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U Need to Pray!

Greetings again from Binghamton, NY:

Wednesday morning we are on the road again, this time heading for Clarksburg, W.VA.  We've been in this area over two weeks, and to be honest, I'm getting the "itch" to get back on the road.  My Mother says that I have Gypsy blood in me.... I guess she's right!

This past week we've been in some "different meetings."  Corinne and I have been meeting with a handful of Saints from this area and just praying with them as they have been seeking God for a great revival in their region of the Northeast.  A week ago Saturday we had a wonderful time as people gathered here in Binghamton from as far as the Pittsburgh and Meadville, PA area to help the local Saints worship God in a harp and bowl event.  What was supposed to be 8 hours of sustained worship and intercession actually lasted for 12!

Then Sunday night a small group of leaders and others gathered and we worshiped the Lord some more but began to actively enter into a season of prophetic prayer.  We were not just praying but also listening to the One we prayed to.  And He did not let us down!!!  We heard from God, so much so, that we decided to gather for the rest of the week, and He decided to keep in fellowship with us as well.

Here's the deal, I am really sensing that the Church needs to be praying again.  We need special times of prayer.  Remember Wednesday nights?  They used to be called, "Prayer Meeting Night."  We are encouraging pastors, churches and leaders to once again call forth times of "special prayer."  Now by "special prayer" I'm not just talking about praying for Aunt Mary's sore toe.  Of course that is OK to do, but we have to go way beyond that.  "Special prayer" is prophetic prayer.  This is taking the time to not only talk to the Lord, but to listen.  It also includes worship and soaking in His presence. 

So, here's the deal.... how about gathering together a couple of friends some evening this week, bring in a guitar, or put on some soaking Cd's and just begin to enter into His presence.  Talk to Him about needing direction for your lives and your ministries.  Ask Him about it.  Ask Him to show you how to reach your regions for Christ.  Then listen to what He says.  He will speak, either through prophetic words, or through His "still small voice."

I'm telling everyone I know, "U Need to Pray!"

Kingdom blessings,


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Look at the Fools!

Greetings from Binghamton, NY:

The gates of Jericho had been tightly closed.  The reputation of the advancing, invading Israelites had proceeded them and the citizens of Jericho were afraid.  After the invaders had miraculously crossed the flooded torrent of the Jordan River the gates of the strongly fortified city were shut tight.

The Israelite army and people waited for direction from the Lord on how to proceed, should they by-pass Jericho or conquer it?  Finally the Word of the Lord came to Joshua, *"I have given you Jericho, its king and all its strong warriors," the Lord said.  Then God further told Joshua, "You and your men shall march around the city seven days with the priests blowing their shofars.   On the seventh day, you shall march around seven times and on the seventh the priests shall blow one long blast and all the people shall shout their loudest." 

On Day One, high up at the top of the city walls the Generals of Jericho gathered.  They observed the masses of Israelites forming and begin to march around their city.  The Generals were perplexed.  No one had ever attacked them like this before.  The days passed by and the perplexing questions slowly turned to mockery.  "Look at the fools!" the Generals said to each other.  They went on in their mockery, "Do they think that they can wear us down by marching and blowing their ram's horns?"

On Day Seven, something different began to occur.  After the initial lap around Jericho, the invading swarm, took a second lap.  Suddenly the General's mockery began to lighten up and be changed to a growing concern.  By the sixth lap there was perplexity and a sense of pending disaster seen on the Generals faces. 

Lap seven began and the priests changed the blowing of the shofars to one long blast.  Suddenly the people began to shout praises to the Lord of Hosts at the top of their lungs.  Looking at their feet the Generals noted small cracks beginning to form in the wall below them.  Quickly the cracks turned into great masses of the wall falling to the ground and within minutes the wall had completely crumbled.  The Israelites climbed over the fallen wall and soon conquered Jericho.

The Church of today has been marching around Her Jericho.  We have been busy doing spiritual warfare.  How I remember all of the Popsicle sticks with Bible verses on them that I've planted in walking around the cities.  We've prayer walked our cities, declaring revival, and binding strong holds.  We have poured our communion elements onto the land and proclaimed transformation.  We, like the Israelites of old, have been doing strange things.  I am certain that the generals of our enemy have likewise been mocking us.  I can almost hear them say sometimes, "Look at the fools!"

But in my spirit, I am hearing that it is time for the Seventh Lap on the Seventh Day to take place!  I am hearing that we are to take our spiritual warfare to the next level.  It's time to go through the wall!

We keep hearing that it's "time for the kings to go to war!"  That is what we have been seeing happen in our meetings.  There is a stirring taking place, fresh vision is being gained, and the Body of Christ, the "Slumbering Giant" is beginning to shudder.... it's time to go through the wall!

What a time to be alive!  I'm excited, how about you?

*refer to Joshua chapter 6

Kingdom blessings,


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Take Your Sword off the Wall!

Greetings from Binghamton, NY

I Corinthians 12: 7 (NLT), "A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other." (emphasis mine)

In Matthew 24 Jesus told us that in the last days that the "Gospel of the Kingdom" needs to be preached then the "end will come."  For years the Church has taught that this is the message of salvation.  We extolled, "Preach the word to all nations, telling them about Jesus, then we will hasten the return of the Lord!"  However, as important as the message of salvation is, it is only one part of the "Gospel of the Kingdom."  Jesus told His Church that He has made us a Kingdom, actually that He has made us kings.  Jesus is the King of kings.  In other words, we are the "kings" that He is "King" over!  This message is not really being fully understood by the Church of today.

Corinne and I are having the time of our lives releasing people into their rightful place of authority, in the whole of God's wonderful Kingdom.  For instance, we telling people about the Gifts of the Spirit.  OK... you know about the Gifts of the Spirit!  Just about everyone today does.  The real question is.... Are YOU using them?  In a small meeting a few days ago, in Conneaut Lake, PA, a brother said, "I keep my bottle of anointing oil on a shelf in a wall clock, hanging on the wall."  He added, "And I can't remember the last time I took the bottle out and used it!"  At that very moment, the Lord gave me a vision of a warrior, fully rested, knowing that his enemy was all around him, yet his sword was hanging on hooks on the wall. 

The other day we attending a meeting where a National Leader/Speaker was ministering.  He told about 500 people how important it was to get more teaching on how to use our spiritual gifts, etc.  He was promoting his organizations "school of ministry."  He was telling people how important it is for people to come to their pastors for healing, etc.  Now, I have to admit, about at this time I felt like jumping up and yelling, "NO!!!"  But I restrained myself, maybe it helped as Corinne had her finger nails digging into my left arm holding me down!  But isn't this the problem today? We seem to have to learn more, and do less.  We seem to delegate all ministry to our Church leaders, when they are to teach us/release us to do the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:11,12)

We are surrounded by a very fierce enemy, one who's chief motive is to kill us, to completely take us out.  We, God's Mighty Church, are "ever learning, and never coming to the knowledge of the truth."  We attend conference after conference, trying to get a "word from God."  But all we have to do is to take our swords off the wall, and heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, and preach that the Kingdom of God is near you!

My Friends, if your sword is on your wall, getting rusty, I'd like to suggest that you take it down, polish it up, get it sharp again, and go out and use it!  After all, even Jesus said that the "least in the Kingdom of God, is greater than John the Baptist!"

The next person that tells you that they are sick, fix the situation, heal them!  Go start a revival someplace!  It might just as well begin in your home today!  Let it begin with you!

Wow... I feel like preaching today!  How about you?

Many blessings,


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