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When Comets Collide!

lSaturday, July 29, 2006

Note: I'd like to announce the birth of our 13th grandchild, Tyler Anthony Dykstra, born to our daughter Ashley and her husband Tim.  Tyler was born Thursday afternoon at 4:50 in Grand Rapids, MI.  Corinne is currently there with our family celebrating this blessing to us all.  I feel that little Tyler is going to be important in the Kingdom of God!

We are currently in meetings with our great friends, and co-laborers in the faith, Rick & Shirley Wiseman of "My House" in Mansfield, Ohio.  During worship in Thursday nights meeting, the Lord gave me a very vivid vision.  I saw out into outer space and from opposite sides of the spectrum I saw two large comets.  They both were huge and had long tails of fire trailing behind.  I noted that these comets were on a very direct collision course.   This to me seemed strange as most thoughts about comets are about them striking earth, such as Hollywood depicts.  But with these two comets, there could be no mistake about their imminent collision.  I never did see this cataclysmic collision take place.  However I did hear the Lord say, "These comets represent two large kingdoms and that they are about to strike one another with very explosive force.  Only one of these kingdoms will survive, actually that one will completely blow through the other kingdom as if it were never there.  However, even though the physical damage will not be apparent after the collision, the resulting shock waves will be intense and will reverberate throughout the universe." 

The Lord spoke very clearly and told me that these comets, the kingdoms that they represent are the Kingdoms of This World, and the Kingdom of God.   The further impression that I received was that this stellar collision was taking place within the Church.  Wow!

The implication here is that much of the Kingdoms of This World are present within God's Church, the Bride of Christ.  How can that be? 

Lately I have been suggesting that people gather and very openly and honestly study the Bible.  In so doing the question is asked, "What did the Church of Jesus Christ look like during her first 300 years of existence?"  Based only on Bible facts, not our personal concepts or traditions, my suggestion to everyone within the Body of Christ is to ask themselves this same question.  This observation alone might suggest that much of what we do in the contemporary Church is actually non-Biblical.  Ouch! Fighting words here?  I hope not, but hopefully some words that might get us all to re-evaluate ourselves, our ministries, etc. 

The message of the Kingdom of God is beginning to come forth with the speed of a raging comet!  Daniel 2:44, 45 (NLT) "During the reigns of those kings, the God of Heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed or conquered.  It will crush all these kingdoms into nothingness, and it will stand forever.  That is the meaning of the rock cut from the mountain, though not by human hands.  That crushed to pieces the statue of iron, bronze, clay, silver and gold.  The great God was showing the king what will happen in the future.  The dream is true, and its meaning is certain."

In Mathew's Gospel Jesus spoke of the message of the Kingdom of God being preached prior to the end of all known things.  In chapter 24:14 He said, "And the Good News about the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come."   Some teach that the Gospel of salvation will be preached throughout the whole world then the end will come.  But Jesus doesn't say that.  He said that the Gospel of the Kingdom, the Good News about the Kingdom of God will be preached and then the end will come.  There is a difference between the two.  (maybe a blog for the future??)

Regardless, one would have to admit that the Lord of Hosts is certainly up to something these days.  It is very obvious to me that the message of the Kingdom of God is coming forth like none other.  This is the message of revival for the Church.  It will soon fully strike the Kingdoms of This World, that have infiltrated the Church over the past 1700 years, and there are going to be enormous shock waves coming forth!

In closing I'd like to quote Ras Robinson. (  This Brother is from FT. Worth, TX and is an apostolic ministry leader in the Southwest States.  He writes a daily email word, called "What the Lord is Saying."  His word for yesterday, July 28 was: "Strange winds are blowing.  As I drive about the countryside, I am seeing more "dust devils" twirling in the open fields than usual.  They look like colorless mini-tornadoes. 

I asked the Lord about them as I was praying this morning outside our front door.  Here's what He said: "It is the season for many winds to blow.  Dust devils have always been and always will be.  They are a sign to you.  Strange doctrines fill the air.  Parts of the Body of Christ are mimicking the practices of the business world.   Powerful men and women in the ministry, by shear force of personality and grace gifting are without bridle or bit.  Their kingdoms are becoming enormous.  Soon the wind will lay and all will be sifted and sorted out. 

Cling to the good, spit out the bad.  Strange winds are blowing!"  (emphasis is mine)

The comets are racing towards each other.  I am presently seeking God for the ability to firmly attach myself on the comet called the Kingdom of God.  I want to ride that One into eternity!

Blessings ~ Larry


Keep It Simple....

OK, I can assume by now that you have heard of the K.I.S.S. method of living.... "Keep It Simple Stupid!"  Well that is how the world describes this term.  Something the Lord has been showing me lately is that only the smartest of society know the true benefits found in simplicity.  So, I would like to rephrase this acronym.... "Keep It Simple SMARTY!" 

While we were in Midland, TX a few weeks ago, I sensed the Lord saying to me, "Larry, if it's not simple, it's not of Me."   I then recalled many events of my Christian life and ministry, and had flash backs of manifold incidents of complexity.  Here's a good example of how complexity in the Church works;  The other evening Corinne and I were having dinner with our good friends, Roger and Pam Bentz, in Springfield, OH.  Right in the middle of a bite of my salad my cell phone rings.  On the phone was a man named, "Charlie" from New Mexico.  Somehow Charlie got my phone number and decided to give me a call.  He was calling in desperation....."How can I know that God loves me?"  he asked.  He then went on to tell me the horror stories of his alcoholism,  drug addiction and 4 divorces.  He told me of all that Christians and the Church had told him, about all of the things that he had to do in order to serve the Lord and get his life in order.  What a mess!  Charlie was so confused that it was very hard to bring him to any state of understanding God's simple plan of grace.  Roger, Pam, Corinne and I put our forks down and we all agreed in prayer for Charlie.... that Jesus would come to him and just simply reveal Himself to this very confused and desperate man. 

One last thought I wish to share with you today.  I am going to be writing more and more about the simplicity of Christianity and about the simplicity of "doing Church."  Oh, how we make this so hard!  Someone sent an email the other day informing me of how some intercessors were getting together  and planning on doing "spiritual mapping" and spiritual warfare in a town that has been mapped over and over again.  There will always be times and places for spiritual warfare.  But here again, we do everything except what we should be doing.  Jesus told us how to take our towns for Him, it is so simple, "The harvest is great, but the workers are few.  So PRAY to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to SEND MORE WORKERS into his fields.  NOW GO........." Luke 10:2b (NLT)

Pretty simple, huh?  Maybe that is the problem, God's plan for our lives is too simple!  Anyway, please keep this thought in mind today.... "If it's simple it's of God."  If it's not simple, just maybe the enemy has you on his merry-go-round, chasing your own tail, keeping you from fulfilling your divine destiny. 

Just some thoughts!

Blessings ~Larry

Corinne's Testimony

Greetings from Tulsa, OK!

This week we have been enjoying God's wonderful presence in meetings here in the "City of Churches".  Last evening (Tuesday 7/18) Corinne ministered on the subject that she's, "God's Favorite Child."  In this word she shared much of her testimony of how her Heavenly Father  has set her free from the trials of bad self-esteem and abuse. 

Our friend, Gene Mansfield has made audio recordings of all the messages, plus the worship, prophetic words of these meetings.  So you can listen to Corinne's word and other things by going to: and follow the directions.

One last thing... if you know of a woman or for that matter, anyone who has had an abusive background, have them listen to Corinne's message of last night. (God's Favorite Child) It will help set them free!

If you would care to leave a comment on this message, you can do so by hitting the little word "comment" just below this blog article.

Blessings ~ Larry

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p.s.  We are heading to Mansfield, OH.  Meetings begin there next Wed. evening.

A Word for Tulsa!

Corinne and I are in a transition, waiting period.  We are still located in Midland, TX (West Texas) making preparations for our travel into the Midwest, with meetings booked shortly for Ohio, then into Michigan for August.  We have a friend in Tulsa, OK, Gene Mansfield of the Simple Gospel Truth Network.  As we will be traveling through Tulsa on our way north, we had talked with Gene about stopping by and having some fellowship.  The other day Gene sent an email and followed up on Yahoo Chat, that he felt that the Lord was sending us to Tulsa and that he would work on getting a few meetings scheduled there for us.  I love it when we do "last minute planning."  So often these types of meetings are really of God!  They are not planned out, they are just shoot from the hip, seat of your pants type meetings, where hearing His voice in applied with lots of faith and  Holy Ghost explosions usually take place in them.

Gene and I were chatting on IM Tuesday evening and the Spirit began to move on us both.  We both went to bed that night charged by His presence.  Yesterday (Wed. 7/12) we spoke of our plans for the weekend on the phone a few times, then in the afternoon we again connected by IM.  Once again the Lord began to move on us.  Gene began to speak of getting some things lined up for his ministry teaching over the next several weeks, and as he did, I began to get a strong sensation that the Holy Spirit was about to ruin all of Gene's plans.  I saw the Spirit moving, people coming into his mission ministry, they were completely healed and then going out and becoming instruments of healing to others.  What I was seeing in my spirit was a strong move of God's revival Glory.  I sensed that it was a part of a much larger thing that went way beyond Gene's local ministry..... It was for Tulsa!

I then began to speak prophetically on this IM chat with Gene.  Here's some of what I felt the Lord was saying to the Church of Tulsa:

"Tulsa will be a center of revival! A place where His fire always is burning!"

"Tulsa is about to catch fire. A city of Churches, will be a city of God!!"

"Tulsa has too much, way too much religion… Religion is going to be replaced by the fire of God!!"

"There's going to be a transition taking place in Tulsa.  The Lord says He's soon going to be making promotions in His Kingdom there. No more living in the past Glory. Tulsa shall begin again! Old things have passed away, He's making everything new!"

"More of your fire Lord! Those who've resisted will either move out of the way or God will move them! No more old Church... He's raising up the new wineskin."

As this was taking place on Yahoo Chat, I also saw in my spirit, oil wells pumping all over the region.  It was oil that put Tulsa on the map and I sensed that God was about to release gallons and gallons of "New Oil," His oil.... Holy Ghost Oil!  I finished by declaring that there is a new "gusher" on the way!

OK, that was yesterday afternoon.  And here I am being awakened by the Lord at 3:50 a.m. Thursday morning.  And what do I see in my spirit?  I see an oil drilling rig of a century or more ago.  It was a wooden rig, and it was one of thousands.  I saw oil blowing up from the ground, completely showering the rig and all who were standing around it with oil.  It looks like crude oil, but it isn't, it's God's New Oil.  Just prior to the "gusher" I saw thousands of people watching this rig and the others in this huge oil field.  They were just standing and watching, and patiently waiting.  Some had already left this oil field as they had given up, saying, "There's no new oil here, we must have missed God."  But those who have been faithfully waiting are about to see the sight of their lives!  The ground begins to rumble all over this field, and from these derricks comes the roar that used to make the early oil pioneers thrilled......"There she blows!" 

This morning, now at 5:00 a.m.,  the Lord is saying to Tulsa, "I am about to reward those who have been waiting so long.  I am about to release my oil on you, in ways that you never expected.  Many have tired of the waiting, they have turned back to their own, old ways of Church as they know it.  But for those who have faithfully waited and sought me, and have refused to go back to that which is familiar, I am going to bless them with New Oil. This is the new energy that I'm about to release upon America."

OK, there you have it!  Please pray into this with me.  I submit this to you today, knowing that "I see in part and know in part....."  Regardless, please pray for Tulsa, OK this weekend.  I really feel that, "God's fix'n to do something there!" 

Blessings ~ Larry

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Worship Who?

Several weeks ago Corinne and I were with a small group of people gathered to worship the Lord and to hear from God.  Our young worship leader, Patrick was doing a great job of leading us into His presence.  However, soon things began to change in the meeting, it was like a cloud of Glory descended on us.  Suddenly we were elevated to the place of "real worship." 

Patrick, being very sensitive to the Holy Spirit, sensed that this was happening, as we were all getting very intimate with the Lord.  The anointing on Patrick was becoming intense.  He was having a very difficult time of playing his guitar and singing and we could see the tears welling up in his eyes, as we were observing through the tears that were in our own eyes!   Soon Patrick stopped the song he was on, and made a statement like this, "I'm so tired of putting on the show, of being the spiritual "cheerleader" of our church, all I want to do is to just worship God and if that means to forget about you, then so be it."  As it's been several weeks ago now, the words I quoted may not be entirely correct, but the essence of them is.  Patrick's bottom line was, "I'm done worshiping worship, I'm only going to worship Him!"

The title of the Blog is, "Worship Who?"  But we could also say, "Worship what?"  I feel that the Lord has been showing me lately that many today are actually substituting our church experience for true, pure worship to God.  Some would say, "I attend _________Church because they have such AWESOME WORSHIP."  In America I fear that we have even gone so far to make worship just another program of the Church!  Ouch!  People like our Brother Patrick are getting tired of the show.... they just want Him!

Do you recall the story told in Luke 9:18-20?  One day Jesus decided to get alone in prayer.  He brought the disciples along.  He asked them, "Who do people say that I am?"  Of course the disciples repeated what they heard the people say about who He was.  Jesus wasn't too interested in what the others thought of Him, He was mainly interested in who His disciples thought He was.  "But who do YOU say I am?" He asked?  Peter's response was, "You are the Christ (Messiah), the Son of the Living God, (Sent from God)!"  Suddenly Jesus moved from generalities to specifics.  As it's been said, "He brought it down to where the rubber hits the road!"  He may be asking us today something like, "Who or What are you worshiping or who do you say that I am?" 

Now just about everyone who reads this will most likely respond, "But that doesn't fit me, Larry.... I only worship God."  I trust that this is true, especially of you, my Friend.  But maybe today would be a great day to take another look  at yourself and honestly ask Him who or what it is that we are really worshiping.  He will let us know.  And don't be surprised if you have an experience like my good friend Patrick had a few weeks ago. 

Here's a final thought... worship brings His Kingdom into reality.  Once there His glory is manifested and we become enraptured in His presence.




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"I Feel Like Traveling on..."

The old song goes something like this, "I feel like traveling on, I feel like traveling on.  My Heavenly Home is bright and fair, I feel like traveling on!"   As I recall, without looking up the words, I think this is the way the song goes.  Of course it is speaking of Heaven and of our journey towards it.  However, Corinne and I often sing this as we are on our travels over the highways of America. 

I would like to share some of what I call, "Mystery Bible" with you.  By this I mean verses of Scripture that are never preached from, and to be honest most people don't even realize that they exist, hence the name, "Mystery Bible."  This comes from the book of 3 John.    This book is just one simple chapter, and I would like to draw your attention to verses 2-4, (NLT), "Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.  SOME TRAVELING TEACHERS recently returned and made me very happy by telling me about your faithfulness and that you are living according to the truth.  I could have no greater joy than to hear that my children are following the truth."  Note that I high lighted, "Traveling Teachers." 

Then John goes on to say, and if any verses ever qualified as "Mystery Bible," these do, Verse 5 -8, "Dear friend, you are being faithful to God when you care for the traveling teachers who pass through, even though they are strangers to you.  They have told the church here of your loving friendship.  Please continue providing for such teachers in a manner that pleases God.  FOR THEY ARE TRAVELING FOR THE LORD, and they accept nothing from people who are not believers.  So we ourselves should support them so that we can be their partners as they teach the truth."  Wow!  Of course we say amen to this passage of Truth.  Here is the most clear Biblical directive, that those of us who travel for the Lord should be supported by God's Church.  I would think it is obvious that we who travel and minister cannot support ourselves.  It's pretty hard to make tents when you travel full time! 

However, the above is not the real reason I wish to draw your attention to these verses.  I wish to point out the Scriptural and historical viability of the "Traveling Ministry."  It seems like more and more of today's churches are failing to utilize this very beneficial  source of ministry support. 

We are currently in a West Texas community.  The pastor here, felt that the Lord told him to invite us in for meetings.  Some advised him, "But you don't know these people, so why invite them?"  Remember John saying of the traveling teachers;  they are, "strangers to you?"  I so appreciate this pastor.  He is a true man of God who can hear the voice of God!  These meetings have have become one divine appointment after another.  Why?  Because someone was willing to take a chance on people he'd never met! 

I have no problem looking at how Scriptural financial support to ministry like ours is.   However, more importantly, I felt to draw your attention to these "Mystery Verses" and focus on the importance of the "Traveling Teachers."  Prayerfully consider inviting one into your group for some meetings.  And please note I said, "meetings," not just for a Sunday!  Give the ministry the chance to break through for you, and this may take several meetings.    If you need help finding one of these Teachers, in addition to ourselves, I know several wonderful ministries all over the country that would be a blessing to any church that would give them the invitation. 

One other thing.... as far as Corinne and I are concerned, never let finances be the determining factor on inviting us in for meetings.  We do not charge for ministry.  We work for God.  Find us a place to park our motor home, take offerings for us, and we will trust the Lord for what is needed.

Blessings ~ Larry