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Charles Finney's Birthday!

Note from Larry:
Last night I received the following email from Keith Luker of Texas.  He brought my attention to the fact that yesterday, August 29, was Charles Finney's birthday.  I guess I hadn't realized that, and when I wrote yesterday's blog article (scroll down to article below this one), I didn't do it with Finney's birthday in mind.  However I do sense that there may have been a divine connection in all of this. 
Keith and his wife minister in prophetic worship.  Make sure you check out his website below his name.
God bless ~ Larry
"Hey!  did you know that today was Charles Finney's birthday!
We have a very prophetic connection to this revivalist and this day.  In the summer of 1996 God said to me..."go to Abilene and pray for revival".  I called my friend and pastor in Abilene Yancy Smith and he said "come on!"  We met for 5 days with a small group of people in this rural Texas town and the raw power and glory of God descended on that little farm like I had never seen!  Adults and children alike laying on the floor shaking for hours under the power of God's Spirit, spontaneous and instant healing miracles, blue lights flashing around the room, 7 year old boys getting major deliverance, healing and anointing for life!  It was absolutely glorious.
During that season, Yancy's daughter had a very disturbing dream in which she dreamed there was a "homeless man" wandering around their house with very intense laser beam eyes, chanting in a deep powerful voice, "Thy kingdom come!  Thy will be done!"  She was scared and about 13 years old at the time.  She came downstairs to share the dream with her dad, while he was reading a book.  She looked at the book and began to scream...."That's the homeless man in my dream!"  Her dad said, "Honey, that's Charles Finney", and he began to tell her about the revivalist Charles Finney.
Here's the was on Charles Finney's birthday, August 29, that he SHOWED UP in her dream, and she didn't even know who he was.  He was "homeless" but bringing the revival spirit to that town.
I have never recovered from this.
My favorite Finney quote..."REVIVAL BEGINS with ONE MAN or ONE WOMAN, and a FRESH OBEDIENCE TO GOD!"
I believe this and am working and praying to see a flame arise from Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas that will be seen around the world.
Keith Luker

Is Your Tinder Dry?

Greetings from Conneaut Lake, PA.....

Last evening Corinne and I attended the Tuesday evening prayer meeting of Victory Church.  We have been very graciously hosted by this group and allowed to make their campground our headquarters while ministering within this region.

There seem to be good, healthy sparks of Revival beginning to glow in this part of Pennsylvania.  And last night's prayer meeting was no exception.  There was a fervency and expectancy in the prayers of the gathered Saints.  Pastor Bruce Ladebu cried out with passion for revival for his church and for others in the region.

It was during this time that a Sister had a prophetic word for Corinne and I.  The Lord spoke through her saying that we were "fire-brands, and that everywhere we would go in our ministry, where there was dry, ready tinder, Holy Fire would break out."  It was also noted, that sometimes we would minister and not find dry, ready tinder.  We've really been taking note of the fact that where there is something to "work with," our ministry really seems to ignite people.

Remember Acts 3:21, from a few blogs ago?  "For He (Jesus) must remain in heaven until the time for the final restoration of all things, as God promised long ago through his holy prophets."  When we speak of restoration we also speak of Revival.  So there are certain things that we can be about, that would hasten this restoration, Revival process.

One thing is that it's very important to have properly prepared "tinder" for any fire to start.  Often in RV campgrounds we'll make a camp fire.  The best "tinder" to begin with is some balled up newspaper.   However, out in the woods, starting a fire the "Boy/Girl Scout way" would be to take a knife and shave small slices from a very dry stick, preferably a twig from a pine tree, placing them carefully on a bed of dry pine needles or very dry leaves.  Then more small twigs would be added and finally an axe would be used to split up some larger fire wood to the place where it will ignite easily.  Once the fire is added, you will soon have a campfire for warmth, cooking or just to be used so you can stare into the flames and get lost in God's love. 

Using proper "tinder" is a process.  But once it's accomplished you will have build a successful fire!

OK... how's your "tinder?"  Or better yet..... are YOU proper, dry "tinder?"  If I were come to you with Holy Spirit Revival Fire burning in my bones, do you think that there would be any chance that you would ignite?

Several times lately, in meetings, we've mentioned past revivals.  Often when I ask..."Has anyone here ever heard of the Welsh Revival?" One or two hands will be raised.  Or ... "Who's heard of the Hebrides Revival?"  Most likely zero hands will be raised at that one!

I sure would like to see our Churches and our pastors in the Land begin to teach about Revival once again.  I would love to have them begin to tell Revival stories, like the night when the lights came on in Lewis, The Hebrides Islands.  There is so much Revival history that could be shared.... the Great Awakenings I & II, about the western expansion of America as a result of the Cane Ridge Revival.  How about telling some "Finney Stories!"  Or even what happened with the "Healing Evangelists" and the "Later Rain" days, etc., etc.  God is no respector of persons, He's done it once, He will do it again!  Many in the Church are desperate for Revival!  Yet so many still think that Revival is someone coming into their church for a week of meetings, then going on down the road.  Friends.... this is not Revival!  Revival is restoration and it's transformation!  I would really like to see our pastors begin to create a hunger for Revival.  Pastors.... Please begin to tell the stories!  Begin to create that dry "tinder" and I will guarantee you, soon you'll see Revival Fire burning in your church and you will watch as it transforms your region!  We need to begin to create the "tinder" that can burn brightly. 

How about you, Reader, spending some time on the computer this week, do some Google Revival research and begin to get the info for yourselves.  You can can also go to my website: and scroll down the home page and click on the link to "Revival Voices of the Past."  There you can hear Duncan Campbell and other Revivalists of the past, talk about the Hebrides Revival and others.  If you do listen to this, I bet you can't listen to it without crying like a baby!  And if you do cry like a baby.... don't fret, most likely you are a Revivalist just like me!

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

Follow up on Yesterday's Dream Post

Since yesterday's Blog on Corinne's dream (see below) was posted, I've had a lot of very interesting feed back, including the comments on the right side bar below, as well as several personal email communications.  When one makes public a prophetic dream or word, such as Corinne's dream, one should do so with great concern, as the possibility might exist that someone will not take it the proper way, or the way that God or the writer intended.  We all seem to see things through our own personal filters.

In further dissuasion about this dream, Corinne and I have felt very strongly that it IS NOT an accusation or condemnation of the present Church, even though we all know that none of us are perfect!  In that WE ALL are the Bride of Christ, this dream is more an indicator of where we are personally as members of this Bride, God's Church.  (Ephesians 2: 20-21 (NLT), "Together we are his house, built on the foundations of the apostles and prophets.  And the cornerstone is Christ Jesus himself.  We are carefully joined together in him becoming a holy temple for the Lord.")

You know it's far too easy to blame a certain church, or denomination, or a pastor, or anyone else for the current condition of the Church.  However, I want you to know that blaming others for lack-luster religion taking the place of personal, extend revival is like owning a dog that refuses to hunt!  It all boils down to me!  Am I a revived Saint of God?

Often in our meetings we will ask people to stand, draw an imaginary circle around themselves, and pray, "Lord.... Let revival begin in my circle!"

Please do not push Corinne's dream off onto others, placing the blame on anyone other than ourselves!  Please cry out to God for a release of Kingdom revival!  We need it!  Let it begin in your "circle" this day!

One last thought.... for those of you that have been in our meetings lately, you are aware of the fact that we have been kicking off a lot of ministry from Acts 3:21 (NLT), "For he (Jesus) must remain in heaven until the time for the final restoration of all things as God promised long ago through his holy prophets.Last night we had a meeting with the Full Gospel Businessmen in Meadville, PA.  God showed up powerfully as Corinne spoke about the restoration of the Blood.  Her revelation is, "Is the Blood enough?"  People were visibly touched by the Holy Spirit, and I closed with asking them to do the circle thing, and praying the prayer of personal revival.  I then read to the good size group of people Isaiah 64: 1-5 (NLT), "Oh, that you would burst from the heavens and come down!  How the mountains would quake in your presence!  As fire causes wood to burn and water to boil, your coming would make the nations tremble, then your enemies would learn the reason for your fame!  When you came down long ago, you did awesome deeds beyond our highest expectations.  And oh, how the mountains quacked!"

Lord send us personal revival! 

Psalms 85: 6 (NLT), "Won't you revive us again, so your people can rejoice in you?"

As far as Corinne and I are concerned.... we've dedicated our lives and our entire ministry to serve the Church in all of Her forms, in every location though out the United States.  We get daily email from ministries in other Nations inviting us to minister with them.  We feel that we must refuse to go, as God has called us to the Church of America.  The greatest thing that we can do to help the Nations is to once again see the Church of the United States burning in revival fire!  We love the Church!  We serve Her and are committed 100% to seeing God's fire fall within Her!  However, we also are fully aware of the fact that all this begins with one person......YOU! 

Has revival fire stirred you yet?  Do you have a burning passion for more of your Husband, Jesus?  If not, then take a minute today and draw that circle around yourself and pray...."Lord let your revival fire fall in my circle today!"  Let us take the beams out of own eyes, and let us forget the tiny toothpicks in the eyes of others!

Kingdom blessings,


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Dream of God's House & His Bride

Early on Monday morning August 21, 2007 my wife, Corinne was given the following dream.  We usually do not make a practice of publishing our prophetic dreams and visions, however, we both felt that this one is pretty important.  We have also shared this dream with a few other leaders and likewise they sense the importance of it. 

Therefore I submit this dream to you!

                                                           The House of God and the Bride

                                                                             by: Corinne Silverman

"I was in a "house meeting" and many nice, multi-racial people welcomed me there.  Before sitting down I asked to use the rest room.  I was directed to it and once inside I took note of large strips of clear packing tape on the pink walls.  I began to pull some off, thinking that this was totally out of place, when a woman appeared and told me that I should not remove the tape because a dear friend, who had recently passed away, had put it there and that the group wanted the tape to remain as a remembrance to this woman.  As I was being told of this woman, I saw her.  She was a short, heavy set woman, dressed in pink.  She was very joyful and loving!  Then the lady who told me not to remove the tape disappeared as well as did the vision of the woman who had passed away.

While using the facilities I took note that the floor was flooded with about 8 inches of water.  With further observation I noted much human waste, not floating, but stuck to the floor under the water.  I was totally appalled by this sight!  I quickly left the rest room and joined the group and spoke of the condition of the bath room to the leader.  His response was that it was OK and that I should just find a seat as the meeting was about to begin.  As I sat, I also noted that the floor in the living room was also flooded and likewise soiled, exactly like the bathroom.

The worship began, but I was sensing that due to the conditions around me, I should leave quickly.  However, before I could leave, a loud voice shouted, "It's time to leave for the Wedding!"  Everyone rushed out, heading to the Wedding.  I then found myself in the back seat of the Leader's car, sitting next to a young girl, around 8-9 years old.  The Leader asked if I would please get her prepared for the Wedding while he drove.  I agreed, but I was objecting to the condition of the child.  She was very dirty, hair a mess, she had no shoes.  I told the Leader, "I don't even have a brush with me to brush her tangled hair."  However, I did proceed to help her into her white dress, and the last item that I pulled out of the bag the Leader had given me was a bridal veil.  Stunned, I asked the Leader, "Is this child the Bride.  Surely she can't be!"  The Leader's response was that she was the Bride, and that I just had to do my best to get her prepared for the Wedding! 

My answer to the Leader was, "This isn't the place to get the Bride ready, and who ever heard of a child being the Bride?" 

End of dream!

I felt that the Lord was saying to me that the meaning of this dream is: 

The bathroom and the tape:  Most likely the woman who passed away, had a ministry of packing things up, shipping things out.... maybe even a deliverance type of ministry.  Because she was gone, the resulting human waste was left behind in the bathroom.  She was a good woman, filled with great love and compassion.  The tape was a tool of her ministry.  She packed up the waste, taped the shipping boxes and got rid of the stuff.  She had pulled strands of tape off the roll, sticking the ends to the wall, in hopes that others would take over her ministry.  However, the tape was no longer used for it's intended purpose, instead it was left behind as a remembrance of her past ministry.

The house meeting does not just represent a small house church meeting, rather it is God's House in all of Her forms. 

To this I sense that the Lord added, "My House is defiled!"  and ..."My Bride is still a child and proper care has not been given to prepare her for the Wedding." 

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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New Pics and Stuff..


This is a quick note informing you of a couple of things...First, I've just published a few new pictures.  I hope you find them interesting.  I'm really trying hard to document our travels for God, especially as we minister in some of the great small churches of America.

Secondly... I'm not sure if you've seen it or not, but I have added a Paypal link on the right side bar of this blog.  Your prayers and financial support will allow us to continue to minster to some of the churches and groups you find represented on this blog.  Often the offerings of some of these small churches/groups do not even come close to covering our expenses, let alone allow us to bring home a "pay check."  Your financial support will allow us to continue to minister to these groups without placing a financial burden on them.

Thank you very much for prayerfully considering this post!

You are a blessing!


The Lord's Return... I Know When!

Greetings from Altoona, PA.....

We just completed a very wonderful, busy weekend of meetings in this Pennsylvania mountain community.  The presence of the Lord was wonderful as we ministered in 4 meetings in 2 days.  People were dramatically touched by the Holy Spirit.  Can we ever ask for more?

Keep us in your prayers as we sense that we are to be laboring in Ohio and Pennsylvania through October.  Feel free to contact us for meetings.....  [email protected].

The Lord's Return:

I know when the Lord will return!  Now some will say but..."No man knows the time or season of the Lord's return!"  I have to agree with that fully.  However, I do know when He's going to return! 

Acts 3:21 (NLT) says, "For He (Jesus) must remain in heaven until the time for the final restoration of all things as God promised long ago through his holy prophets."  You see, it's very easy to tell when King Jesus will physically return to this world.  It is at the time of the "final restoration of all things." 

Kingdom revival has a lot to do with restoration.  To restore something means to bring it back to its original condition.  For several months now, we've been preaching and teaching on this concept.  To be honest, I've began just about every one of my messages with Acts 3:21 as my kick off text.  Last night in a little PA mountain church, Corinne preached the Glory down.  Some of us actually saw flashing lights in the meeting.  Her text was.... you guessed it... Acts 3:21!  She spoke of the coming restoration of our relationships with Jesus.  We as the Bride of Christ are beginning to be aware of our wonderful love relationship with our Groom!

God is moving in restoration power!  He's restoring the Church, the family, our healing and health, miracles, signs and wonders, love for one another, our relationship with the Father and the Son, the gifts of the Spirit, the revelation of the Word of God and the living presence of the Kingdom of God.  He's bringing all of this back to it's original condition.  We could most likely add to the above list, but this is sufficient for the present.

Restoration and Revival is our ministry calling.  As revivalists Corinne and I are also restorationists!  Our mission is to bring the Lord's Bride, His Church, back to her original, full functioning, world changing condition.

I'll be sharing more on this in future blog articles.  In the meantime, get ready... this restoration process in in full swing.  That means that the Lord is preparing to make his next advent.  I for one can't wait!  More Lord!

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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Tornadoes & Revival

Greetings from Pittsburgh!

It seems like it's been awhile since I wrote a new blog,  but we have been so busy it's not even close to funny!  Ever since leaving Michigan Aug. 1, we've been on the go!  Our meetings in Mansfield, OH were wonderful to say the least.  The revelation that the Lord's giving us about "simple living" is a prime word from God for this day.

We arrived in hot, steamy Pittsburgh Monday afternoon.  The humidity was so high that our roof top air conditioners would bog down from all of the water and quit running.  We got very over heated as a result.  However, we're running cool now... thank You Jesus!

Yesterday we were totally shocked by a tornado warning being issued for this area, and were even more shocked to hear of a tornado hitting the downtown Pittsburgh area.  We know a gal that works in one of the buildings hit, and saw the damage first hand from her cell phone camera.  This came on the heals of another tornado hitting Brooklyn, NY the day prior.  What's going on?  These towns are not known to be, "Tornado Alley!"

Last night we were blessed to attend a youth conference in an area church.  It was exciting to watch these young people worship God, unhindered!  It was even more exciting to observe more than 100 kids come forward to either meet Jesus or rededicate their lives to Him.  I wish I could say that a true move of God in revival fire broke out among these kids, but I can't!  However, I can say that God was there drawing in this hungry generation.  That in itself is great!

What do tornadoes, youth conferences and revival have to do with each other?  In the natural, it takes specific atmospheric conditions to produce a tornado, they just don't appear from nothing.  It takes a cold front hitting a hot front to create a tornado (could this be cold vs. hot Saints... see Rev. 3: 14).  So when these conditions are present in the natural, you begin to watch the sky.... a tornado could form any minute!  Could it also be that severe weather conditions, economy woes, the stock market falling again, high energy costs, etc., are being used of God to once again get the American Church's attention?  These could be the spiritual "fronts" coming together to form a "God Tornado"... revival!  On the Day of Pentecost a "mighty rushing wind" shook the house as revival fire fell... God's Tornado? 

The night of 9/11 the Lord told me, "I'm giving My Church a brief window of opportunity.  Strike while the iron is hot!"  I've always said that the terrorist's attack on NYC was an alarm clock going off for the American Church.  However, instead of answering it's call, we only hit the snooze button and fell back to sleep, are we a spiritual "cold front?"

Revival is on the way, the fired up youth conference of last night was just one of many signs, one more critical element being added to the spiritual atmospheric condition.  Here is some more proof.... check out the following link.  Make sure you have your speakers turned on, and even if you have slow dial up, it will be worth it to go through some re-buffering.  Listen to the children pray!

Let me know what thinkest thou... Feel free to leave a comment behind.  I do not moderate the comments, even if you do not agree with me.  So hit the small "comment" button just below this article and get yourself interactive with this blog!

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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