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Attention Coppell, Texas Area....

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Revival is breaking out all over America..... Why not Coppell, Texas?

Thursday April 24, 2008

The reports keep coming in... Lakeland, FL is burning with the Fire of God! 

The move of God is about to spread like wild fire!   This morning I had a vision.  I was in the Spirit and I was seeing a flat map of Lakeland, FL.  From this map I saw a strange looking, but very beautiful creature arise and take form.  It had wings that were expanding, growing and taking on strength.  This creature was not flying yet, however, everything within me seemed to sense that it was about to take off.  This creature was Revival! I also sensed that there had been scouts already sent forth lighting sparks, but this creature is the main force that will spread God's Fire.   I sense that it is about to fly to every place that had open arms to welcome it!  It will fly to and land, spreading the flames of Revival in every location that has prepared the way for it to land!

Is Coppell, Texas such a place? 

Several of us are about to find out next Monday - Wednesday as we "CONTEND FOR REVIVAL IN COPPELL, TEXAS!"

Get Ready..... Anything can happen next week! 

Bring the sick and those needing a miracle! 

God's on the move once again!

Don't miss your day of visitation!

Join Revivalists Larry & Corinne Silverman (  and Author/Church Planter Michael Tummillo ( as we prepare the way for one great move of God in North Texas!

The Dates: Monday - Wednesday (April 28-30)

The Time:  10:00 A.M. Daily

The Location: 606 Deforest Ct.  Coppell, TX

For directions or more information contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Larry & Corinne Silverman
"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

Se está Levantando un Avivamiento en Todo América..... ¿Por qué no en Coppell, Texas?

Jueves 24 de Abril de 2008

Los reportes siguen llegando... Lakeland, Florida ¡se está quemando con el Fuego de Dios! 

¡El mover de Dios se está esparciendo como fuego!  Esta mañana tuve una visión.  Estaba en el Espíritu y vi un mapa de Lakeland, Florida.  De este mapa vi como un una criatura muy extraña, pero muy bella se levantaba y tomaba forma.  Tenía alas que se iban extendiendo,  iba creciendo y llenándose de fuerza.  Esta criatura todavía no estaba volando, sin embargo, todo dentro de mí sintió que iba a comenzar a volar.  ¡Esta criatura era Avivamiento!  También sentí que se habían mandado exploradores por delante los cuales iban prendiendo chispas, pero esta criatura es la fuerza principal que va a expandir el Fuego de Dios.  Yo siento que está a punto de tomar vuelo, y se va a dirigir a todo lugar que tenga los brazos abiertos para darle la bienvenida.  Va a volar  y aterrizará esparciendo las llamas del Avivamiento a todo lugar que haya preparado el terreno para su aterrizaje. 

¿Acaso Coppell, Texas es uno de esos lugares?

Varios de nosotros estamos a punto de descubrir si es así, ya que del próximo Lunes al Miércoles nos estaremos “¡ENTRENANDO PARA EL AVIVAMIENTO EN COPPELL, TEXAS!

Prepárate..... ¡Todo puede pasar la semana que viene! 

¡Invita a todo enfermo y a todo aquel que necesita un milagro! 

¡Dios se está moviendo de nuevo!

¡No te pierdas tu día de visitación!

Acompaña a Larry & Corinne Silverman (  y al  Autor y Ministro que Planta Iglesias Michael Tummillo ( ¡a preparar el camino para el gran mover de Dios en el Norte de Texas!

Fechas: Lunes a Miércoles (Abril 28 – 30)

Hora::  10:00 a.m.  Cada Día

Lugar: 606 Deforest Ct.  Coppell, TX

Para mayor información favor de mandar un correo electrónico a: [email protected] o [email protected] 

Yikes... It's the Revival Police!

Greetings from North Texas!

Most likely, by now, you have heard of the powerful move of God that is taking place in Lakeland, FL with Todd Bentley, Stephen Strader and others.  If not, you can get some information and live Internet links at Todd's website:  You can also watch these meetings live on God TV.

It is so interesting to me how much time I've spent today defending this move of God, not that it really needs any defending by me of all people, as it does speak loudly for itself.  I'll explain that more in a bit.  However, I want you to know that the "Revival Police" are coming on the scene and they are crying out their judgments loud and clear!  I know the "Revival Police" pretty well as I've been in their sights on numerous occasions myself.  They usually make their "raids" when the power of God is moving strongly, when people are getting set free and growing much closer in their relationships with God.  Every great move of God had these "Cops" show up.   Finney, Roberts, Wesley, Woodworth-Etter, Allen, Branham, Coe, etc.,  and every Revivalist worth his/her salt had to deal with this bunch.  If you want to know how much of a move of God a set of meetings are, just judge them by the presence of the "Revival Police."  If you see lots of these "Cops" you can rest assured that what you are witnessing is a down right, God sent, Holy Ghost, Gully Washer!

Well the "Cops" are on the move in regarding Lakeland!

I say to them, "Open your eyes, you just might see Jesus!"

People often say that we judge everything by "pure doctrine."  I can agree with that, but a problem remains, who's doctrine are we going to use?  I find that doctrine is pretty subjective and varies by those involved.  A cessationist would say, "Speaking in tongues is not for today, neither is healing, prophecy, etc."  Ask them about their verdict and they would strongly suggest that they are following "pure doctrine."  Then there are those who say, "If I can't find it in the Bible it's not of God!"  If you are a follower of my Blog at all, you are fully aware of how much I love and hold to the Bible.  However, much of what God does is not found in the Bible!  I know that this may shock you some, but think about it....Please show me where in the Old Testament does it teach someone to heal blind eyes by spitting on the ground and picking up the mud and put into the eyes?  Or how about the Day of Pentecost, when the tongues of fire fell and they all began speaking in tongues?  What Old Testament  chapter and verse is that found in? Do you see the problem that this thinking creates?  By the way there are many other examples of this too. 

Now, about Lakeland.  Here's how to tell the "Revival Police" to take a hike... Mt. 11:4 & 5, (NLT) "Jesus told them, "Go back to John and tell him what you have heard and seen - the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised to life and the Good News is being preached to the poor." It is pretty simple Friends.  The "bottom line" is the Bottom Line!  It's the results Ma'am!  Who is being glorified by miracles, signs and wonders?  Who is being worshiped in the Lakeland meetings?  I see Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God being praised, worshiped and adored!  Wow.. I love it!

One more thing about the "Revival Police," keeping with their title, "Police," I find that they often come with a legalistic, religious spirit in tow!  Go ahead and tell that little girl healed of a bad eye condition the other night in Lakeland that what she experienced was not of God! 

We have to quit judging the messenger, and see what God is doing.  When we take our judgmental eyes off of other, we might really be surprised at the beauty that we really see.  Friends, I know a lot about this, as I've been pretty judgmental in the past myself!  It's not too much fun being the police over anyone!

For me and my house we'll take Revival any day.  What is happening in Lakeland, FL right now is the real deal!


Larry the Revivalist!

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The Trump of God (El Triunfo de Dios)

From an email that I posted earlier today...... (Spanish translation below)

Hi All,

Another sleepless night... Alas..."The Sleepless Revival" is underway!  grin!  Corinne and I got in from a meeting in north Texas last night about midnight and the Lord had me up, awake and stirred up since 6:00 a.m.  It's now a little after 11:00 a.m. Texas time, and I'm so stirred and pumped that I can't hardly stand it!
This move of God is getting ready to blow our socks off!  Get ready!
Corinne and I were on a conference call with some of our ministry partners in the Tulsa area around 8:30 this morning.  They had a spontaneous prayer meeting going at the time. The Fire is falling there this morning!  We shared and wow... it's getting good!  One of the gals there was fixing some breakfast for her husband early today.  She asked her husband, "Did you hear that?"  He didn't hear a thing!  She said I just heard a shofar blow!  It was God Himself blowing the shofar!  Wow... Folks I believe that Sister Kelly did indeed hear a shofar.  I also believe that it was the Trump of God!  I sense strongly that He is blowing the Call to Revival!  The Fire of God is about to fall!
Friends, this is a move of God like none other!  I know many of you are seeking God for revival, and many are still hanging on to past moves of God.  But get ready... this move is coming with Fire!  It's not another move of the "River!"  This is the Fire of God getting ready to fall on us.  It's going to be the most powerful move of God that we've ever seen!
Now... for those of you that have an ear to hear... Please listen by the Spirit, not your flesh!  Please hear me... God has spoken over Corinne and I, actually last Fall while in PA, that we are, "Firebrands, and everywhere there is dry tinder, we will light fires!"  You may think that this is a sneaky way for Larry to try to book some meetings!  Well think that if you wish, but I would just ask you to ask the Lord about that.   I'm sending this email to many who are not pastors or leaders, so they won't be able to book us into anything.  Also... if you don't want us in for some meetings, let me know... I've got some other "Firebrands" that I can introduce to you!   However, this is all a timing issue Friends!   Please don't miss your day of visitation!
Will you please pray about bringing in some traveling minister, someone who is also "Firebrand!"
Oh... one other thing about the timing issue...Zech. 10:1, "Ask the Lord for rain in the time of the later rain!"
Friends, will you spend some time with the Lord today...I really believe that you too will smell the wonderful smell of Revival in the Air.
You know we are getting scheduled for certain places around the country, you can read them on our schedule place on our webpage....  But I also feel to tell you that planes are still flying and we do have a car to drive to places as well.   Let's see what the Lord will show you!
If you want to talk more, give a call... 616.291.9568
By the way.. this might be the most important email that I've ever sent out!
Lord... Let the Fire Fall!
Larry & Corinne Silverman
"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

El Triunfo de Dios

De un correo electrónico que envié el día de hoy…

Hola a todos,

Otra noche en vela… apodo… “El Avivamiento Sin Dormir” está en camino! Corinne y yo regresamos de una reunión en el norte de Texas anoche como a media noche y el Sénior me despertó y levantó y me alborotó desde las 6:00 am.  Ahorita son pasadas las 11:00 am, tiempo de Texas, y estoy tan emocionado y tan alborotado que casi no lo puedo sostener!

¡Este mover de Dios está a punto de estallar!  ¡Estense listos!

Corinne y yo tuvimos una llamada en conferencia con algunos de nuestros hermanos en el ministerio del área de Tulsa como a las 8:30 esta mañana.  Ellos tuvieron una reunión de oración espontanea en ese momento.  ¡El fuego está cayendo ahí esta mañana!  Compartimos y wow… ¡se está poniendo bueno!  Una de las mujeres allá, le estaba preparando el desayuno a su marido esta mañana.  De pronto ella le pregunto a es esposo,  “¿Oíste eso?” ¡El no oyó nada!  Ella le dijo, ¡acabo de escuchar sonar un shofar!  ¡Fue el mismo Dios quien toco el Shofar!  Wow… amigos, yo creo que la hermana Kelley en verdad escuchó el shofar.  También creo que fue el ¡Triunfo de Dios!  Creo fuertemente que El está tocando el “Llamado al Avivamiento!” ¡El fuego de Dios está a punto de caer!

Amigos, este mover de Dios es como ningún otro!  Yo se que mucho de ustedes están clamando a Dios el avivamiento, y muchos todavía están sujetos a movimientos fuertes de Dios que se dieron en el pasado.  Pero, prepárense…  ¡este nuevo mover está llegando con Fuego! ¡No es otro mover del “Rio”!    Este es el fuego de Dios que se está alistando para caer sobre nosotros. ¡Va a ser el más grande mover de Dios que jamás hayamos visto!

Ahora… para ustedes que tienen oídos para oír… ¡Por favor escuchen por medio del Espíritu, no por medio de su carne!  Por favor, escúchenme… Dios ha hablado sobre Corinne y sobre mí, de hecho fue el otoño pasado mientras estábamos en Pennsylvania, y dijo que “Somos Teas, y que en todas partes donde haya yesca seca, encenderemos fuego!”  Algunos pueden pensar que es un modo sutil para que inviten a Larry a algunas reuniones!  Pues quien quiera pensar eso que lo piense,  pero te pido que le preguntes al Sénior acerca de esto.   Estoy mandando este correo electrónico a muchos que no son ni pastores ni lideres, así que no nos pueden invitar a sus Iglesias.  También… si no quieren que estemos presentes en algunas reuniones díganos..  ¡Conozco a otros “Teas” que les puedo presentar!  Sin embargo, esto es cuestión de estar a tiempo, Amigos!  Por favor, ¡no faltes a tu cita de visitación! 

Por favor ora para que invites a alguno de los ministros viajeros,  alguien quien también sea una Tea!

Ah!... ¡otra cosa acerca de la cuestión del tiempo!… Zacarías 10:1, “¡Pide al Señor lluvia en el tiempo de la ultima lluvia!”

Si quieres conversar un poco más, me puedes llamar al….. 616-291-9568

A propósito,  ¡puede que este sea el mensaje más importante que jamás haya enviado!,

Señor…. ¡Deja Caer el Fuego!!!



Does It Really Say This? (¿Dice Realmente Esto?)

We are still in Texas.  Our meeting yesterday morning (Sunday Apr. 13) was simply powerful!  God is on the move and we smell the smoke of Revival in the air!

Yesterday's message was on "Common Kingdom Occurrences."  I shared some thought from Matthew 11: 4.  After John the Baptist was imprisoned he faced dealing with doubt as to who Jesus really was.  Remember this is the same John, the cousin of Jesus, who baptized Jesus and told Him that he was not worthy to do so, etc.  Now while imprisoned the doubts and unbelief begin to come his way.  Isn't that the same way it is with us?  When we are on spiritual mountain tops we never for a second doubt that Jesus heals the sick today!  Yet once a sickness or disease or problem attacks us personally, once we enter into some type of a "prison experience" ourselves, then we too become assailed by our own personal doubts!

I love the answer that Jesus gave John's disciples when he was asked, "Are you the One or should we seek another?"  Jesus said in verse 4: "Go back to John and tell him what you have heard and seen - the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised to life, and the Good News is being preached to the poor."

These things that Jesus did are what I like to refer to as, "common Kingdom occurrences."  In other words these were not strange actions for Jesus to be caught up in doing!  Healing people of all sickness and disease was just the normal mode of operation for Jesus as He walked this earth!  Please think about it for a moment....healing the sick was just NORMAL for Jesus!

OK, now let's look at my favorite verse of Scripture, Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!"  My thinking is that healing the sick was just standard operating procedure for Jesus 2000 years ago, and if He is the same today as then, I can also look to Him to heal me today!  Is this too simple or what?  Does the Bible really say this?  Yep, that is what it says!

Revival fire is beginning to break out in our Nation!  Healing and miracles are taking place all over.  It's time to break forth from your prison bars and once again see Jesus for who He really is!  "By His stripes we are healed!"

To help build you faith, please check out what is going on at the Ignited Church in Lakeland, FL.  This weeks begins the 3rd week of extended meetings with Todd Bently.  This is NOT happening because Todd's there!  It's not based on a super star minister, it's based on a Super Star God!  Here's a link for you.  Check out the streaming video at 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time)

Be healed and blessed this week!

Larry the Revivalist!

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Abril 14, 2008

¿Realmente Dice Esto?

Todavía nos encontramos en Texas. Nuestra reunión de ayer, domingo 13 de abril, ¡fue realmente poderosa!  Dios se está moviendo y ¡podemos oler la nube del Reavivamiento en el aire!

El mensaje de ayer fue acerca de “Sucesos Comunes del Reino”.  Compartí algunos pensamientos acerca de Mateo 11:4.  Después de que Juan el Bautista fue puesto en prisión, el se enfrento a sus dudas acerca de quién era realmente Jesús.  Recuerden, este es el mismo Juan, primo de Jesús, quien bautizo a Jesús y le dijo que él no era digno de… etc.  Bien, mientras se encontraba preso, las dudas y la falta de fe comenzaron a llegar.  ¿Acaso no nos pasa lo mismo a nosotros?  Cuando nos encontramos en una montaña espiritual, nunca, ni por un segundo dudamos que ¡Jesús todavía sana el día de hoy!  Sin embargo, cuando una enfermedad o problema viene contra nosotros y nos ataca personalmente, una vez que entramos en un tipo de “experiencia en la prisión” nosotros, entonces también, ¡ en nosotros comienzan a surgir dudas!

Me encanta la respuesta que Jesús les dijo a los discípulos de Juan cuando se le preguntó, “¿Eres tu El Mesías, o buscamos a otro?”  Jesús dijo en el versículo 4:  “Vayan a decirle a Juan lo que ustedes han visto y han oído – que los ciegos ven, que los cojos caminan, los leprosos son sanados, que los que no oían, ahora oyen, que los muertos son levantados a la vida, y las buenas nuevas son predicadas a los pobres”.

Estas cosas que Jesús hizo son las que me gusta denominar “Sucesos Comunes del Reino”.  En otras palabras, estos no fueron sucesos esporádicos que Jesús hizo. El sanar a las personas de todo tipo de dolor y enfermedad era el modelo de operación cotidiano de Jesús mientras caminó por esta tierra!  Por favor medita acerca de esto por unos momentos… el sanar a los enfermos era NORMAL para Jesús!

Ok, ahora veamos mi versículo favorito de las Escrituras, Hebreos 13:8,  “Jesús Cristo es el mismo ayer, hoy y por siempre”.  Mi modo de pensar es que el sanar a los enfermos era un proceso de operar estándar para Jesús hace 2000 años, y si El es el mismo el día de hoy, entonces el día de hoy puedo pedirle a El que me sane hoy! ¿Es esto demasiado simple o que?  ¿Realmente dice la Biblia esto?  Si, esto es lo que dice!

El fuego del Avivamiento está comenzando a brotar en nuestra Nación! Sanidades y milagros se están dando por todas partes.  Es tiempo de romper con nuestras cadenas y prisiones y de nuevo ver a Jesús como quien realmente es.  “Por Sus llagas fuimos curados”.

Para ayudar a incrementar tu fe, por favor ve lo que está sucediendo en Lakeland, Florida en la Iglesia Ignited Church. Esta semana comenzó la tercera semana de reuniones con Todd Bently.  Esto,  ¡NO está sucediendo porque Todd está ahí!  No está basado en un ministro súper estrella, ¡está basado en un Dios Súper Estrella!  Aquí está la dirección de la Página de Internet donde pueden ustedes entrar a ver en vivo por video lo que está sucediendo allá, todos los días a las 10:00 am y a las 7:00 pm (tiempo del Este).

Se sanado y bendecido esta semana!

Revival... It's Here!

From an email that I just posted....
Hi All,
It's 3:14 A.M. Central Time..... I just got woke up by a tornado warning in Stephenville, TX.  The storm passed thru O.K. and we just got a few bumps in "Pilgrim I."  (our motor home) But after the storm settled I checked my email and noted the following email from my evangelist friend, Roger Webb ( from Orlando, FL.  Roger has been attending the meetings at Ignited Church in Lakeland, FL since last week. (with Todd Bently)  These meetings have just been extended into week #3 for next week!
The 3 links below are so you can connect to live video feed being sent out on the net at 10:00 A.M and 7:00 P.M.
Read Roger's testimony below.  Let it stir your spirits.  Revival is NOW breaking out in America!!!
And it's NOT JUST LAKELAND!  This past weekend's meetings in the Tulsa Area were some of the most powerful we've ever had!  Yesterday in North Dallas Corinne and I and our friend, Michael Turmmillo, and others in the meeting,  spent nearly 5 hours praying for people, with several healings taking place!  Friends, there is a new excitement and expectancy in the air... one that I've not seen in many years!
Get ready America!  The time for Revival is NOW!
Jump in this River is rising!
Oh... now I can't get back to sleep again!  Man!!!!
Roger Webb's email is below....
"Tonight was powerful as well. Just after I hang up speaking to you  (Roger called me just after we had finished an all day meeting in Dallas and we were getting a bite to eat) while you were eating A woman drove through the parking lot (of Ignited Church, Lakeland, FL) stop me  and ask me what all the people were doing here at this church. I told  her a revival was taking place. I asked her if she needed a miracle in  her body. She told me she had cancer. I asked her if I could pray for  her, she said yes. I prayed then heat started going through her body  and told me she started feeling joy come into her. I then lead her to  the Lord. I prayed for her sick husband that was at home. She drove  off crying and very excited.

Then two men were next door at a check cashing place. I walked up to  them, invited them to the meetings, I asked if either one of them had  pain in their body, one said yes, I asked him if I could pray for him  he said yes but it would not get healed because he has had the best to  pray for him and nothing has ever happended, I prayed for him he got  healed right then and there!

I am hitting the streets tomorrow afternoon there in Lakeland, praying  for the sick and leading people to the Lord!

Here it is 3 am, I can't go to sleep, I am excited about going out  tomorrow to pray for the sick, casting out devils and getting folks  saved.

Larry & Corinne Silverman
"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

The Countdown to Revival (El Resurgimiento de Cuenta hacia atrás

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-----Blast Off!

It's called a "countdown!"  I remember as a Kid in school watching the old space flights.  We used to love the days when NASA would launch another man or men into space.... No class that day!  Yes we would actually have our classes of the day suspended and we'd all gather in a class room and watch TV for the day.  Many times during the pre-launch wait and TV viewing the "countdown clock" would be panned by the camera and usually without fail, some place an hour or more before "blast off" a "hold" would be put in motion as some small widget or gadget would fail and the flight would be held up for repair.  Usually an hour or so longer, the clock would be re-started and we just knew that once it hit the sequence that I mentioned above, there would be no stopping another maned space flight.  What excitement!

Revival is like that too.  So often it seems like the clock is close to "Blast Off" when another "hold" is placed into effect and our hearts are let down once again.  I can't tell you how often I've been expecting the 10-9-8-etc..sequence to be announced on God's "Countdown Clock" only to hear.... "the flight is put on hold once more!" 

However, as a Revivalist, I'm always looking at God's "Countdown Clock."  This is the most important thing in my life, this is what I've been called to do, help usher in and sustain true Kingdom Revival!  So, I'm a "clock watcher!"

Here's what I'm seeing....... "The Revival Clock of Heaven" is moving into the final (spiritual) ten seconds!  I'm hearing this..."10-9---"  I'm waiting for the "8" then the "7" but I know they are about to be called out! 

Church... what time is it?  It's almost "Blast Off Time!"  Wow!!!! 

America is ripe for revival

Many blessings this week!

Larry the Revivalist!

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¡10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-----Blast Lejos!

¡Ha llamado una "cuenta hacia atrás"! Recuerdo como un Niño en la escuela que mira los vuelos viejos del espacio. Adorábamos los días cuando NASA lanzaría otro hombre o a hombres en el espacio. ... ¡Ninguna clase ese día! Sí tendríamos realmente nuestras clases del día suspendido y todos nosotros reuniríamos en un cuarto de la clase y la televisión del reloj por el día. Muchos veces durante la espera de la pre-lancha y la televisión que ven el reloj de la cuenta hacia atrás sería criticado por la cámara y generalmente sin falla, algún lugar una hora o más antes "la explosión lejos" un "asidero" sería puesto en el movimiento como algún pequeño chisme o aparato fallarían y el vuelo sería tenido arriba para reparación. Generalmente una hora por ahí más largo, el reloj sería reinicia y acabamos de saber que una vez golpeamos la sucesión que mencioné arriba, no habría parar otro vuelo espacial de maned. ¡Qué entusiasmo!

El resurgimiento está como eso también. Así que a menudo parece el reloj es cercano "Despegar" cuando otro "asidero" es colocado en el efecto y los corazones son fallados una vez más. Yo no le puedo decir con qué frecuencia yo he estado esperando que el 10-9-8-etc..sequence para ser anunciado en el Reloj de la Cuenta hacia atrás de Dios para sólo oír. ... ¡"El vuelo es deja en suspenso una vez más"!

Sin embargo, como un Evangelista, yo siempre miro Reloj de la Cuenta hacia atrás de Dios. ¡Esto es lo más importante en mi vida, esto es lo que he sido llamado a hacer, ayudar acomodador en y sostener el Resurgimiento verdadero del Reino! ¡Así, soy un "observador de reloj"!

Aquí está lo que veo. ...... ¡"El Reloj del Resurgimiento del Cielo" se cambia al final (el espiritual) diez segundos! Oigo esto. ..” 10-9---”. ¡Espero el "8" entonces el" 7" pero saben que ellos están acerca de ser escatimado!

¿La iglesia... qué hora es? ¡Es casi "la Explosión De Tiempo"! ¡Ah! !!!

América es madura para el resurgimiento

¡Muchas bendiciones esta semana!

¡Larry el Evangelista!

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