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Mugging Jesus!

Greetings from Deming, New Mexico.

We are on our way to California and we are being buffeted by very strong winds again, with gusts over 60 mph.  We have found refuge in a local RV park, taking advantage of the park's cable TV and free WIFI.  Hopefully we will again be on our Westward Journey early tomorrow morning, getting into the Oakhurst, CA area either late Friday or early Saturday.

A short time ago we took some time to check out the local weather during the afternoon and evening news.  Along with lots of local news about the wind damage, etc. was another news release about the Discovery Channel's airing of the program stating they have discovered the bones of Jesus and His entire family.   The report even goes on to say that they are doing DNA checks from the box that they claim contained the bones of Jesus.  That to me is a real mystery as who are they going to compare this DNA to? 

As I understand the term, "mugging," to me it means a person being assaulted and robbed.  With the recent best selling book and subsequent movie, "The DiVinci Code" and now this, it is very obvious that the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is being very strongly assaulted and the enemies of Jesus are in the process of stealing His divinity by denying His resurrection.  Indeed Jesus is being mugged!

Friends, here's the deal:  Our enemy is really getting desperate again.  To those of us who know the Real Jesus Christ, these silly news reports are totally impotent.  But the problem seems to be that there are some who can embrace such stupidity, enough so that books are sold by the millions and movies are attended in record numbers.  I guess the Discovery Channel thinks that there is an audience of people  large enough in America who are willing to watch such "Flim-Flam Reporting."  Therefore the mugging of Jesus continues.

The purpose of today's Blog is to call your attention to these events, and to make sure that we are going forth into all of our revelation of the Lord our God.... Jesus Christ.

In closing I would like to call your attention to the following link.  Please take some time and watch and listen.  Now this link takes a lot of time, a whole lot of time to download.  But it is very much worth the wait.  Also, you may want to allow it to download and then play it through the second time without interruption.  I'm not sure that dial up speeds will work to good, but it is entirely worth your effort to give it a good try. 

Here's the link that depicts my Jesus. 

Enjoy the video presentation. 

Serving Jesus Christ, our Resurrected, living and fully Divine Lord and Savior!

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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Prophetic Failure?

Greetings from Windy West Texas....

Wow, is the wind blowing this morning!  As I sit in the galley of "Pilgrim I" I can smell the dust in the air and the ole bus is a shaking pretty hard.  I was thinking that this is much like the Church of today.  There's lots of wind blowing, at least at times, and this wind is creating a lot of shaking too, much of the shaking is prophetic in nature.  God is raising us up to His next level, even if we really do not want to go there!

Have you ever been given a prophetic word that never came to pass?  I have, probably hundreds of them.  I've  been told that we will prosper greatly, one noted leader told me that the Lord was going to raise up 5 wealthy business men who would sow into our ministry, and keep us on the road.  That word was given to me several years ago, and I'm still trusting that it will be fulfilled, hopefully very soon!   Many of the prophetic words that we receive deal with either prosperity or available meetings.   When we minister to groups those people with any prophetic anointing will pick up on the fact that booking meetings is probably our most difficult task.  Many times we'll be told that pastors will contact us for meetings and we will not have to take too much time in dealing with our ministry schedule.  People also note in their spirits that there is always a financial need with a ministry like ours,  therefore we get many words of prosperity and abundant scheduled meetings. 

I really think that there is a difference between true prophetic words and prophetic declarations.  In their heart of hearts people sense our need and speak into it.  It may be a true prophetic word from the Lord, but it also may be a declaration from their heart as they sense our need.  Does this make sense? 

So, when someone gives us a "bad word," does it mean that it is prophetic failure?  Not necessarily.  It may not be an exact word from the Lord, but there is power over the words that are spoken over us.  I for one would much rather have a person speaking words of life over me than words of death, or for that matter, not speaking anything over me at all!

We all "miss it" in the prophetic!  Even the so called, "Prophets" of today miss it, and very often.  All you have to do is check them out and you'll know what I mean.  But, how awesome it is when prophetic words come from the heart of God!

Thursday evening Corinne was ministering to a small group of women.  Many of them had deep seated emotional issues that they were dealing with.  After the meeting one of the ladies came up to her after personal ministry time,  and asked if she could speak to her a moment.  Corinne said, "Yes."  And the lady proceeded to ask, "How did you know all of this about me?  Does God tell you these things?"  This lady had been given a right on the mark, true prophetic word.  It is so wonderful to see the gifts of the Spirit in operation, I love it!  When someone tells you something that only you and God can know, then you can pretty much rest assured that it's a true prophetic word.  If the word is something other than that, it is possible that it is a declaration from the heart of the person giving you the word.  Go ahead and be blessed by that word.  They are speaking blessings over you, accept the word and go on with your business with the Lord.

Oh, one other thing, all of the above doesn't apply when it comes to directional prophesy.  Maybe that is a blog article for another time!

I Corinthians 13: 9, "Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture!"

Then verse 12, "Now we see things imperfectly as in a cloudy mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity.  All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely."

So, here's a word for you today, from the heart of Larry Silverman.  It may or may not be prophetic for you, but I do bless you today!  I do speak words of prosperity, health and well-being over you!  I declare in the name of Jesus, that you will be fully aware of all of His love for you, that you will walk the straight paths, and fulfill your divine calling and destiny!

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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Youth Revival: Graz, Austria

Note from Larry:

The following report if from our friend, Holly Miller.  Holly and her husband, Paul, are pastors of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Graz, Austria. 

As a Revivalists, I often feel the urge to share reports of revival outbreaks from around the world.  The reason?  God is no respecter of persons!  If a person is aware of the fact that He's pouring our His Spirit someplace around the world, it helps create hunger and hope for revival in their local as well. 

So... enjoy Holly's report and EXPECT it to happen for you too!

Blessings ~ Larry

p.s.  We leave the Rio Grande Valley for Midland, TX within a couple of hours.  Please pray for revival at Living Way Foursquare Church, Midland!

Dear praying friends,

We’re so thankful to report that the budding youth renewal here continues to gain momentum! I will be writing more often than usual in order to chronicle the developments and testify to God’s greatness; if this is too much of a good thing for you, don’t feel you must read each detail of every letter. But we do treasure every prayer.

This has a slightly different flavor than the Toronto renewal; it’s like “Toronto with a twist”. Yes, the teens are shaking, crunching and weeping as the Holy Spirit falls on them; but the interesting thing I'm starting to observe is that every one of them, even those who would not have said they were at all prophetic, seem to be receiving a high level of revelation immediately. At least 15 lukewarm teens have radically recommitted their lives to Jesus in the past 2 weeks alone, and the moment they do so they go into vision, hear the voice of God, see angels, etc.

They’re finding instant inner healing as God fingers their most secret hearts and then tells them “I have work for you to do!” Many have experienced clear, detailed visions not just about themselves, but regarding God’s strategies in this outpouring. When they pray they’re making the kind of prophetic proclamations that it took us adults years to get up the faith for. (I'm going to have to retire my beginner's course on how to start to hear God– they're way past that!) Even quite young children are being strongly impacted with revelation; they just take it far more in stride. One 4-year-old was taken up to heaven and “allowed to sit on a throne”... she reported this very matter-of-factly and then went back to playing.

I keep thinking of Acts 2:17-18: And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams. and on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days; and they shall prophesy.

Last Friday night, again over 30 young people crowded into our little prayer rooms. The leaders report it was a quieter meeting as far as manifestations go, but very deep. Steve talked about taking “the blue pill” from the Matrix film; for any of you who haven’t seen that, it’s the point beyond which nothing can ever be the same again, you are committed and there is no return. And almost everyone in the room ended up saying yes and taking the blue pill of the Kingdom of God. (We’re now thinking of calling our youth center-to-be The Blue Pill!)

On Friday night a girl received prayer who'd been in clinical depression for 9 months. She was on medication, had been attending church only sporadically and hadn't even been getting up regularly for school. God showed her where her depression had come from, she got right with him and she is now glowing and happy. Her parents were evidently so astounded they came to church on Saturday to see what's going on! (Her father is a Baptist elder.)

What happened then on Saturday at our church service was a true breakthrough, even though we’ve already been seeing more among the youth than we’re used to. Yet I believe Saturday could not have happened as it did had it not been for the commitment dynamic of the previous night.  During the sermon the kids were packed like sardines in the kitchen. We heard a roar at one point, clapping and cheering (most of these teens were far too "cool" to have clapped and cheered only 2-3 weeks ago), and after the service, as we were having a pretty hot prayer ministry time ourselves, they poured out into the main room and gave testimony: 
Near the end of what had been a meeting where nearly everyone was touched by God anyway, one 15-year-old ventured that he thought he had a word of knowledge for healing: a left eye. Another teen confirmed it, so they were going to come out to the main room and ask who needed prayer. But just then a girl who had only the night before returned to church after a long absence and re-committed her life to Christ, said, "That's me!" She'd been steadily losing the sight in her left eye for about a year, and just two weeks earlier the school doctor had tested it and said it was very serious. After two-three minutes of prayer during which the same 15-year-old made a cutting motion with his hand and cried, "Break the chains!" she opened her eyes and could see perfectly!The teens had the word of knowledge and the teens did the praying, so this was a miracle they all participated in and they were stoked! We ended up with a free-for-all, with teens who had before avoided even getting prayer ministry now praying passionately for anyone who was willing, and even (in the case of one radically recently-returned teen) pulling people out of their seats!

I watched this young man (whom at first I didn’t even recognize) shaking, weeping, praying for people with passion, and afterward I asked Erika, “What on earth happened to XX?” She told me he came up to Elias after the Friday night meeting and told him, “For the first time, I was able to forgive.” This is enormous; this teen had walked through life with a huge chip on his shoulder; he was cynical, difficult and took offense at every turn. The reason I almost didn’t recognize him was not just his actions, but his face: where his eyes had been shadowed and cautious, they were now clear and bright; all the hard angles of his face had melted and for the first time you could see his rounded cheeks, his youth and the sweetness of his countenance. YES, LORD!! More of THAT!

I'm now also starting to hear that some teens are telling others about this and inviting them to the Friday night meetings. One youth leader felt led to speak to a stranger on the bus and invite her. Many of the teens had never told anyone, even their friends at school, that they believed in Jesus. Prodigals are starting to return. The teens themselves are calling their friends who’ve dropped out of sight and begging them to come. Almost all who do, get hooked. And some teens that were touched a couple of years ago but cooled off again have become on-fire like never before. We’re starting to have teens from other churches look in. It's developing its own dynamic.

Steve Espamer flew back to Pennsylvania Monday and will stay there 10 days to get things arranged for returning “longer term”, whatever that means. We can’t look too far ahead right now. I remember hearing from Randy Clark how, at the beginning of the Toronto renewal, the leaders would gather in the back room of a restaurant and John Arnott would ask: “What will we do, guys, if this thing keeps going another month, or even longer?!” and as we all know, it’s been as of this writing 13 years! Although we’re not saying this is another Toronto, we can learn by their example what to do in the first stages of an outpouring: Prioritize! Strategize! Keep welcoming the outpouring— but also get some sleep!

I realized a little while ago that God had told us very clearly at the end of last year, “I will pour out My Spirit in the new building.” I assumed, as most of us probably did, that this meant: when the worship center is built (which we are trusting will be in this calendar year) we can expect great things. So I thought we had a number of months to prepare. But he didn’t wait for that— as soon as we remodeled the old house on the property and opened prayer rooms, he showed up! And whom did he use at a catalyst? When Steve came here it was not even with the intention of holding meetings but to stay for 3 weeks with his wife Kathleen, walk and pray, absorb the culture a bit and hear God as to whether this might be a place for them from which to base their future ministry. They’d just resigned the pastoral staff position they'd held for 12 years, to go into some kind of missions. Nobody expected that when he held one teen meeting it would trigger this!

Okay, we obviously find ourselves at a point of destiny and we appreciate —we need— your prayers to stay on track, and to facilitate what it is that God wants to do in us and through us as a church. A word God gave Paul at a recent leader’s meeting keeps ringing in my ears: “I will do great things that will make your heads spin! Keep your focus on Me, or you will become disoriented.” Hmmmmm!

Please pray:
- for Steve Espamer, that Steve’s arrangements at home in order to return on Feb. 21 all work out well, for protection and good health;
- for Steve and Kathleen during their separation, and for God’s creative solutions to this;
- for this Friday night (the 16th) as the teen leaders take over the meeting, that the kids will experience how God shows up and meets them ---with or without Steve;
- for the youth leaders Erika & Elias, Ben & Klara, Stefan and new additions Walter & Ina;
- for us as leaders and us as a church, to stay flexible and humble and useful for anything God wants to do;
- for the remodeling and opening of the teens’ meeting rooms, that the process go quickly and well (and as inexpensively as possible)! 

With thankfulness and blessings,


Holly's email: [email protected] 

Is Revival Coming?

Greetings from "Deep in the Heart of Texas!"

We always hear about the title or no title thing.  For instance, someone calls them self, "Pastor ________," and another calls them self, "Apostle __________."  Some folks really get up tight with this concept and one can get in a never ending debate over this issue.  Well, I've got a good one for you.... Corinne and I call ourselves something that is not in the Bible at all.  Often, due to our type of ministry, we're called "evangelists."  Sometimes we're even referred to as "apostles."  Also, due to the very prophetic nature of our ministry, sometimes we're called, "Prophets."  We've even had this happen in some churches, I've been addressed as "Apostle Larry" and Corinne has been called, "Prophetess Corinne."  Often we are introduced to a new church by a pastor who says, "And now here are our "Evangelists" for the evening, Larry & Corinne Silverman."    No... we're not too much into titles.  We have no objection to anyone using them, it's just that they are just not for us, not who we really are. 

However, if you were to peg us with any title at all, please call us by the non-Biblical title, "Revivalists!"  You see our one great passion in life and ministry is seeing a great revival hitting the American Church!  We have given our lives  totally for this very thing.  We are sold out to the concept that soon, we believe very soon, a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit is going to sweep America, healing the Church, thus allowing the Harvest of the Lost to occur. 

We often hear from some leaders that an "End Time Revival" will not happen. We hear that the Church is too dead, too full of sin for God to ever do anything with Her.  We hear that doctrine of Today's Church is too "wishy washy" for anything other than lots of judgment to take place.  Often we hear that we are the End Time Church of Laodicea, and that there is nothing going to happen to us except Christ vomiting us forth. 

For many months now, the Lord has been slowly revealing to us the importance of the Kingdom of God message.   You see, Corinne and I have a mission, a mandate if you will, and it is simply...."Prepare the way for the Coming of the Lord!"  His coming is at hand, but it's not what many think it will be.  His soon coming is in what we like to refer to as, "Kingdom Revival!"  You ask, "What is this?"  Kingdom revival is a full manifestation or a full awareness of the Church of who we really are in light of the Kingdom of God. 

For instance, we've often heard that prior to the return of Jesus the Gospel must be preached to all Nations.  By the Gospel, it is meant the Good News of Christ's salvation.  Therefore we have to go to the Nations, by any means, and get the Good News out.  Nothing wrong with that!  However, Jesus does not say that we have to get the Gospel of Salvation out to the Nations prior to His coming back.  He says..... well, let's let Him say it Himself...Mt. 24: 14 (NLT), "And the Good News about the KINGDOM will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come."'s not just salvation, it begins there, but it's a full revelation of who we in the Church of Jesus Christ really are!  I could write a book here, but I'll try to finish this blog with one final thought.

About the Church of Laodicea... If we are indeed that Church, the Church of the Last Days, then we have to fully take note of Christ's intentions.  His intentions are not to vomit us out, but for us to repent!  Why?  So He can revive us and have us sit with Him on His throne.  See the Kingdom message here???  I sure do, tons of it!  His message to the Church today is, Revelation 3:19-21 (NLT), "I correct and discipline everyone I love.  SO BE DILIGENT AND TURN FROM YOUR INDIFFERENCE.  Look!  I stand at the door and knock.  If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.  Those who are victorious will SIT WITH ME ON MY THRONE, just as I was victorious and sat with my Father on his throne."  Please listen here.... It is the will of God for the lukewarm Church of the Last Days, to repent and to be restored and given Kingdom Authority.  We shall rule with Christ!

Is revival coming?  You can bet your life on it!  We're seeing and hearing the signs all around us, and it's happening in our lives.  I can honestly say, Revival is flowing through my bones!  Corinne and I are entering a new phase of our Revivalist Ministry.  A new release has come to us, and we're going forth to the Church of American with the most powerful message that we've ever had! 

OK, one last thing here (sorry for the long blog this time!), but we must finish this correctly.  I wish to close this blog with again the words of Jesus:  Revelation 3:22 (NLT),  "Anyone with ears to hear must listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches."

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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Read the Signs in California!

Greetings from Luling, TX

As Revivalists, Corinne and I get placed in some of the most awesome circumstances.  Often we have had the Holy Spirit show up in our meetings and just saturate us with His wonderful presence.  I would have to do some serious thinking right now, if I were to try to remember the many times when we had been scheduled in a church for a few nights of meetings, and the bottom fell out and the sky was lifted by the Lord.   We always approach a series of meetings in a church with the concept in mind that the meetings just most likely will extend as the Spirit of Revival hits.  Often 3 nights of meetings turn into weeks as God moves in our presence.

We are often asked, "Why does this happen with you folks?"  Our simple answer is that truthfully we have no answer, other than the fact that we do expect God to show up and to do something special in a church while we're there.   Added to our expectation is that which is born into a church in anticipation of the meetings.  Let me give you a great example....  check out:   This is the webpage schedule of Woodland Assembly of God, Woodland, CA.  Last year about this time we were in meetings that extended from 3 nights to over 7 weeks.  We are currently ministering in Texas, but are on our way to California.  We'll be there for March and most of April.  Pastor Jeff Bills updated his schedule web page and note that he put us and others down for a "minimum schedule."  Are you able to read between the lines here?  Corinne and I are scheduled to minister in the church from Sunday April 1 - Wednesday April 4.  But Pastor Jeff put this on his site as a "minimum schedule!"  Can you say, "Anticipation?"

Also note that Pastor Jeff and the Saints in Woodland have a very full schedule of outside ministry coming into the church within the next few weeks.  This is taking advantage of what I'd like to call the "Divine Timing Factor."  It's just this simple.... in the midst of a drought, a rain cloud shows and a few drops of moisture fall, a revivalist will build a catch basin!  From every indicator I have, the reports are coming in that there is a Holy Spirit stirring taking place in Northern California.  Several churches and ministries are reporting a great increase of the Spirit's moving in their meetings.  By the way, this is not just coming from pastors and church leaders, but the reports are coming in from the Saints all over the State.

My suggestion to the Church in California.... Hit it hard!  The moisture is forming and the drops of His rain are beginning to fall.  Take advantage of it, "make hay while the sun shines!" 

I've said this before, it is very important for the rest of the Country to be praying for California.  The move of God will come your way!

Our first meetings in California begin Sunday, March 4.  We still have a few dates open in March and a few in April, so let me know at: [email protected] if we can help serve you. 

In the meantime... Lord let your River flow!  Our prayer continues for Kingdom Revival to be hitting the entire USA!

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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