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The Heart of the Revivalist...

Last Fall a very full schedule of nightly meetings were completed in the Midwest.  From there we had meeting booked in the South.  We had more than enough travel days to get to our next destination so we pulled Pilgrim I into a campground around Nashville, TN for a couple of days of getting some much needed rest. 

On that Friday morning Corinne and I felt to spend some time in intercession for the area we were located in.  As we began to pray and worship the Lord gave me a vision.  I saw Heaven.  In the vision we were given a tour of Heaven and at the end we were taken down "Revival Street."  There I was shown the mansions of all of the great revivalists of days gone by.  I recall seeing Finney's mansion, Wesley's mansion, yes, even A.A. Allen's mansion, plus many, many others.  In the midst of all of these wonderful "Revival Street"  mansions was a large vacant lot.  I asked our angel tour guide, "Why is that vacant lot there?"  His answer was, "That's where your mansion is going to be built!"  The vision ended and I began to weep like a baby!

Corinne and I have said for years that we, "Eat, Sleep and Live for Revival!"  We have something that burns within us, a fire that cannot be quenched, that says that "church as usual" isn't good enough!  We know that there is more of God to experience and we can never be satisfied with anything less.  We have the heart of the revivalist!

John the Baptist was in prison. (Mt. 11:1-15)  He had heard about all of the things that Jesus was doing, so he sent his followers to Jesus and had them ask Him, "Are you the Messiah we've been expecting, or should we keep looking for someone else?"  This reminds me of the Church without revival.  We know the truth.  So did John.... remember when he baptized Jesus?  But due to all of the "junk of life" the truth is forgotten and the unbelief settles in and soon total inactivity becomes the norm.

Do you recall how Jesus replied?   He said, "Go back to John and tell him what you have heard and seen.  The blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised to life, and the Good News is being preached to the poor."

Then in Acts 8: 6-8, with the revival in Samaria Dr. Luke says, "Crowds listened intently to Phillip because they were eager to hear his message and see the miraculous signs he did.  Many evil spirits were cast out, screaming as they left their victims.  And many who had been paralyzed or lame were healed.  So there was great joy in that city."

You have to admit... the above speaks of "Church as un-usual!"  This is the Church in revival!  This does not just speak of good meeting, but of transformed cities.  The above burns within the heart of the true revivalist!

I say it is coming... the fulfillment of the words of Jesus and a repeat of, even much greater than Phillip's revival in Samaria.  This is what burns within my heart.  My prayer is that I will see this fulfilled before my ministry ends.

Oh yes, once again I must close this blog by repeating the prayer of the revivalist, "More Lord!"



It's Beginning to Rain!

Sunday, February 19

This coming Tuesday we begin Week #5 of meetings in Woodland, CA.  This move of God is being hosted by the Woodland Assembly of God  People ask, "What's going on?"  And to be honest, it is very difficult to put into words all that the Lord is doing in these meetings.   A good description of all that God is doing is to equate it to the amount of Kleenex being consumed.  People enter into the presence of God and begin to weep!

Ever since New Years, all over Northern California, the reports of God being on the move have been coming in.  In Woodland, we're seeing people healed, baptized in the Holy Spirit, being encouraged, praying for people at work, etc.  We are hearing from other regional churches of their youth catching the fire of God, of worship teams being allowed to minister in high schools,  of new excitement being released.  We hear of many regional churches entering into extended meetings.   Even in other locations of the Nation, we are hearing the good reports!  We read the reports of revival breaking out in colleges and of way-ward children coming back to the faith of their parents, etc., etc.!

I trust that you too are a witness of these events.  If you are not, my word to you is, get ready, "It is Beginning to Rain!"   I might suggest to you that like Elijah told Ahab, "Get ready a gully-washer is about to hit!" (or something like that), that you too, get your spiritual rain coats ready, as the Rain of God is about to fall on you too!

I sense that the Lord is saying, "For as surely as I send the Spring rains to bring forth new life, so this Spring, I will send My Rain to a thirsty Land!  To those who are thirsty, they shall find the refreshing drink, they shall find their satisfaction in Me.  Reach out to Me.  Begin now to draw forth my life giving water.  Begin now to take in the small drops, and as you begin with them, the process of multiplication shall begin.  For what begins small will soon become large as I am about to completely saturate My People with My life giving floods!  To those who have an ear, let them hear My words, for surely I say..... It's Beginning to Rain!"

Please step out in faith.  God is on the move!  Elijah's servant saw the tiny cloud from the top of the mountain.  I too see it clearly!  It is moving inland now, and it's form is taking shape, it is about to bring a drenching to all who seek it!

Let us know what's going on in your location.  Hit the small, red comment button, bottom right side of this blog and tell the rest of us what's going on in your location!

Blessings and More Lord!


Another Word for North California: Push!

Last night, Friday February 10, we completed our 3rd week of very intense meetings with the Woodland Assembly of God church, Woodland, CA.  Next week we begin week #4 (see: for details).  Last night's meeting was very powerful as the Lord began to give us new direction as we enter into His purposes, not only for this local church, but for the entire region.  I'll share a little of what He's saying, but first let me set the stage somewhat:

Please take a minute and review some of my earlier blog articles.  Especially take note of the December 6 blog.  The Lord gave me a vision of the entire North Valley of Northern California being completely flooded by His water.  Then in the January 1 blog I write of the confirmation that God sent with the heavy, New Year's rains and floods.  The Sacramento area was flooded, many communities looked like New Orleans after the hurricane, with God confirming His word about the flood with a natural event.  On January 25 I write about "Wave #7," a giant tidal wave of God's making, bringing the move of His Spirit to the shore of this State.   He said in this word, that He would show natural signs as confirmation.  On Monday January 30, Northern California was again drenched by rain.  Later that afternoon God gave us the most beautiful rainbow that I have ever seen.  He said, "Remember my promise!"  Later it was reported to me that many rainbows were seen over Northern California that day.  Earlier this week, on Feb. 7, off the coast of Northern California, giant waves were being formed and slammed into the beaches.  In the ocean off Santa Cruz the surfers were reporting "Maverick waves" of "stellar and epic" proportions (as high as 32 feet!).  Once again God confirmed the word about "Wave #7" by natural events.

OK, I'm leading up to this.....  For years God has told Corinne and I to "wait for the Child of Promise." This child to us is only one thing, revival!  There is not enough space in this article to tell you of all the great "God encounters" that we have had with Him dealing with us in this area of revival being birthed.  This Fall while in an intense meeting in Arizona, God spoke to Corinne and told her that she would be a "Mother of Revival!"  Just prior to that while we were in Texas, again in some intense meetings, the Lord told us that we were supposed to "go home to Northern California."  He indicated that He wanted us to share with the Church here, our vision of His Spirit moving in un-paralleled ways.  He sent us to help release, sustain and enjoy this move of His Spirit.

Then this Wednesday morning, early, God gave me a vision of a very pregnant woman.  It was obvious that she was about to give birth.  Not only was her stomach large, but she had that certain "glow" on her face, indicating that her time of birthing was imminent.  The word of the Lord came to me and said, "Push, tell My Church to push!  In the 10:00 A.M. church prayer meeting, an intercessor, Lisa, told us that the Lord was saying that it is time to push. 

From all over this region, we are hearing great reports from the churches.  They are saying that their meetings are awesome, with a very strong presence of God in them.  We are hearing reports of the youth being ignited, meetings going on in schools and reports and emails telling us of the growing expectancy within the Body of Christ here.  It is very obvious that the Church of Northern California is pregnant with revival! 

And now His word to you is to PUSH!  To be honest, I do not know what that means for you and to your church, all I can do is speak to what God is showing us here in Woodland.  For us, the pushing is waiting!  Yes, waiting on Him, but waiting from the attitude of worship and prayer.  Here at Woodland Assembly of God, we are dedicating this coming week as one of waiting prayer, of "pushing" as the Child of Promise is about to be born!

Yes, and once again I must close out this blog by saying, "More Lord!"

At the bottom of this blog you will find a "comment" button.  How about commenting on what the Lord is doing with you, what you are seeing as far as this move of God goes.  It only takes a minute, but your word may bring lots of encouragement to another reader.



Prime the Pump!

I really wonder how many people today can recall the experience of walking up to an old fashioned hand, water pump, of pumping the handle up and down and not get any water out of it?  In today's era of Ipods, cell phones, PDA's, etc, I am certain that pumping a dry pump is either a forgotten or non-existent memory.  But to those of us old enough....hummm, we remember the bucket of water that was stationed next to the pump, and woe to the guy who left the pump site with an empty bucket! 

Those old pumps used leather seals, that when the pump was operated, would create the vacuum that would pump the water.  If the pumped was not used too often, the seals would dry out, thus not creating the proper sucking action for pumping water.   When that happened water from the bucket was poured down the top of the pump, thus re-wetting the leathers.  This is called priming the pump.  Often only a cup or two of water poured down the top of the pump would be effective in priming it.  Here's an interesting thought.... no matter how thirsty a person was, no matter how much water was deep within the well, if the leathers on the pump were dry, and there was no water to re-wet them, a person could literally die of thirst in the close proximity of a well! 

Yesterday (Sunday 2/5) we began Week #3 of our meetings in Woodland Assembly of God, Woodland, CA.  Just prior to the meeting beginning a precious sister gave Corinne and I the following word, "The pump is primed here.  You're the ones that go to the churches and prime the pumps for revival.  You are going to see revival.  You have asked and you will see it.  You have been willing to go.  He asked you to go and you did.  You WILL see the revival!" 

Now here's what is really neat about this word.  For years I have often mentioned the need of the pumps of revival being in need of priming.  Note that our job isn't bringing the water, only that of priming the pumps.  It's God's water!  For instance, here in Woodland, Corinne and I have done nothing to create the water of revival. It was already here!  All we did was to take a little of the "water" that is within us, pour it down the spiritual pump, and give the handle a couple of swift pumps.... up flows revival!  I love it!  It's all God, not us!!!

The words of God are direct, to the point.  The water of revival is beginning to flow all over the Land.  God is calling His Church to begin to prime the pumps.  Corinne and I are among many who have been called to do this.  If we can be of help, feel free to give us a shout.  But no matter what, He's bring tons of His River water to a dry and thirsty Land. 

Once again I just have to end this post by saying, "More Lord!"



The Rainbow

"Then God said, "I am giving you a sign of my covenant with you and with all living creatures, for all generations to come.  I have placed my rainbow in the clouds.  It is the sign of my covenant with you and with all the earth.  When I send clouds over the earth, the rainbow will appear in the clouds, and I will remember my covenant with you and with all living creatures."  Gen. 9: 12-15

Picture_235 Monday, January 30, 2006 was a very rainy day over Northern California.  All afternoon it mostly poured at a steady pace.  The ground was very saturated so there were many standing pools of water where we had Pilgrim I parked in the Farmington area.  We had finished a Sunday evening meeting in Modesto and were preparing to leave for Woodland, CA on Tuesday morning, so we were trying to get some needed office work done.  Around 4:00 p.m. as I was on the computer in the motor home, Corinne noted that the sun was beginning to break through the clouds in the west.  Within a couple of minutes she noted a giant rainbow forming just to the east of our location.  As we looked out the windows we began to see the most striking, beautiful rainbow that we had ever seen!  It was huge, brilliant and formed a complete arch with no broken sections at all.  As we watched another rainbow was beginning to form on the outside rim of the first bow.  The picture here is of that 2ND bow forming, but unfortunately the camera didn't pick it up.

God is moving very strongly in Northern California.  Last week in our meetings in Woodland, He said that He was preparing to send "The Seventh Wave" (see last week's blog).  And He told us that He would confirm this by natural signs around us.  O.K... I realize that rainbows are common.  But Monday's rainbow was beyond common!  To Corinne and I this rainbow is supernatural and we sense that it is God once again telling us that He hasn't forgotten His covenant with mankind, and even more so, directly to us, He hasn't forgotten His covenant promise to us... Revival in the Land!  By the way many rainbows were seen Monday over Northern California!

Last night's meeting in the Woodland Assembly of God church (, was a very powerful reminder that God is greatly on the move!  He confirmed His promises to us and released us to believe Him once again for all that He has spoken to us. 

Many are speaking doom and gloom over America.  My words are... God's giving us another chance!  This may be the last chance, but it's beginning to take shape now, even as I write these words.  I'm hearing a great wave of God's Spirit, a great flooding of His presence is about to be released upon a dry and thirsty Land. 

To me, on Monday, January 30, God reached down from Heaven and gave me a great big kiss of  His love for me and for His people.  To me this rainbow awakened new hope within me, and makes me even bolder in my statement and declaration.... More Lord!