth.... it is the Fire of God falling!

One last point... To any who question what is going on in this move of God, allow me to reassure you, it's O.K. to ask questions!  It really is!  However, please do not speak out against that which you do not understand! 

This move of God, as to His part,  is perfect, like all moves of God are.  However, God is choosing to use imperfect people to usher in His Glory.  Please "do not judge the movement by the movers!"  God delights in using all of us, far from perfect people, in fulfilling His purposes, example: Jacob!  So, if you do not understand what is happening in Lakeland, or even if you do not fully agree with what is going on, you would be very wise to not speak against it.  After all, there are enough Revival Police on their beat today so they DON'T NEED YOU!


Larry the Revivalist!

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Revival Report From Lakeland

Greetings from Lakeland, FL.... (The Florida Healing Outpouring)

Wow.. what a trip on this "Highway to Revival!"

To begin, I have to apologize for not getting reports out sooner.  I had a major communication problem...MY LAP TOP CRASHED as soon as we got into Lakeland.  I'll explain further below:

We left Stephenville, TX early Saturday morning arrived in Mobile, Al for the night.  Our day of travel was jammed with ministry.  We began the morning with a conference call with other Circuit Preachers International leaders, Robert Fitts, Daniel Markoya and Michael Tummillo.  Of course most of the talk was centered on Revival, our trip to Lakeland and our upcoming meeting with Robert Fitts in Texas.  These Brothers are the "cream of the crop!"  The cell phone then rang and I dialed it pretty much ongoing for the balance of the nearly 12 hour trip to Mobile.  It's amazing how this Revival is increasing activity.  We also did a lot of "cell phone ministry."  God's using new technology for spreading His Spirit!

Sunday morning the three of us (Rascal is traveling with us too.  His new name is, "Rascal the Revival Budgie!), arrived in Lakeland very late Sunday afternoon.  We were pretty tired from the trip and by the time we got checked in, got something to eat, we crashed, feeling the need to rest before getting into the meeting schedule here.  Again our day was filled with "cell phone ministry!"

Monday morning I discovered a very grave laptop crashed!  It seemed to work OK Sunday night before bed, but when I awoke Monday morning it wouldn't start up, no mater what I tried.  Our Oakland, PA pastor, Lance Rhodes and wife Mandy, were here for the meetings and needed a ride to the morning session at Ignited Church and a ride later to the Tampa Airport.  Pastor Lance knows computers!  He checked my laptop out and gave me a bad report....It's Fried! 

We all went into the morning session with me thinking "new laptop... "  This was not a good beginning to a very great day!  The morning meeting was great, with Corinne getting prayer for her prophetic ministry.  Our fellowship with Lance and Mandy was great too.  It really worked good to be able to hear their insights into this move of God and hear first hand testimony from the weekend's meetings at Tiger Stadium.

After getting back to our motel from our Tampa Airport journey, it was time to go "Puter Shopping!"  Thank the Lord, laptops are coming down some in price, but still this was  not an expected situation so....Larry chokes some!!!  However I kept in mind that I am a Child of the Kingdom on my King's business, so I handled this situation pretty good.    We got back to the room, unpacked the new computer knowing that we didn't have too much time before we had to ready ourself for the evening meeting at the Lakeland Center, a huge 8,000 seat auditorium in downtown Lakeland.  I soon discovered that I still needed more things done before I could get the new computer on-line.   When we travel I use a Sprint wireless air card for Internet access.  I had just purchased a new one for the old computer 2 weeks ago, and of course it would not fit the new computer... different access ports.  So after yesterday's morning meeting I was able to swap it for the proper card at a local Sprint Store.

Monday's evening meeting was just plain powerful!  At one point worship leader, Roy Fields, just quit playing the keyboard and quit singing and laid on the platform floor as waves of worship went up from the crowd.  There must have been about 6,000 people in attendance.  How's that for a Monday night crowd!  As these waves began to spread, I had the vision of the worship just taking off into high Glory.  It was as if the Holy Spirit Himself was leading this event.  I've NEVER seen this happen and I got a vision of what could have happened if Roy would have let it go.  I don't think he realized what was going on, because from his position on the floor he began to sing.  I think that if he hadn't done that something very wonderful would have happened!  I fully understand Roy's actions however, as we're all learning how to move in Revival, especially this new wave. 

Todd Bentley soon took the meeting and all of sudden things changed.  This is the first time I've been in a live meeting with Todd.  I can't speak for him before Lakeland, but what I saw Monday night was a very powerful move of God coming forth from this young evangelist.  The only thing I can say is that Todd is the "Real Deal!"  The miracles rolled over us like giant waves.  There were way too many miracles taking place to even begin to talk about here.  (If you would like a daily Revival Report from Pastor Stephen Strader send me an email at: [email protected] and I'll let you know how to subscribe to his daily Revival Report written by him while he's in the nightly meetings...put "revival report" in your header so that it will get through spam filters)

Tuesday morning's meeting at Ignited Church was great.  We stood in line for an hour and had a blast talking with other Seekers of the Flame.  Pastor Stephen Strader ministered.  Corinne and I know him personally and were not at all surprised when he became totally transparent and shared what Revival has cost him and his family.  He then began to share some great suggestions on how to get healed, mixing in some great, solid Revival Theology.

After the morning meetings Corinne and I ate some lunch, got the new Sprint Card, and I began working on trying to get this new computer on-line.  Before we knew it we were getting ready for the evening session at the Lakeland Center. 

The evening meeting was another powerful one!  Heather Butler lead worship.  Great job!  Last night's crowd was even larger than Monday nights.  God showed up right away.   Again there is a sensation in these meetings that worship could take off without any human leading.  I saw that same thing occur last night as in Monday night's meeting, the potential to see the thousands of people, completely led by the Spirit worshiping God without any human leadership.  I feel that this will eventually happen as we humans learn how to flow in this extreme anointing.  Again when Todd Bentley took the meeting things just happened to flow even higher. 

Now this may be hard for some to digest here.  Everyone that knows me fully understands that I believe in, teach and completely flow in raising up true Body Ministry.  However, there is just no getting around it, Todd Bentley is carrying the anointing for these meetings!  This may be a very difficult pill for some to swallow, but it's the truth!  Todd's not preaching, he's just flowing in the Spirit and "things" are happening as a result.  Get ready folks, this move of God is going to upset your religious apple cart!  Of course the "Revival Police" don't like a thing that is going on here!  But again, I have to state, "This is the Real Deal!"  I would also warn people not to be critical of things they don't understand! 

We met Roger Webb both Monday and last night.  We had a bite to eat after the meeting with Roger and it was great to not only share fellowship with an old friend, but to get his perspective on whats going on as well.  Today we're having lunch with Pastor Dennis See and Jim Morda from Meadville, PA.  They've been here a few days and I got a glimpse of Dennis pretty drunk in the Spirit last night.  I can't wait to hear what these guys are saying.

I am sorry for the length of this post!  I was intending to write short, daily blog posts.  I guess my computer had other ideas!  You know there is no way I can document all that is happening here in just a few words!  This Revival is real folks!  The good news is that it is spreading like wild fire all over the world.  We got word yesterday that people living in Belfast, Northern Ireland could not get flights to Tampa as the flights are being booked by Revival Seekers.  Even better news is that all over Europe and other Regions Revival is breaking out.  We had word last night about extended meetings taking form in the UK. 

Get ready, we've been praying a long time for this!  Now, take a breath too.  This Revival does have some rough edges.  But we have to give it time.  God's on the move and as I've been saying, "The bottom line is the bottom line!"  In other words, how do we judge a move of God?  By the words of Jesus, "The blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, the dead are being raised, and the Gospel is being preached to the poor!"  This is happening in Lakeland, it's happening all over the world.  And it will happen with you too! 

Get ready... the Fire is falling!

More from Lakeland later...

More Lord!

Larry the Revivalist!

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Special Revival Report: We're Heading to Lakeland!

Greetings from North Texas!

Most likely now you are full aware of what is going in the USA!  True Revival is beginning to spread like Wild Fire across the Land! dry it has been for so many years!  Now, there are embers glowing, sparks flying and actual Kingdom Fire falling all over America! 

The current epicenter of all of this seems to be coming out of Lakeland, Florida.  A vast army of people, coming from all over the world are being led by Evangelist Todd Bentley and Pastor Stephen Strader.  God's on the move there!

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 3, Corinne and I will leave Stephenville, Texas and make our way to Lakeland.    God has raised the level of anointing in our meetings lately to a very huge degree, yet we feel that it is imperative for us to go immediately, get anything there that God has for us, and bring it back to all who we are ministering to. 

How about this, just a few minutes ago, a local pastor came over, had a cup of coffee with us and handed us an envelope with a credit card in it.  He told us, "Use this for what ever you need on the trip, as God leads us!"  He said that the Lord has shown him how important it was for us to go there!  His words were, "I'm not giving this card just to bless you, I'm giving it with our region in mind too, as I know that you will bring back something powerful from God to bless us all with!"

Hum mm... Can you say that God is in our going to Lakeland!

Blog Update

During the trip, beginning sometime tomorrow from the "road," I'll be making Blog updates (Revival Updates), sharing my "Reflections on Revival."  I will not load you with a lot of notices like I do when I publish a weekly Blog.  My plan is to send out a new Blog notice, still weekly.  That way I will be able to refrain from filling your In box with email notices.  You can check back daily for new posts for our "Reflections on Revival - Special Reports."

Please keep us in your prayers! 

Also if you too wish to participate in this "Highway to Revival" trip of ours, you can do so by hitting the PayPal button on the right side of this Blog!

From Corinne and I, Many blessings!  Revival Fire is falling!

More Lord!


Larry the Revivalist!

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