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Moravian Revival

Often, in our meetings around the Country, we'll ask questions about revival.  Like, "Who has ever heard of the revival in Wales?" Usually some hands will be raised.  Then, "Who's ever heard of the Hebrides Revival?"  Usually fewer hands will go up.  I've never asked this one before, but I'm going to begin, "Who's heard of the Moravian Revival?"  At this one, most likely, no hands will be raised.  Yet this great move of God was pivotal in our early American establishment as a Nation!  (picture below of Count Zinzendorf)


It was while he was crossing the ocean to come to American that John Wesley, doubting his salvation and not happy with his walk with God, met some Moravian missionaries, and was completely and fully converted, to later become the powerful man of God that he was.  It is not taught in our history books, but the westward expansion of America was in part due to the revival fires of the past burning within the hearts and souls of the west bound Saints of God!

I've been doing some reading on the Moravian Revival.  For instance it is know best for the 100 year prayer meeting!  That's right, prayer was ongoing for 100 years! 

But you know... instead of me writing all of this for you, I'll refer you to a great link (scroll down) telling all about this awesome move of God that began in 1727.

Enjoy!  Oh... and please remember... God's done these great things in the past.  Is there any reason why He won't do them again, and even greater things this time around?  Lord, "Won't You revive us again?" (Ps. 85:6)


Kingdom blessings!

Larry the Revivalist

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