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2007 A Year Like None Other!

OK....Thanksgiving has ended and we're gearing up for the Christmas Season.  The New Year is just around the corner, Wowsers, I can't believe how quickly times goes by!

I realize that it is most likely way too soon to speak prophetic words about 2007, but I keep hearing from the Lord that 2007 will be a "Year like none other!"  I don't have the slightest idea what this will mean, but for weeks I've been hearing this in my spirit.

Corinne and I are currently staying with our Son Scott's family in Battle Creek, MI.  We drove our car from Alabama so that we could be with our daughter, Julie for the birth of her first child.  Little Benjamin was born Thanksgiving morning at 9:50 a.m.  However, several of our other family members gathered at Scott's home for a Thanksgiving Feast. 

Yesterday in Scott's anointed shower, I heard the Lord say, "The Family that prays together, stays together!"  OK, you say, "Nothing new about that."  But what I heard and sensed in my spirit was that 2007 is going to give us all a chance to do some intense praying.  After all it will be a "year like none other!"

I'll be honest here, I don't have the slightest idea what all of this means yet.  I may not ever know the meaning of this until the New Year unfolds, but I would really suggest that we as families begin to intensify our prayer habits.  And I might further suggest that our church families do the same! 

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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About "Rover!"

Update:  Greetings from Huntsville, AL!

We have spent the past 3 weeks ministering in the south east Ohio, western West Virgina area.  We arrived in Huntsville yesterday and we will begin meetings tonight (Wed. 11/15).  For the past week I have had very marginal Internet access so this blog has been sorely neglected.  Please have patience with me!  We leave Huntsville next Monday to spend Thanksgiving time with our family in Michigan.   Our oldest daughter, Julie, is expecting her first baby, so we wish to share in this exciting event plus be with our family for Thanksgiving.  The following week we head back to Huntsville, pick up "Pilgrim I" and head to the Columbia, SC area.  We sure could use tons of prayer!  Please pray for us as the Holy Spirit leads you.

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

OK, What are you listening to?  You know what I mean!  What voices are you hearing?  What are these voices telling you?  Who's shouting in your ear?

Let me give you a great illustration.  Monday we were driving "Pilgrim I" South from Weirton, WV towards Wheeling where we were to begin our south east journey to our current location in Huntsville, AL.  About halfway to Wheeling I heard a very distinct voice proclaim loudly, "Why don't you and Corinne just end all of this fighting for the Kingdom of God stuff and commit suicide!"  Now Weirton, WV is a very hard, spiritually and physically depressed region.  However we made some great contacts with some hungry folks and had a wonderful time with them and the Lord.  Added to that, at the time of this voice coming to me,  I was not the slightest bit depressed or even upset!  This voice came to me just "outta the blue!"  Right away I recognized it and told Corinne and we began to pray and within 2 minutes, everything was OK.  But the fact remains that this terrible voice spoke loud and clear to me!

Recently I've had some communication from people speaking about how "things" just never change!  One person stated how that their finances just never get any better, no matter how much they pray or how much they give, etc!

My, how all of the voices seem to shout at us!

Remember the "Demon in the Tube" blog?  That devil in the tube was very resistant to moving out.  During that vision I can't even begin to tell you how much it fought vacating that tube.  That spirit had been in control of that tube, his place of authority, for a long, long time and was refusing to go.  When the Spirit began flushing it forth, it yelled and screamed, "I don't have to go!"  And, "I've been in charge of this tube for many, many years and I refuse to go!"  Well, the power of the Holy Spirit soon made short work of that fellow!  He was flushed out, but he sure left screaming and cursing, etc.!

OK... what are you hearing?  Is it something like:

  • "Things are never going to change!
  • "We will never get out of debt!"
  • "We're going to loose our house, car, etc.!"
  • "I'll never walk with God close enough to see Him ever meet my needs!
  • "God can't heal me because He is upset with me!"
  • "If things ever do change, if I ever do get a break, it just won't last!"
  • "God could never love a person like me!"
  • And on and on it goes, Yada, yada yada!!!

Note that these are just a few statements that we hear shouted in our ears.  And note that each one ends with an, "!"   These thoughts are being shouted into our minds as our enemy resists moving out.

                    The story about "Rover"

If you have been in some of our recent meetings you most likely would have heard me talking about "Rover." 

Recently Corinne has been reading some of Smith Wigglesworth's messages from his book, "Greater Works."  (Whitaker House)  In this book Wigglesworth tells of the time when he was waiting for a bus and an elderly lady was also awaiting the same bus.  As they were waiting the lady's little dog arrived to play with it's owner.  The lady tried to send the little dog home, but instead of leaving, the pup just played.  The lady again tried to send it home, and again, it stayed to play.  Finally the lady became very upset, stamped her feet and yelled, "Rover go home!"  (Wiggles worth didn't call the dog "Rover," I added that bit).  The little dog was visibly upset, and ran home with it's tail between it's legs!

The point is..... It's time that we tell our "Rovers" to go home!  Those shouting demons seem hard to get rid of, but the real problem is that you are not fully aware of who you really are!  You are children of the King.  That's right, you, and I mean YOU, are truly a "King's Kid!"  You have authority and vast amounts of power.  So, you no longer have to listen to those voices, you can refuse to cave in to them, and likewise you can tell your "Rover"......GO HOME!!!

Kingdom blessings,


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The Demon in the Tube

Greetings from Clarksburg, WV:

Note: The intensity of the Holy Spirit in our meetings is increasing dramatically.  I am kidding Corinne as she is getting so anointed during times of ministry that her ears are actually turning red!  We still have several meetings booked in colder climatesWe leave tomorrow for a mountain-top camp meeting in S.E. Ohio, then on to a full week of meetings in N. WV.  From there we begin our trek into the South East States, beginning with Huntville, AL.  We are weathering very cold nights, with lots of frost, but so far no frozen pipes!  We'll begin making our Southern swing in just the nick of time!  Thanks for your prayers!

If you have been in any of our meetings over the past month or so, you would have recalled me telling of a recent vision that God gave me.  During a very intense time of prayer, He showed me a vivid picture of a large piece of white, plastic pipe.  This pipe, or better yet, tube, was about 36 inches in diameter.  It was about 6-8 feet long.  I could tell it was cut-out of a larger tube, as I could see rough saw marks on each end of the section that I was seeing.  The thought that came to me as I saw this tube was that it was some type of sewer line. 

As I peered inside the tube, I was astonished by what I saw.  I've never seen demons before.  I sure have cast out my share, but I've never actually seen one.  However, inside that tube was the most ugly, hideous, demon being that one ever could imagine.  It was about the size of a poodle, had four dog-like legs .  It's features were grotesque to say the least!  As I looked closer I observed that on each foot, there were very large, long, powerful claws.  Each one was about the length of my fingers.  Each of these claws were impaled into the side of the tube, and with them, the demon was hanging onto the side wall with all of his strength.

I sensed that this demon was to be flushed from the tube, and as I pushed down on it, I noted that it was unmovable due to its embedded claws.  The more I shoved it, the more it resisted and I couldn't get it to move, even by the slightest inch.  Finally I prayed and God sent a rush of His mighty River water, and the demon began to slide down the tube as God's strength flushed it away.  As it went it screamed, "I can't leave, I've been in control for thousands of years!"

We are preaching messages based on the Kingdom of God.   Corinne and I, along with many others, feel that this coming move of God is to be a "Kingdom Revival."  In other words, instead of just enduring life on this earth until the Rapture takes place, we believe that the message of Jesus is to take the Land!  We are sons of God!  That means we have been born into Royalty.  Jesus is the King of kings.  He is not just the King of President Bush, or Queen Elizabeth, but He is the King over us, His younger Brothers and Sisters.  We are the "kings" that Jesus is "King" over.  Did you notice the case of the two words, "king" and King?"  He is capital letter, "King" over we who are lower case, "kings."  Get it?

What does this mean?  It means that we, the Church of Jesus Christ are very important and powerful beings.  Unfortunately, we are not fully living in this revelation.  I guess that's part of our job, to keep preaching and teaching this important truth.  Many today are not seeing a lot of victory in their lives.  The pressures of life are very great and a vast toll of defeated Saints are walking the earth.  It is like the more they push at the demon in the tube, the sooner they wear out in defeat and quit!

When asked about His Kingdom, when it will be established, Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God can't be detected by visible signs.  You won't be able to say, 'Here it is!' or 'It's over there!'  For the Kingdom of God is already among you." Luke 17: 20-22 (NLT).  Most translations say that "The Kingdom of God is within you."  And a few others actually say, "The Kingdom of God is in your grasp!"  Now I like the thought of being able to grasp the Kingdom of God!  A couple of weeks ago, in a meeting in New York State, as I was preaching some of this, one of the leaders of the group got up, walked behind me and came back with a huge, two handed, broad sword that someone had given their ministry.  I was able to "grasp" that sword with both hands, and swing it powerfully.  The sword was very heavy, and the damage that I could have done with a sword like that could actually lop off the heads of any demons that would be bold enough to approach me. 

As the demon in the tube resisted me, he could never resist the power of God's River flushing through  the tube.  Therefore as we "grasp" onto the Kingdom of God, and our rightful place within it, no demon in hell can withstand us.  We are powerful beings!  God has given us the authority as kings to take complete charge of our Realms. 

As we go to war, we will hear a certain sound.  If you listen carefully, you too will hear it.... the sound of swirling water.  It's time that you and I give the resisting demons in our lives a "swirly!"  It's time that we give our enemy a "Royal Flush!"

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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