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Listen to This!

2007 is quickly approaching!  Wow!  As I wrote in a past blog, I'm sensing that the Lord is saying that 2007 will be "A Year Like None Other!"  What that fully means, I've got no idea, however, I do know that "something" HAS to happen in the American Church, and as far as I'm concerned, 2007 might as well be The Year! 

I am very excited at what this New Year will bring.

In the meantime, we can learn many lessons from the past.  Corinne and I consider ourselves Revivalists.  Some call us evangelists, some call us other titles, but we consider ourselves Revivalists.  What's that mean?  Very simply put, a Revivalist lives, eats, sleeps and drinks revival.  OK.... there are a lot of large churches in America.  It surely seems like "something" is happening.  But... our question is, "What's happening?"  Is our Nation being changed?  I sure can't see it.  America needs revival.  No.... let me change that statement...THE AMERICAN CHURCH NEEDS REVIVAL! (Even the Large Ones!)

There have been many great times of revival within the past 50 years.  One of the most noted is the Hebrides Revival of the early 1950's.  One of the great leaders of this move of God, off the coast of Scotland, was Duncan Campbell.  You can find his recorded messages on the Internet.  However, I was recently sent a link to "Revival Messages" from Campbell, Leonard Ravenhill, and others.  I have added this link to our website.

Corinne and I first listened to this 35 minute presentation sitting in our car in Northern Florida.  We had to drive 15 miles to find a strong enough wireless signal for our laptop wireless card to view and listen.  Once we were able to pull up the site, we sat in our car weeping like babies!

If you too believe that America and the American church are in dire need of revival... you MUST listen to this clip!  If you are not sure yet, take the time and listen to it, then formulate your thinking.

Please go to the front page of our website and scroll down to "Revival Voices of the Past."  Click on that link and go from there.  You do need a pretty high speed connection to make this work.  However, even if it takes you over an hour to listen through all of the re-buffering, it will be fully worth your time.  Oh, one other thing... make sure you have a box of Kleenex handy!

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From Corinne and I, please have a Happy New Year, "2007, A Year Like None Other!"

Kingdom blessings~ Larry 

New Blog Format

How about letting me know what you think of my new Blog format.

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Every now and again, I get the urge to change the look.  So... I was in that mood yesterday!

                                                             Happy New Year

                 2007: "A Year Like None Other!"

~ Larry

Old Song

Greetings from Bronson, FL

Almost daily we receive prayer requests from people in need.  Corinne and I try very hard to pray for each and every request as soon as they come in.  So often the need in these requests is earth-shaking.  Often the people sending the requests are wrought with fear, miss-understanding about their relationship with God and a very great lack of knowledge of who they are in Jesus Christ.  Often these prayer requests seem to be songs of dispair!

I don't sense to write too many of my own words on today's blog.  Instead I wish to quote the words to an old, famous "Song of the Church."  I found this song on the Internet written in the key of "D," which for me means, "Divine Destiny!"

Please take a minute and read and re-read this song.


                                              Onward Christian Soldiers

Music and lryics written by:  Sabine Barning-Gould & Arthur S. Sullivan

(public domain)

Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war

With the cross of Jesus going on before;

Christ, the Royal Master, leads against the foe;

Forward into battle, see His banners go.


              Onward, Christian soldiers,

              Marching as to war,

              With the cross of Jesus,

              Going on before!

At the sign of triumph Satan's legions flee,

On then, Christian soldiers, on to victory,

Hell's foundations quiver at the shout of praise;

Brothers, lift your voices, loud your anthems raise.


Like a mighty army moves the Church of God;

Brothers, we are treading where the Saints have trod;

We are not divided, all one body we,

One in hope and doctrine, one in charity.


On ward, then, ye people, join our happy throng,

Blend with ours your voices in the triumph song;

Glory, laud, and honor unto Christ the King;

This thro' countless ages men and angels sing.


Oh yes, I almost forgot.... it's the time of the year when kings go to war!

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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Helping Hands

Dear Readers,

Every so often one of you will ask, "How can I help in financial support of your ministry?"  We appreciate everyone who does help, as our ministry is a very small one, we mostly minister in small churches, and we never charge for ministry, and live completely by faith.  Recently we had some meetings where we had to sow over $400 of our own funds into the ministry work.  We are always seeking God's help in providing His provision.

One of our Ohio pastors, Rick Wiseman, of "His House Ministry," suggested that we raise up 1000 people who would be willing to faithfully sow into us the very small amount of $7.00 monthly.  His vision for us was to have our expenses completely covered, and to be able to also take home a pay check, which to us is a novel idea!

So...If you are interested in Joining our "Helping Hands Partners," You can do so by sending an email to: [email protected] or sending a check and a note informing us that you are joining up with us to: Larry Silverman, 5420 Beckley Rd., #330, Battle Creek, MI 49015.  All checks can be made out to Vision of Hope Ministries.

Plus for your convenience we have utilized the safe, secure means of making donations on our website,, by using PayPal.  Just enter our site, and scroll down the front page where you will see the "make donations" button, click on it and follow the very simple directions.  You do not have to be registered to PayPal to use is process.  This system works awesome and allows you to sow into us by means of debit or credit cards.  It also gives us immediate access to our funds.

So, we welcome, especially this time of the year, when meetings are slim and expenses continue on, any one who senses that they are to join our "Helping Hands Partners," with a $7.00 per month donation, or those who feel that they are to help with a one time, any amount type gift.

Thanks and you are a blessing!


Revival at Christmas?

Greetings from Bronson, FL!

Corinne and I have been traveling the roads of America for over 7 years now, with the goal and purpose of helping bring and sustain Kingdom Revival to the Church.

Yearly, often from Thanksgiving lasting until the New Year, we find ourselves in a place of having few invitations of ministry.  And this year began to look no different!

What we usually hear is something like, "Our people are  just so busy around Christmas, much too busy to attend any special meetings in our church."  Or, "We have most of our church programs during this time of the year, and it would be difficult to fit in some revival type meetings."   Yet amid all of the hustle of the Season, we hear and proclaim, "Jesus is the reason for the Season!"  Hummmm..... Sometimes I really wonder about that statement, Is He really the Reason?

We have often discussed, "What would happen to a typical American church if true revival would break out during the Christmas Season?"  Something that I've been pondering lately is.... What would happen if people would max out their credit cards for the ministry and the work of the Lord instead of purchasing Christmas gifts?  I'm not really suggesting people do this, but I don't suggest that they max out credit cards for Christmas gifts either!

Church growth experts and "people in the know," suggest that planting a new church during the Christmas Season is a very serious mistake. 

One would do well to not tell this to Bronson, Florida's popular Santa.  If one would look closely at this Santa, he looks very much like Pastor Chuck Mc Collum.  Pastor Chuck is quick to point out that Jesus is the Reason for the Season!  He's not too concerned about what the "people in the know" have to say about church planting during the Christmas Season.  Why?  Because even though Pastor Chuck loves Christmas, He is totally convinced that the greatest Christmas Present of all is Jesus Christ.  Therefore, Pastor Chuck and his lovely wife, Ann, are going public, today with their new church, New Beginnings Fellowship of Bronson, FL.  Also, Corinne and I are teaming up with these fine Saints and pressing in for "Christmas Healing and Miracle Meetings" during the following week. 

For many years, Corinne and I have desired to be part of a great move of God during the Christmas Season.  Well, just maybe this is the year!

So on behalf of Pastor Chuck, Pastor Ann and Corinne, I'd love to say that..... Jesus is the Reason for the Season!! 

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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Mega and Mini

Greetings from Columbia, SC!

OK, we do sometimes minister in large churches.  Often people think that we only minister in smaller ones.  Of course small church ministry is the norm for us.  We used to call ourselves, "Missionaries to the Small Churches of American."  And it true, Corinne and I do have a love and a passion for our Nation's smaller churches.  The fact remains is that we love the Church in all of her forms.  We love the small churches meeting in buildings, we love the house churches and we love the large churches as well.  God has called us to the Church period!  The more traditional churches have a legacy that is rich in history.  The new "Simple Churches" have a passion for the future.  Together they meld into God's purposes for this Nation. 

When we plant new churches we do plant them as house/simple churches.  We do feel that they are the most scriptural and have the best chance of releasing the gifts within the Body of Christ.  So, very often we find ourselves meeting in someone's living room, worshiping God with other Saints and experiencing a move of the Holy Spirit

We were invited to Columbia, SC for just such a reason.  Our host and hostess opened their home, contacted several of their friends, and invited us in for a extended weekend of ministry.  Our only problem developed with the timing issue...... It's December and already Christmas parties, etc., are beginning to take place.  Earlier this week the phone began to ring and our hostess was informed by those who had already committed to come to the meetings, "There's a Christmas party at _____'s house and I can't make the meeting at your house."  So, in Friday night's meeting there were 4 of us in attendance!  God moved and our hostess said how much she had needed hearing from God.  Then last night, a ministry couple, friends from North Carolina drove down to have fellowship with us and then attend the meeting.  This time there were 6 of us in the meeting.  I brought my guitar and the Sister from NC played a keyboard and the prophetic worship began.  We didn't teach or preach, we just worshiped and then began to minister to each other.  To be honest, I left the meeting floating on a cloud!

To me it is very obvious, Jesus went to where the people were, either large crowds where he had to supernaturally feed them lunch, or to the individuals, like the Samaritan lady at the well.  He did both.  To be honest, there are not large offerings in meetings like last night.  Actually our offering was zero!  However, these people deserved God's very best, and I am thrilled that I can go to them, help them, and love them.

Know what's really neat about our ministry???  This coming Wednesday night we get to minister to a larger church, one of several hundred.  I can't wait to get there and minister and love on them. 

Isn't God great?  We are so thankful that He has called us to our ministry.  It is very difficult at times.  We totally have to live and walk by faith.  But to witness what happened last night with our meeting of 6, it is worth it all!

So.... Thank You Jesus for Your Mega and the Mini Church!  Amen.

Kingdom blessings,


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