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The Race to the End (or Beginning)

Personal Update:  How time flies!  We are currently in Michigan getting in some much needed family time and motor home repairs completed.  We begin our next "Journey of America" September 7.  We leave Michigan and will be in Ohio, then into Pennsylvania and New York State.  We are currently booking meetings for September, October and November.  So give us a shout if you feel like the Lord would have us in for meetings with you!  email: [email protected] or cell phone: 616.291.9568

And... please keep us in prayer.  Corinne and I feel that this next "Journey of America" is probably the most important one we've ever been on!

Thanks ~ Larry 

Race to the End (or Beginning)

Hebrews 12:1b, (NLT) "...And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us."

It seems that much of what is occurring within the ranks of the Body of Christ can be likened to a race.  When one races they do so against an opponent.  If there were no opponents then there would never be races.  It takes at least two people, two horses, two cars, even two frogs to make an event a valid race.   Corinne and I have been getting lots of revelation lately about the Kingdom of God being manifested now.  A couple of blogs ago I wrote about two opposing comets traveling on collision courses.  The comets are actually two kingdoms, one being of this world, the other Gods. 

Currently in our own lives and our ministry Corinne and I are experiencing the very same thing.  We have these two opposing kingdoms rapidly approaching each other, with God's Kingdom being dominant.  Yet the kingdom of this world is not willingly giving up ground.  The attitude of the devil goes something like this, "I've been here for a long, long time.  I've been in control of the lives of men for eons, and I will refuse to give up ground easily."  We are racing against him, he's loosing and knows  it, but is trying everything in his power to trip us, to stop us from winning this race and taking complete control of the territory he thought was his.

An evangelist friend of mine in Florida, Roger Webb (, and I were talking about some of these things this past Saturday morning on the phone.  He brought up some awesome points, one being found in I Corinthians 16:9.  Here the great apostle, Paul was in Ephesus, in the midst of powerful things happening, and he writes, "There is a wide-open door for a great work here, although many oppose me."  Even this great man of God faced opposition as he pushed back the kingdom of darkness.  Of course we know that Paul was never stopped, not even by physical beatings.  He continue his pressure on hell's kingdom in unrelenting ways. 

It seems that today so many are going through such great battles.  Almost daily I am in communications with great men and women of God, and just about every one is in the midst of the battles of their lives!  What is happening?  Hell's kingdom is resisting the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  Our enemy is more afraid than he's ever been, since the resurrection of Christ.  He is fully aware of the advancing comet... the Kingdom of God.  It's about to completely smash him and all that he stands for.  But he's not giving ground without a fight. 

The end is this....Revelation 11:15, (NLT), "Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices shouting in heaven: "The world has now become the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign forever and ever."  This is the finish line.  However even now we are heading in that direction.  It's a race to the end, which is actually the beginning of a whole new world.  However, we are actually there now.  Spiritually we've already arrived!  We need to expand our kingdoms now, as we are all "priests and kings."  Jesus is the King of kings, and we're the "kings" that He is KING over!

So, no matter what you are currently going through, keep contending, keep fighting.  Again I have to say, "....the Kingdom of Heaven has been forcefully advancing, and violent people are attacking it."

Blessings ~ Larry

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Contending for Revival

Friday Aug. 4, 2006

Note From Larry:  Monday Corinne and I arrived in Cedar Springs, MI.  We are spending time with our new grand baby, Tyler, other family members, and visiting the local Saints of God.  Whew!  We're constantly on the run.  Please keep us in prayer in regards to the events of this month.  We need to get some personal things accomplished, some needed repairs done on "Pilgrim I," and we want to take a, very much needed, 2 week vacation. We plan on hitting the road again after Labor Day and we're seeking the Lord in regards to direction for more meetings in Ohio, and the East Coast.

                                                    Contending for Revival

According to Websters the definition of the word, "contend" is: "To stretch out, to strive after.  To strive in combat or opposition; fight; struggle, argue, dispute.  To hold to be a fact, assert, etc."

The last blog: "When Comets Collide," brought to light that something very unique and huge is about to effect the Church, especially in America.   The Kingdom of God is being manifested in powerful ways, and the resulting shock waves of this collision are huge.  It seems as though there is an almost constant struggle taking place in the lives of those who's hearts are sold out completely to a revival of God's Kingdom. 

Last evening I was Internet chatting with a Brother in Tulsa.  We were talking about all of the battles that the Saints of God are currently going through.  The bottom line for us was that seemingly those who are striving the greatest for revival are currently going through dynamic struggles.  My Brother mentioned, "I know that God is going to be providing, but it needs to be very soon!"  And that seems to be the hearts cry of many I know. 

Here's a few thoughts on all of this:

#1.  If you are currently in a great struggle, ie: sickness, finances, relationships, etc., please do not feel that you are the Lone Ranger!  You are not alone!  I know that this is not a fact that in itself brings relief, but the knowledge of not being isolated and alone does help.

#2.  Those of us who have the revival of the Kingdom of God in our hearts are in the midst of a great battle.  God is teaching us that we must take that which is rightfully ours, and the enemy that has been blocking this forward movement has been very entrenched for a long time. 

#3.  God did not call us to give up!  Caleb and Joshua are role models.  Even though the giants are numerous, we must, at all cost, take the Land that God has given us.  Why?  It belongs to us!  We have been given the title deed to the Kingdom.  We have been made kings in this Kingdom, and it has all be finalized, signed in the blood of Christ.

Lately the Lord has been showing Corinne and I the importance of "placing a demand" on the Kingdom of God.  Jesus said in Matthew 11: 12 (NLT),   "And from the time John the Baptist began preaching until now, the Kingdom of Heaven has been forcefully advancing, and VIOLENT PEOPLE ARE ATTACKING IT."

I am fully persuaded that something wonderful is within our grasp.   However, we must not give up, give in and quit, just prior to the provision being fully released.  God is calling you to place a demand on your Kingdom inheritance.  Go ahead, you can write that spiritual check as God has put His spiritual money in the bank for you.

Be blessed this weekend, and keep going forward!


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Some of our blog readers have asked,  "How can we donate to your ministry?"  And seeing that we currently have some ministry needs, I thought I would post some information on how to do this.

Checks can be made out to: Vision of Hope and mailed to: Larry & Corinne Silverman, 5420 Beckley Rd. #330, Battle Creek, MI 49015.

We are currently needing to put about $5,000 of important repairs into our motor home, "Pilgrim I."  We are also without income from meetings for the month of August, so any donations would be greatly welcomed.

Thanks for your prayers.  We need them more than anything! 

Our prayers are for a new motor home.  We are looking for one  in very good condition, not over a couple of years old, with an oven, full sized fridge, washer/dryer, 2-slide outs, and either a bus conversion or a diesel pusher motor home.  We need one that will take many thousand miles of travel.  We sense strongly that someone has one of these parked in their back yard, that for one reason or another, isn't currently being used, and could be sown into our ministry. 

Thanks for reading this.  We appreciate you!

Blessings ~ Larry