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Moravian Revival

Often, in our meetings around the Country, we'll ask questions about revival.  Like, "Who has ever heard of the revival in Wales?" Usually some hands will be raised.  Then, "Who's ever heard of the Hebrides Revival?"  Usually fewer hands will go up.  I've never asked this one before, but I'm going to begin, "Who's heard of the Moravian Revival?"  At this one, most likely, no hands will be raised.  Yet this great move of God was pivotal in our early American establishment as a Nation!  (picture below of Count Zinzendorf)


It was while he was crossing the ocean to come to American that John Wesley, doubting his salvation and not happy with his walk with God, met some Moravian missionaries, and was completely and fully converted, to later become the powerful man of God that he was.  It is not taught in our history books, but the westward expansion of America was in part due to the revival fires of the past burning within the hearts and souls of the west bound Saints of God!

I've been doing some reading on the Moravian Revival.  For instance it is know best for the 100 year prayer meeting!  That's right, prayer was ongoing for 100 years! 

But you know... instead of me writing all of this for you, I'll refer you to a great link (scroll down) telling all about this awesome move of God that began in 1727.

Enjoy!  Oh... and please remember... God's done these great things in the past.  Is there any reason why He won't do them again, and even greater things this time around?  Lord, "Won't You revive us again?" (Ps. 85:6)

Kingdom blessings!

Larry the Revivalist

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A Church That Revival Built!

If you are a reader of my blog articles, by now you have realized that I often write about things that can cause a stir.  If you read the comment section below, you will often read some very complimentary comments from some of our readers, with a few that are written in disagreement with what I've posted.  I am fine with that!  I never moderate the comments.  If someone ever writes something in complete disagreement with my thoughts, I allow it to stay on the blog.  In all of these years, I've only had to remove one comment, that due to it's ungodly nature. 

Some of my recent posts have drawn a lot of interest.  I get many more personal email comments than I do get posted here on the blog.  Some of them are often more in disagreement with what I've written. 

Also, by now, you've most likely noted that I write a lot about Revival.  Some have called my ministry unbalanced due to this.  Over the past few weeks, especially after I posted the blog about Corinne's dream (see below: "Dream About God's House and His Bride")  and last weekend's post, "A Word For Michigan," I've been bombarded with a ton of personal email.  Here is a little over view of what's being said to me...

  • To focus on Revival is not where it is today
  • Revival is a word that is not Biblical
  • We need to talk about restoration not Revival
  • There is nothing wrong with the Church in my town
  • God's moving in Michigan so we don't need to repent
  • Our church is OK, we've got lots of good programs
  • Our town is OK, we've got big named ministries ministering here
  • Our area is excited, we've got new prayer rooms, healing rooms, lots of  big name "speakers" coming in... God's on the move here!

That pretty much covers it.  However, my thought is, how many people have really lived in the heat of revival?  Well.... I have!

I was saved in 1973, in the midst of a time called the "Charismatic Renewal."  During this period many Mainline Churches were experiencing the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, the Gifts of the Spirit, etc.  It was a powerful time.  Our good friend Carol Gustke says of that time, "No one could do anything wrong, God just favored us.  You could pray in the name of Little Orphan Annie, and someone would get healed!"  That's Carol for you...What a Gal!  Yet she is right!

Corinne and I left a Mainline Church after being told that we shouldn't take the Bible too literally by our pastor.  We lived in Grandville, MI, a western suburb of Grand Rapids.  We heard of a small Church in Holland, MI where God was reported to be moving.  I fully recall the first Sunday night we visited....the key word was "Mayhem!"  The little, new church building was packed to the gills, people were friendly, but fully focused on what was about to happen.  There was a powerful anticipation in the air.  Everyone, including us, even though we were in a state of wonderment at the time, seemed  be awaiting the door bell to ring, and for God to be standing at the door asking to be invited in.  Invited in He was!

The meeting opened and the Holy Spirit fell.  This was most likely about 1974, too long ago to remember everything, other than I was hooked!  God was in the house, I knew it and could only want much, much more.  The pastor of the church was a short, red haired Irish man, TW French.  He moved strongly in healing and deliverance.  When he preached in those days, just about anything could and did happen!  One day a great miracle took place, Sister Jean was raised from the dead.  She had died of cancer, Pastor French was called and arrived before medical help.  As he knelt beside the sofa that Sister Jean was laying on, the gift of faith rose in him, he shot to his feet and cursed the spirit of death, and Sister Jean came back to life.  This miracle fully shook up all of West Michigan.  One Sunday morning a young gal came to church with a cast on her leg.  She was out the Friday night before sowing a little of her wild oats.  She was "clubbing" and broke her leg on the dance floor.  She came forward for prayer.  Pastor French asked her, "Do you promise to never dance with anyone other than Jesus from now on?"  She said, "Yes!"  She went home from the meeting, feeling the pain in her leg leave.  She went back to the hospital and asked for a new X Ray.  She no longer had a broken leg.  She came back to church that Sunday night with no cast, totally healed and restored!

Speaking of broken legs....Brother Howard, was called into work on a Saturday morning.  He had an accident on the job, falling and breaking his leg.  He came to church the next morning with a full leg cast on.   We were sitting about 3-4 rows behind Brother Howard.  During the worship, I noted him standing, wiping tears from his eyes.  Within a minute or two, I noted him moving, lifting his leg, then began to bounce up and down on it.  All of a sudden Brother Howard was jumping up and down like a wild man..."I've been healed!... I've been healed!"  Needless to say, another leg cast didn't come back to the Sunday night service.

Our church in those days practiced "church membership."  Every Sunday we took in 15-30 new members!  We would leave for church early on Sunday mornings as we had about a 45 minute drive.  We wanted to sit as close to the front as possible!  When the morning service finished, and one never knew when that would be, we'd leave our Bibles on the seat so we could get a seat for the evening service!  This was a Church That Revival Built!

Now all of this wasn't just happening in our church!  Things like this were going on all over!  And our church attendance wasn't just growing due to people "church hopping" either.  People were actually getting saved in those days!  Hardly a meeting went by without several new converts getting saved in the meetings.  What's more, many were coming to the Lord in those days, completely outside a church building.  Hummmm I was one of those!  I got saved in a motel room, reading a Gideon Bible, in Jackson, MI, while on a business trip. 

There was an excitement in those days that I've never seen since, not even 10 years ago, during "the River Movement." 

My Evangelist Friend, Roger Webb ( is currently holding meetings in a small town in south Ohio.  Tuesday night a lady received a great miracle.  Roger asked, "Is anyone here in pain tonight?"  This lady raised her hand and Roger called her forward for prayer.  She'd been in constant pain for over 10 years.  She had to walk with a cane, and had constant body shaking going on.  As Roger prayed a simple prayer of faith this lady was healed.  Now... I mean she was HEALED!  All of the great pain completely left.  She gave her cane a throw and began to run around shouting, "I'm healed!"  Last night (Friday)  her husband came to the meeting and testified how excited he was that his wife had been healed, sharing what a great miracle this was!

Now here is the deal about this miracle.  Back in 1974 a miracle like this would have drawn a huge crowd.  Roger's report is that nothing much seems to be happening as far as the excitement of the people goes.  Matter of fact, about 1/2 of the people who witnessed the miracle Tuesday night haven't returned.  The crowd is staying about the same in number, but is not growing at all.  William Branham once had a meeting where he had to stay on the platform for 8 days, as more and more new people joined the healing line as word got out about the miracles taking place!  Wow!!!!  This isn't the case today!Branhamlatmar51955

Sorry for the longer blog here... but here's the bottom line... Friends, our Churches need Revival!  We need God's life burning in us once again!  This will lead to full restoration of the Church and full transformation of our communities.  But all of our "good meetings" today are falling far short of what I've experienced in the past.  And I fully know that this time, the move of God will far surpass anything that any of us have ever seen in the past!

I for one am ready for this... God... Send Your Fire!

Many blessings,

Larry the Revivalist!

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Does the Bible Really Say That?

In this morning's email I read a post from another ministry leader that was posted on a ministry forum that I participate in.  The forum discussion has centered on the subject of how to deal with ministries of other Nations that are seeking help and support from ministries that are centered in North America. 

The ministry leader this morning, in speaking of how he deals with these situations, spoke of the importance of building relationships with other ministries.  In so doing he quoted, "Know those who labor among you." 

In our quest to minister in new locations, in new churches, Corinne and I often hear those words used.  Often we contact a pastor and ask him/her to pray about having us in for some meetings.  If we do not personally know the pastor, we'll often hear something like this..."I'd like to have you in, but I don't know you and after all the Bible says that we, "should know those who labor among us."

In so that the above is often quoted to mean that a pastor should never have a stranger into their church for meetings, I just have to ask the question,  Does the Bible really say that?  And the answer is........NO!  The mentioned verse is really I Thessalonian 5: 12.  In the New Living Translation it reads,

"Dear brothers and sisters, honor (know) those who are your leaders in the Lord's work.  They work hard among you and give you spiritual guidance."

Please note that this verse has nothing to do with not having strangers into your church for meetings.  The truth is that the Early Church leaders often had "strangers" in for meetings.  3 John: 5 says (NLT), "Dear friend, you are being faithful to God when you care for the traveling teachers who pass through, even though they are strangers to you."

Paul said that he "knew no man after the flesh."  This is from II Corinthians 5: 16.  And once again the New Living says, "So we have stopped evaluating others from a human point of view..."

My question is this... how do we "evaluate" each other?  If you are a pastor and I sent you an email telling you that we believe that God is sending us into your region for some meetings, what would you say or do?  Would your initial response be...."Larry Who???"  "I don't know you, I don't know anyone that does know you, so the answer is that I never allow someone into my church that is a stranger to me!"  Or would you pray and ask God... "Lord should I have these people in for meetings?" 

I've often thought how neat it could be if every pastor would spend about 2 years on the road, totally living by faith.  I've also felt that every traveling minister should spend about 2 years being the pastor of a local church!  Hummmm .... I wonder what would happen if this were to occur??

The bottom line is..PRAYER!  Of course this doesn't just deal with those of us who travel in the ministry and our relationship with the local church.    It deals with every relationship that we have.  We can not really know everyone that comes into our life.  But we do know the Creator of us all.  He knows.... after all, "Father Knows Best!"  Therefore we continue to Pray!

Kingdom blessings,

Larry the Revivalist

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A Word for Michigan

Special Prophetic Edition:

Greetings from Western Pennsylvania:

For sometime now we have been preaching that Jesus will not return "until the final restoration of all things," takes place.  This is from Acts 3:21.  God is bringing His Church into a exciting period of restoration.

Many pages of the Bible deal with this subject.  There is a strong prophetic word for today in books such as Ezra, Nehemiah, and the Minor Prophets such as Zechariah, Malachi, Haggai and others.  The Lord has been speaking much to us from Haggai lately.  Even early this morning,  during another 4:00 a.m. session with the Lord, I was reading, meditating and praying about Haggai.  As I was praying I felt strongly that the Lord was giving me a "word" for the State of Michigan, our home State.  Michigan is currently in a very serious recession, almost a depression.  The State government if almost bankrupt.  Things are so bad that the Governor ordered the State Police this summer to only drive on their patrol no more than 50 miles to save fuel.  Many jobs have left the State and many small business owners have had to close their doors, leaving multitudes of people without work.

For several weeks now, we have sensed that the Lord is preparing Michigan for a mighty revival, a great time of Spiritual Awakening.  We feel that God has been gathering much dry tinder in preparation to His Mighty Fire falling. 

This is the "word" that I feel that the Lord has given me for Michigan this morning:


To Michigan.... You have called yourself the Great Lakes State.  Yes you are surrounded by large, great lakes.  It is the Lord Himself who has created these lakes, yet in your calling them "Great," you have done so from the standpoint of boasting in yourself.  You have prided yourself in your industrial might, many have worshiped at the feet of GM, Ford, Chrysler, Kellogg, American Seating and many others, yet you have failed to worship at the feet of the Lord Your God!  "This is what the Lord of Heaven's Armies says: The people are saying, 'The time has not yet come to rebuild the house of the Lord.'" (Haggai 1:2)  You have not put your faith and trust fully in the hands of the Lord... instead you have prided yourself in your own "greatness."  You have refused to place the Lord first in your lives and have acted indifferently to Him.  So, "Then the Lord sent this message through the prophet Haggai: 'Why are you living in luxurious houses while my house lies in ruins?  This is what the Lord of Heaven's Armies says:  Look at what's happening to you!  You have planted much but harvest little.  You eat but are not satisfied.  You drink but are still thirsty.  You put on clothes but cannot keep warm.  Your wages disappear as though you were putting them in pockets filled with holes!" (Haggai 1: 3-6)  The Lord then says, "Look what's happening to you!  Now go up into the hills, bring down timber, and rebuild my house.  Then I will take pleasure in it and be honored, says the Lord." (Haggai 1:7,8) 

"Consider your ways!"

To the Great Lakes State, the Lord Your God is calling you to repentance!  Return to the Lord!  Seek Him, He wishes to be found by you!  It is time to rebuild, restore your spiritual house! 

For the Lord is about to re-visit your State.  The Lord's hand is upon you, and He about to pour out a great move of his Spirit.  As Michigan repents, the Lord will hear from Heaven and once again pour His favor out upon you!  Many are now observing the glowing sparks, and with anticipation are eagerly awaiting the full release of the Holy Spirit.  They are in the position of faith, crying out to the Lord Their God... "Let the Fire fall!"  Once this Fire falls, no man will be able to quench shall be glorious!

Michigan, after your repentance, the Glory of God shall be manifested.  You are about to enter your finest hour!  Your faith shall be brought full circle, you shall see all that your heart cries for.  It is your time!

Humbly submitted,

Larry the Revivalist!

We're on the Highway to Revival!

Greetings from Western Pennsylvania...

My phone has been ringing and the email has been flowing in...  God's on the move again!  Oh yes, the incoming reports are still rather sketchy and incomplHighwayrevivalete, however it doesn't take too much information for an old Revivalist like me to add 2 + 2 and come up with 4!  In our meetings alone, there has been an increased, fresh anointing being released.   Likewise there has been a strong stirring of anticipation and excitement within people that we've not seen in a long time.

Six years ago, a couple of days after September 11, we were asked to hold a few meetings in a small church in Western Michigan.  As a result of the September 11 attack we sensed the Lord saying, "I'm giving My Church in America a brief window of opportunity."  He also directed us to, "strike while the iron was hot!"  We immediately began 3 nights of meetings in that small church and from the very onset, God showed up and changed all of our plans.  The church had 2 Sunday morning services.  From the very open of meeting #1, the Glory fell.  Meeting #1 was joined by those arriving for Meeting #2, and we continued to flow with miracles, signs and wonders.  No one preached during either service, I'm not even sure if we did too much worship as the Glory of God fell in our midst.  Three nights soon became a week, then several weeks evolved.  God favored us with a area wide stir of revival.  Corinne was in a local beauty shop one morning getting her hair cut when a lady came in saying, "Did you hear what happened in that church last night?"  A region was getting stirred!  We entered the 7th week of extended meetings, and some in the church's leadership suggested that we now have revival in our midst and therefore it is time to begin to administrate it, as if God needed our help and administrative skills!  Within hours of this, the Glory lifted and the meetings ended!  Sadly that church no longer exists.  They actually missed the fullness of their day of Visitation!  What could have been ended after only 7 weeks of Glory!

Many lives were effected by those meetings.  They really did became regional in scope.  What took place was that from the dust of National tragedy, a move of Revival was released.  States like Michigan are currently being devastated by a poor economy.  People are loosing their jobs as good, solid businesses are either closing or moving to more prosperous States.  Yet all of this creates dry tinder for the sparks of Revival!

This excites Corinne and I because we love to go around lighting fires!  Show us a bundle of tinder Brother and Sister, turn us loose and we can watch a God's Fire burn together!  I love it!  I love what we do!!!!

Yep... I'm seeing the signs of God on the move.  How about you?  If there is some stirring in your church or region how about sending me an email at: [email protected].  Or better yet, write it in the comment section below this blog article, so everyone can read it.  Just hit the little "comment" button below and follow the simple instructions.

We are going to be finishing up Pennsylvania this month, be in Mansfield, Ohio the beginning of October, head up to Michigan for maybe a few weeks, and begin our journey into Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas and Florida.  What's really interesting is that we may be going back into that section of Michigan where the Glory fell after September 11, 2001.  Wouldn't it be just like God to keep me in Michigan for a Holy Ghost Winter!!!  He knows how much I dislike snow and freezing temperatures.  But He also knows how much I do like His Holy Fire!  So these next few weeks could be very interesting to us... yes Sir... very interesting indeed!

Thanks for reading the thoughts of a pretty excited Revivalist this morning!

Kingdom blessings,

Larry The Revivalist

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Humble Kings Arise!

Last night, Friday, September 7, we completed our meetings at The Altar IHOP, Meadville, PA (  The glory of God fell on us during every meeting!  Last night I got to bed around midnight, and here it is a little after 5:00 A.M.   I just can't sleep, even thought I'm very exhausted from intense ministry, and I'm fighting off a head cold as well.  However the real reason for my sleeplessness is an extreme presence of the Lord is still on me.  He's been so on me all week!  Something powerful is at work!  Thursday night we got back into "Pilgrim I" and all I could do is to weep as I was so caught up in Him!  Wow!

All week we ministered on the subject of restoration (Acts 3:21)... Jesus will not return until the "final restoration of all things."  Wednesday night sticks out as I ministered on the subject of the RESTORATION OF HUMILITY!

Isaiah 6:1 says, "It was in the year that King Uzziah died, that I saw the Lord."  We really do not hear too much about King Uzziah.  He began as a godly king of Judah, doing great things and honoring God.  However, Uzziah, like so many others, failed to rid Judah of idol worship.  And according to 2 Kings 15:1-5 he became a leper and lived in isolation for many years, with his son actually acting as his regent.  Then in II Chronicles 26: 1-21 we read how Uzziah fell into the sin of pride as his power increased and God cursed him with leprosy for the rest of his days.

Unlike his Ancestor, King David, Uzziah failed to repent and humble himself before the Lord!  David humbled himself after his bout with sin, repented and God restored him!

Page40king20david Now... here is what I sense I hear the Lord saying this morning...."Behold the Day of restoration is at hand!  In my plans for man, I am raising up a new breed of Kingdom Warriors, they shall be mighty men and women of God, yet they shall be known for their humble, servants heart.  I am creating a shift in Kingdom dynamics right now.  Oh, how the proud are beginning to fall!  Mark my words, that those who fail to repent of their actions will come down with a mighty clatter, for no longer will I tolerate those who build their own kingdoms, while neglecting mine!

In this day I shall raise up the new Warrior Bride.  She shall be powerful, do mighty exploits but to others who see her, she will look invisible, for she shall not promote herself or her deeds!  My Bride knows who She is attached to... She knows where Her strength comes from, and will refuse to take any glory for Herself, for she knows that without Me she cannot exist!

Take heart my Children for many of you are in the furnace of affliction.  Know for certain that it is this place that I am creating my Masterpiece in you.  For the old is being crushed and burned, and only that which is new shall remain.  I am raising up a new order of Servant Kings... they are arising out of the coals of adversity and from the tears of suffering.  My Humble Servant Kings are coming forth!  I am calling them to shout..."Prepare the way... The Lord of Glory is about to return!"  My Humble Servant Kings shall only point their fingers in My direction.  These will refuse to ever point their fingers towards themselves.  They will abhor self promotion and only promote the King that they serve.  I am raising these up this very hour.... watch and see says the King of and see!"

Humbly submitted....

Larry The Revivalist

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Picture_264_2 I took this picture Saturday. (you can single click on this picture to enlarge it) To me it represents a very grievous travesty on what revival really is.  This picture is of a poster on a corner advertising a local church's annual "revival."  I ask the question in the title of this blog..."What's wrong with this picture?"  My quick answer has to be...EVERYTHING!

First let me explain what true revival isn't:

  • Revival is not just 3 nights of meetings in a local church
  • Revival is not an evangelist coming into a local church, creating a "stir" and moving down the road to the next "revival"
  • Revival is not a way to create church growth
  • Revival is not a way to obtain personal fame or fortune
  • Revival is not guaranteed to create peace and quiet within your church

Now here is what true revival really is:

  • Revival is to awaken the Church, bring Her back to life, creating sensitivity to all that is of God
  • Revival begins within the heart of people, spreads like wildfire to others
  • Revival is restoration
  • Revival can cause church splits, not everyone wants it
  • Revival will bring Kingdom transformation into a region, changing people forever
  • Revival is for the Church, the Harvest to follow is for the Lost
  • Revival must begin in Me and You!

So often people get the misconception of what a "revivalist" really is.  Often Corinne and I are called, "evangelists," as we travel to churches talking about revival.  We are not evangelists, we're revivalists... our heart is to help bring the American Church back to life, thus opening the door for the greatest Harvest of the Lost that this world has ever seen!

What's wrong with the picture?  Everything!  And as long as we in the Church think that signs like this portray true revival... then we've lost the battle for certain!

For more on this... something that will stir you up forever, please go to our website:  Once there, take about 30 minutes and listen to "Revival Voices of the Past."  Once you do that, take another look at the picture of the "revival sign" above....and then ask yourself..."What's wrong with this picture?"  You will see what I mean!

Oh, by the way... you may want to listen to "Revival Voices of the Past" every so many months or so...It's good to keep this vision burning brightly!

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry the Revivalist