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Report From the Road

Greetings from Shreveport, La

We left Bronson, FL Tuesday morning early.  Our desire was to make New Orleans that evening.  We were going to have dinner and hang out a day with my cousin Bart and his family.  Well, as we left Bronson we noted a strong odor and then the rear end of Pilgrim I began thumping, like we had blown a tire.  I pulled over and the tires were all OK.  What happened was that the brakes in the wheels of our tag axle (the far rear wheels, not drive wheels and they have just electric brakes like a house trailer would have) had locked up.  It took our road service over 3 hours to reach us, and the service guy just unhooked the wires to each wheel as it seemed like a control box, located someplace underneath the motor home, was not working right.  We'll get it fixed before we hit the mountains!

We did have a great time with Bart and Family Wednesday evening instead of Tuesday!  Then we made Shreveport yesterday and are off to Dallas and should arrive this afternoon.  We do need to stop and pick up a couple of new batteries for our in house 12 volt system.  We're needing to run our furnaces a lot, especially at night, and our batteries are not holding a charge from the generator.  Oh... the problems of older equipment!  We still believe that Pilgrim II is on the way.  We really do need to see it show up pretty soon, as Pilgrim I is just wearing out from lots of hard use for the Lord!

OK... here's how to pray about this for us... As we travel we've learned a lot about the RV lifestyle.  There many people, especially those in later years who have purchased RV's and do to illness, death, or due to the fact that they just don't like the lifestyle, have wonderful units parked in storage.  We feel that there is someone out there who has just what we need and would be willing to sow it into the work of the Lord.  Here's what we would like to have..... A class A motor home (Fifth wheels will not work for us, we've looked hard and long at this, we need a Class A motor home), one with a diesel power plant, at least 2 slide outs, about 35 feet long, a full size fridge, an oven, and a washer/dryer combo unit installed.  Wow... that would be wonderful!

Keep praying for Pilgrim II's arrival. 

Thanks and we'll keep you updated from the road!!!

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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The Alamo

Greetings from Bronson, FL

OK, maybe it is due to the fact that tomorrow (Tues. 1/23) we pack up Pilgrim I and begin the long journey cross country, first stop Dallas.  We seem to spend a lot of time in Texas.  Actually I have a great desire to see God really move there.  However, this morning I have a vision in my spirit of an Army officer drawing his sword, scribing a line in the sand, and saying, "Who will follow me?" 

So often in our travel we are so busy that we do not take time to see the local sights and historical places of interest.  However last year, while near San Antonio, we felt that we had to take the time to visit the Alamo.  There is no way that a person full of the Spirit of God can view the Alamo without breaking inside. 

Most likely we won't have the time to see the Alamo again this year, but this morning I can almost see Col. Travis drawing his sword and making his line in the sand.... "Who will stay and follow me?"  Even though it demanded the ultimate sacrifice of their lives, a couple of hundred brave Texicans crossed that line, followed Col. Travis and gave their lives for what was right!

I see the Lord as that Officer.  He's drawing the line in the sand and asking us...."Who will give their lives for me?" 

Here's one final thought, it's from Acts 16: 20, "The whole city is in an uproar because of these Jews!"  Paul, Silas and others caused such an uproar for Christ that they were physically persecuted.  Hummmm I wonder if I could ever be found guilty of the same thing?

Anyway, please take the time today and ask the Lord what line it is that He wants you to cross.  No matter what the cost may be, please prayerfully find it within yourself to cross over into God's destiny!

Please keep us in prayer this week.  Texas has had some pretty bad weather and Pilgrim I can not take too much cold.

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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Your Church Needs This!

Greetings from Bronson, FL

A week from today we begin our journey westward.  Inwardly Corinne and I burn with one thing.... Revival!

We are often asked, "What does the Church need?"  Our answer is one word....."REVIVAL."  On the front page of our web page we have Webster's definition of the word,"Revival."  In part it is, "A bringing or coming back into use, attention, or being, after a decline.  A bringing up or coming back to life or consciousness.  A stirring up of religious faith among those who have been indifferent."

We are heading into ministry within many diverse types of churches, some will be large, some small.  Some churches meet in lavish buildings, while others will meet in the living rooms of it's members.  Yet as Revivalists, our hearts burn for one thing and our message will be simple.... Lord send Your Spirit to America for Jesus Christ sake!

Please read the all of Psalm 85, but look closely with me at verse 6, "Won't You revive us again, so your people can rejoice in You?"

OK, how about taking a look at one more thing in reading this blog?  Please take a minute and read aloud the words of a very old song.  Wait, you may recall the melody, so go ahead and sing it.  I'll bet if you do actually sing this song it will be with you all day long, and you'll sing it over and over!  I pray that it's words and melody will burn within your heart this day.  Oh forget just this day! I trust that this song will completely ruin you so that you too join the ranks of becoming true Revivalists!

                                      Revive us Again!

                  Wm P. Mackay & John J.  Husband ~ 1820

We praise thee, O God!

For the Son of thy love,

For Jesus who died,

And is now gone above.


Hallelujah! Thine the Glory.

Hallelujah! Amen

Hallelujah! Thine the Glory

Revive us again.

We praise thee, O God!

For thy Spirit of Light,

Who hath shown us our Savior,

And scattered our night.


All glory and praise

To the Lamb that was slain,

Who hath born all our sins,

And hath cleansed every stain.


All glory and praise

To the God of all grace,

Who has brought us, and sought us,

And guided our ways.


Revive us again;

Fill each heart with thy love,

May each soul be rekindled

With fire from above.


May God bless you and we hope to see you on the Road to Revival!

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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Church Southern Style!

Note from Larry:

We are still located in Northern Florida, patiently awaiting, or trying to be patiently awaiting, our launch date into meetings for 2007.  Most every year it's pretty much the same, few meetings during the Holidays and a time of seeking the Lord for His direction, and more importantly a greater personal experience with Him.  During this season of waiting, we often feel like we're a bow being drawn, we're stretched almost beyond measure, but when released, wow... we're launched at powerful speeds.  So it is this year.  We leave North Florida January 23 with our first destination the Dallas Area.   We'll spend February in Texas. March and most of April is looking like we'll be once again in California. 

Please keep us in prayer during this transition time.   If you're a pastor or ministry leader in the areas mentioned we'll be contacting you soon about meeting dates.  If you know of other churches or ministries that may be interested in having us in, please contact me.

                               Church Southern Style!

"Y'all pass the biscuits and gravy," may not be words that would ring true in most church services.  However, this morning at New Beginnings Fellowship, Bronson Florida, these words fit right in!  You may recall me writing about New Beginnings Fellowship and Pastor Chuck McCollum in my December 9 blog, "Revival at Christmas?"  If you recall Pastor Chuck is the town Santa, and just doesn't know when is the proper time to plant a new church.  He went public with this new ministry just prior to Christmas and we had special meetings for several evenings after the first service.  Well, this morning we attended New Beginnings Fellowship and greatly enjoyed, "Church Southern Style!"

Everyone in business is fully aware of the 3 Key Words of a Successful Business: "Location, location, location!"  For years I've told church planters that the 3 Key Words to Church Planting are: "Relationships, relationships, relationships!"  This morning at New Beginnings these key words were fully in play.

Corinne and I were asked to pick up some orange juice on our way to the service.  We walked in to the smell of coffee and southern style sausage gravy.  Wow my favorite!  There were no chairs in rows set up, instead we found our place at several round tables.  I sat with a unchurched couple who attended for the first time.  Corinne sat with another unchurched family, mom, dad and teen daughter.  We were served biscuits and gravy, fresh Florida fruit, juice and even a couple of boxes of Krispy Kremes found their way through the doors.  Some might say that the breakfast wasn't a healthy one, but the fellowship sure was, and what followed was even greater.  We ate, talked fishing, laughed and even some of us ate second helpings prior to Pastor Chuck sharing his vision of opening a different kind of church in Bronson.  He told us all of his vision of building a church based on relationships, that this type of a service would be the usual.  He said that the New Testament Saints ate often in the church meetings.  He also followed up with some thoughts on communion. He made the visitors feel very welcome, even though most of them were unlikely unsaved.  As he prepared the communion I shared about what communion was, how God sent His Son to the world to save it, and that the blood of Jesus made a way for us in spite of our sins.   We then sang about the blood and took communion together.  To be honest there were not too many dry eyes.  Even the two visiting men had a little glisten in the corner of their eyes.  One of the gals said, "It's been many years since I took communion!"  Why, because she hadn't been to church in many years!

Yep, it was a pretty awesome morning!  Even this afternoon, I'm still pretty pumped up about church today!  Therefore I just had to share with you about my experience with Church Southern Style!

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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