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A Grand Canyon!

Greetings from Tulsa, OK....

Last Wednesday we left Bakersfield,  CA to begin our latest cross country trip.  We arrived in Tulsa yesterday and begin meetings here tonight.  Thursday we leave for another 900 mile trip back to our Grandkids in Michigan.

If you have never traveled in the Western States of the United States you have missed out on a great experience.  There are no words that can describe the greatness of this niche of the world!  To look out upon a desert expanse and see absolutely nothing, for miles upon miles, is very breath taking. 

Many times on our long, hot, dry trip, I'd spend time asking God to send His Revival Fire to the little towns and settlements that we would pass by.   Of course that is one of the benefits of traveling like we do, of being able to bless and pray for the communities as we travel through.

The thoughts of revival coming to the Great American West are so thrilling to me that I can  hardly stand it!  Last Thursday Corinne and I stood on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Far below we saw the mighty Colorado River.  It is suggested that this river actually cut the Grand Canyon.  I kind of think that God just created it that way so that we could be blessed by His affairs upon earth.  However, the thought of a river cutting solid rock so deeply to create a great canyon actually 10 miles wide, is almost surreal!  When I looked over the edge of the Canyon, I actually felt that I was looking at a picture post card.  It's almost impossible to fully comprehend the impact that viewing one of the Seven Wonders of the World has upon a life that is seeking the God of Creation. 

However, God created the river that created the Grand Canyon.  OK.. here's the thought behind all of this...The revival that many of us are waiting for  is often called the "River of God."  If the mighty Colorado River can cut a beautiful canyon out of solid rock,  just think what the River of God can do within you and I.  Our stony hearts, can be cut deeply, exposing the true understanding of God's love and purposes within each of us.  This, to me, equates to Kingdom Revival!

Keep pressing in to God.  His Revival is on the way!

Many blessings to you this week Friends!  God's on the move, however WE AIN'T SEEN ANYTHING YET!



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Circuit Preachers

Greetings from Beautiful Oakhurst, CA:

It's often told that John Wesley used to study and write his sermons from a special desk that was fitted on the horn of his saddle.  Once Wesley was riding to a meeting in a distant town, so engrossed in the Lord that he lost track of time.  As he came to the bank of a wide river, he was taken aback as he saw the ferry he needed to be on already departing the dock.  As the ferry-men pulled the rope, Wesley spurred his horse and jumped onto the deck of the departing barge.  John Wesley and others in the days of the Great Awakening, were the fathers of a movement that helped spread the Gospel all across America.....the Circuit Riders!

A few weeks ago Corinne and I drove to Los Angeles and met with some men and women, others who God has called to help spread the Gospel as modern day traveling ministers.  During a whole day together of sharing our visions, of praying together, and eating a meal together, the vision of a new group of traveling ministries was created, called "Circuit Preachers International."  Soon a new web site will be established and we'll be sharing much more information about this budding group of "Gospel Gypsies."

Several years ago, the Lord gave me a vision of fleets of motor homes crossing the United States like the stage coaches of old.  All over the routes were "way stations."  These were places where the traveling Circuit Preachers could come away for a season of rest and relaxation, mechanical help and more than anything, for an increase in spiritual vitality.  We have a few such "way stations" on our routes traversing America.  We are currently staying at one now in Oakhurst.

To work a ministry like our, takes lots of support.  We find that we are very dependent upon God speaking to other people, who can catch a vision of our ministry of releasing Kingdom Revival to the American Church.  Of course funding is always a concern to any traveling ministry, however, other logistic issues greatly add into the equation as well.  For instance, getting our mail, or having our banking taken care of can create great burdens on us.  Recently our mail, an entire week's worth, was lost for an entire week!  Ouch!  Things that most people take for granted, become a looming problem for us.  Therefore our support team is essential to making this all work.

Since arriving in California in March we've been blessed to stay at several private "way stations."  Along with that many of our churches have found us a place to get some fresh water, electricity with an extension cord, and of course assisting us with the great problem of dealing with "black water!"  You at home turn on a faucet and make a flush and your water problems are over.  We, on the other hand, have to always be concerned of getting fresh water and getting rid of waste water.... we cannot take ANYTHING for granted!  Our "way station" hosts really help in making our ministry happen!

Therefore we'd like to say a special THANK YOU to some of our "way station" hosts in California:  Jim & Louise; Tom & Conne and to our current hosts, Roger & Kim.  The thought for this blog came this afternoon as I was climbing out of Roger & Kim's swimming pool on top of, what we enjoy calling, "Roger's Mountain."  All of our pastors and churches and our individual "way station" hosts have considerably blessed us.  Roger & Kim's love and hospitality is currently preparing us for our next week's departure from California.   As we have nearly 2,000 miles, much of it hot, desert travel, ahead of us, we are being blessed by the awesome ministry of these special people!

There are other "way station" hosts all across the US,  how can we forget Mike & Diane, Jim & Deb, Chuck & Ann, Roger & Pam!  And...We cannot say enough about others on our support team, like JP The Mailman, who has tirelessly been forwarding our mail and taking care of our banking for about 8 years now.  Then of course, there is our Mechanic in Chief, Dave, who's mechanical ministry has saved us thousands of dollars in repair and maintenance bills.  I feel that Dave has actually ministered "in the Spirit," to "Pilgrim I."

Oh, while I'm at it, there is one other that I would love to give a big hug and kiss and a great big Thank You to... Our dear Friend and Partner, Margaret.  Margaret lives in a retirement village in the Pittsburgh area.  She is a faithful Partner, sending a small check almost every month.  However, Margaret's special gift to us is her great love!  Every so often, JP the Mailman, forwards us a special envelope.  As soon as we see it, we know that Margaret has sent something special to us with her check.  It's usually something like a poem she cuts out, or just a special hand written note telling us how she's praying for us.  She even asks us to pray for others she knows.  However, I can't recall a time that Margaret has ever asked us to pray for her, and she most likely needs it as much as most.  You see Margaret has very poor eyesight, but she doesn't let it stop her form sharing her great love for us, and helping these "Circuit Preachers" on down the road!

Here's a verse that I love showing people, most don't even know it's in the Bible, but it is, and from the New Living Translation, it says:  "Dear Friend, you are being faithful to God when you care for the traveling teachers who pass through, even though they are strangers to you.  They have told the church here of your loving friendship.  Please continue providing for such teachers in a manner that pleases God.  For they are traveling for the Lord, and they accept nothing from people who are not believers.  So we ourselves should support them so that we can be their partners as they teach the truth."   III John 5-8

To all our Prayer and Financial Partners... we say Thank you!  You guys are the greatest!  To our "way station" hosts, ditto!

Keep us in prayer... we have one more California meeting this coming Sunday and then we're off to Tulsa and then back in Michigan by July 1.

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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Whats Your Gravestone Say?

Greetings from Sacramento, CA....

This is one of the last times, for awhile any way, that I'll be able to greet you from Sacramento as we are leaving the area Friday.  We'll miss Northern California!  We have many friends here and we remain convinced that a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit will take place here.  We slowly make our way back to Michigan for July where we will be doing some Sunday and Midweek meetings, but more importantly spending the month with our Family!  Except for a quick trip home at Thanksgiving and Corinne getting to fly back over Mother's Day, we've not been able to see our Kids and Grandkids for a year now, and we have an ache in our hearts for that.  So July looks like it will be a great month!

Gravestones... what a morbid thought!  You might recall that I hit the Big 60 last month.  I guess when that happens 75 doesn't seem old at all!  This past weekend Corinne and I were asked to be part of the speakers team at a conference for a fellowship of churches and this conference was their annual convention.  As always we enjoyed a great time meeting new friends, but the ministry from all of the participating speakers was powerful and inspiring.  We gave a lot, but the truth is, that we received wonderful ministry as well.  It just was a good time!

One of the day speakers was a brother from Chico, CA., Gaylord Enns ( who ministered on the subject of "God's Forgotten Commandment."  His message was on love.  The teaching was excellent, probably the best that I've ever heard on the subject, but even more was the anointing of God that brought revelation from the Spirit to all present. 

Corinne and I have been getting a great "downloading" from God lately, most of it on this very same subject of love, and bringing it into our true relationships with Christ, our families and then into the Church.  Our concept is that a good, healthy local church should look like a good, healthy Christian family.  Ah... and there's the's getting difficult to find a "healthy" Christian family today!

We're in the midst of another conference now, we're calling it "The Family Stability Conference."  It's not just another marriage or family seminar, rather a powerful Holy Spirit download of Christ's love for His Bride, driving our roots down into the bedrock of our Christian faith, thus creating stability for all.    Corinne and I are team teaching in this, the first time we've ever done this, and wow... it's really working.  Last night God graciously touched us all and tears flowed freely!  Christ's love for His Bride... Me.. allows me to love You as my Brother and Sister!  Knowing His love allows me to function as a great husband and father, and flows into the local church I'm called to.  Love never fails!

So, here's my revelation of the weekend... it came as Gaylord Enns was teaching Saturday morning.... on my gravestone I'd hope to have written something like...."HERE LIES LARRY SILVERMAN, THE APOSTLE OF LOVE!" 

Please allow me to clarify something here.  I use the word, "apostle," only for its meaning.  Most who know me are fully aware that I'm not into ministry titles.  I prefer people to call me..."Larry" and leave all of the titles off.  I often kid, "Call me anything, but not late to dinner!"

However the word, "apostle" means "sent one."  So on my gravestone, it would be wonderful if others would recognize me as the "apostle of love."  In other words....Here lies Larry... He was sent forth by God and gave his life, to share the love of Christ with all!

God's finger has been on me lately.  He's been convicting me that if I don't have love, if I can't share His love, I've really have nothing!  Signs, wonders and miracles are great... prophetic words are powerful, preaching and teaching can set the captive free, but in the words of Paul, "If I didn't love others, I would have gained nothing." (I Cor. 13:3b)

I guess a great inscription for your headstone could be... "Here lies Joe or Mary...THEY LOVED OTHERS!

My Friends, let's all make this our goal for the rest of our life on earth!

Kingdom blessings,


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Focus on The Family

Greetings again from Sacramento.....

OK... I know I can't use the above title...Thanks Dr. Dobson for doing a great job with it!  Yet Corinne and I are really sensing a ministry direction focused on the Christian Family. 

A number of years ago I was rather perplexed when I felt the Lord leading me to get a Masters Degree in Counseling and Psychology.  My thought was..."Why Lord?"  After obtaining the Masters, I became even more perplexed when the Lord suggested that I write a Doctor's thesis.  It took me several years and a lot of intense study and work to get these degrees, yet years later it is becoming more obvious that there was a reason for it all.
We are discovering that  there is a great need for healthy Christian families to be raised up within the Church.  Actually we see from the Bible that the true Church of Jesus Christ should actually look like a HEALTHY Christian family.
This weekend we are holding a "Family Stability Conference" in a church in Woodland, CA.  The purpose is to address some of the nagging issues that we all face today.  These are creating Today's Family Dilemma:
  • I work more and earn less.
  • Help me... my Kids are out of control!
  • I have no time for God, my family or myself.
  • I can't keep up with expenses.
  • I am not living a healthy lifestyle.
  • I am struggling with unclean sexual activity.
  • I am saved, but my relationship with God is shallow.
  • I am a single parent trying to keep it all together.
  • I am divorced or thinking about it.
  • I'm trying to put my kids through college.
  • Help me... I'm falling!

Yet in I Cor. 7:32 Paul says, "I want you to be free from the concerns of this life!"

More and more our ministry will be "focused" on these family issues.  We are also gearing more ministry to helping the Church come into Her proper picture of the Family of God.
A Real Estate agent recently told of the agents in his office seeking sales training based on New Age false doctrine.  He stated that the recent best seller, "The Secret" is being used by successful sales and business people as a training tool!  What's wrong with this picture?  the Church has the true answer, we need to release it.  Yet the divorce rate within the Church mirrors that of the wold's rate of near 50%.  To God, and to Corinne and I, this figure is totally unacceptable!
Please keep us in prayer as we go forth trying to make a difference.  This is an integral part of Kingdom Revival.  When we see the Church full of healthy families we'll know we're in the midst of Revival... Can the Harvest of the lost be far behind?
For more information, or if you are interested in this ministry in your church please send us an email at: [email protected]
Kingdom blessings ~ Larry