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Wave Number Seven

January 25, 2006

During Monday night's meeting at Woodland Assembly of God, Woodland, CA, the Lord released a word to us.  He said that He had previously sent six waves of His Spirit into the United States, and that He was even now preparing to send Wave Number Seven.  The word was that He is calling the ocean breezes, re-arranging the currents and making the way possible for Wave Number Seven's advent and launching forth into a revival hungry Land.  Our sense is that this wave is of tsunami magnitude.  He also said that we will see events that will confirm the existence of this wave.  And even now in these meetings we are witnessing something special occurring.

It seems that God is really impressing the fact that a great flood of His Spirit is about to be released.  I sense that we are already in the early stages of this.  Something IS happening in Northern California!  God is on the move!  He said that the Valley will be filled from mountain range to mountain range.  He sent the January rains and flooding to confirm His word. 

During last night's meeting in Woodland, the Lord told the group gathered that He was pleased with them, as they have been re-digging a well of revival here.  What is interesting is that the Woodland Assembly of God church was founded 100 years ago, 1906, as a result of the Azusa St. Revival. 

So, as old wells are re-dug, new wells are dug for the first time, as His rains of revival fall, and the waves of revival hit the beach, I sense that we are about to enter into a time without precedent.  A time of great revival in America.  It is moving upon us now...

Isaiah 64: 1 - 5 (NLT): "Oh, that you would burst from the heavens and come down!  How the mountains would quake in your presence!  As fire causes wood to burn and water to boil, your coming would make the nations tremble.  Then your enemies would learn the reason for your fame!  When you came down long ago, you did awesome deeds beyond our highest expectations.  And oh, how the mountains quaked!  For since the world began, no ear has heard, and no eye has seen a God like you, who works for those who wait for him!  You welcome those who gladly do good, who follow godly ways."

To this I can only say, More Lord!



What Happens When God Shows Up

January 23, 2006

We are currently having meetings at Woodland Assembly of God, Woodland, CA.  We began yesterday (Sunday) morning and had another meeting last evening.  We are scheduled to be here through this Wednesday night.  Sunday morning's meeting was awesome to say the least, but last night's meeting was just plain out of sight!

Sometimes we have a preconceived idea as to what should happen when the Spirit of God shows up in a meeting.  Like, are we supposed to do something, and if so, what?  Or are we supposed to be tossed by extreme manifestations, or heal the sick or are we supposed to "run the church" or leap over pews?  What happens when God shows up in a meeting?

Here's what happened last night.....  NOTHING!   God gave us a special visitation and it was such a holy, special time that no one did anything, no one really could.  The only sound heard for the longest time was that of people sobbing in His presence.  It was a very sacred and special time of visitation in our midst. 

The thing that Corinne and I note so often is that no two meetings are similar.  When God is in control of a meeting, anything can and will happen.  She and I never tire of this!  We come home (to Pilgrim I, parked outside the back door of the building), and just continue to be awe-struck by His special visitation.  We love what we do.... we've been so blessed to be called of God to do this and to experience all of God's special people, and witness His wonderful moving among His Kids. 

The "Suddenlies of God," His revival fire is about to fall here in Woodland.  We're so thankful that we have been given a chance by Him to be here.  Please pray for us, the meetings  here continue through Wednesday night, and maybe beyond... we'll wait and see.



Attention California: A New Thing!

January 20. 2006

Corinne and I are currently in the Sacramento, CA area, ministering at the Family Christian Center in Orangevale. (  We feel a strong desire to be here and in the greater Sacramento area.  I have been told, "As Sacramento goes, so goes California.  As California goes, so goes the Nation."  And I have sensed an impression from the Lord that added to that would be, "And as goes the Nation, so goes the World!"  Therefore I feel a great importance on God's plans and designs for this Region.

On December 6, 2005 the Lord gave me a vision of the valleys of N. CA being filled with His River water, from mountain peak to mountain peak.  Then over the New Years, the rains and floods came.  The rivers, creeks, dry creek beds and irrigation ditches were filled to flood capacity and beyond.  The Sacramento area was hit hard, with dikes breaking and communities flooded.  Indeed the water rose high...spiritually as well.  2006 is a time of increase!

In seeking my message for the Friday Night in the River meeting here at Family Christian Center, I have been sensing that the Lord is saying, "Prepare, I'm doing the new thing!"  And this morning at 4:00 A.M. I was awakened with this in my spirit:

I sense that the Lord is saying to the Church of California:

"Prepare your hearts and your minds, for indeed I am in the process of creating my new wineskin.  I am asking My Church to examine their hearts and their minds in preparation for that which I am about to release upon you.  I ask you to not view Me any longer from your past experiences.  I am asking you to be soft and pliable for a bending and stretching shall take place, and only those who come to Me with soft and pliable hearts and minds will not be broken in the process!  I am about to do a New Thing in your midst.  So prepare your hearts and your minds and create all of your ministry options from that which is new that I will soon be showing you.  I do this for My pleasure and in so doing My glory will be released upon you, so that all will see and be drawn into My fold.  For this shall lead to a great harvest of those who have rejected me.  Be aware of a new interest in Me from those outside of the fold.  Only that which is new and from me shall work in the Harvest.  And only that which is new and from Me shall sustain them once they enter My fold!  So, My word to you is PREPARE!

I feel that it is important for the Church in America to begin praying and interceding for the Church in California!  It is surely a very important time and season!



"Revival of Truth/Releasing the Bride Tour" website:

Attention North California....

Here it is...January 1, 2006!  I am feeling a little stunned by the prospective of a new year upon us already.  It seems like yesterday was New Years Eve, 2005.  A whole years has passed!  What a year it was!  Talk about challenges and victories!

Every year at this time Corinne and I have a lot of time on our hands.  Meetings are scarce during the Holiday Season, so we take the time and plan and prepare for the New Year.  This past season has been no different.  We've had a few meetings, good ones, like the "Experience Jesus, Modesto Meeting," Friday, Jan. 30.  But for the most part this time of the year is for seeking the Lord for what's His purposes are for us during the next year. 

Below is an exert from a Blog post that I published in early December, shortly after arriving in Northern California:

Published on my 12/6/05 blog: "Monday morning Corinne and I began the day/week, with some prayer and prophetic intercession.  As she was praying I felt to pick up the guitar and the "song of the Lord" soon followed.  During that time I was given a vision of the Region.  I can look out the galley window of "Pilgrim I" and see clearly the foothills and the high peaks of the Sierras.  I can step out front of the motor home and look West and see the mountains of the coast.  During this time of worship and prayer, I saw a great flood of God's River flowing up to both sides of the these mountains and the Valley completely flooded with His life giving River!"    (you can read the entire blog by checking the "Recent Posts" to the left of this article)

Yesterday, December 31, 2005, I spent a lot of time dodging rain, strong winds, even thunderstorms and, believe it or not, hail!  As I watched the news shows, I watched pictures of mud slides, flooded streets and neighborhoods, levee's breaking, Ala New Orleans, and rain, rain rain!  The rivers and streets of Sacramento and the surrounding area are flooded.  Sand bags were being handed out by the fire department. (Interesting to me is that Sacramento is the Capitol of the State)

Today, New Years Day, another strong storm is headed our way.  The authorities are very concerned about the rapidly deteriorating situations as already saturated, muddy earth, just cannot hold any more water.  Yes, in the natural the Valley is being flooded!

Often God sends natural incidents to preclude that which He releases in His spiritual economy.  I strongly feel that all of the current events in Northern California are no different.  I know what I feel in my heart... Revival is coming to Northern California.  I feel it is this year, at least a strong application of this move of God will begin this year, possibly not the fullness of it. 

In a few days a very exciting schedule of meetings begins for us.  January is fully booked and we are working on February and March.  I am so expecting great things from these meetings!  I have a new expectancy in my heart, and a feeling like these meetings will not be even rank close to our meetings of the past.  We feel very directed by God to be spending a lot of our time, most likely much of 2006, in Northern California.  He's about to release His New Thing!  Corinne and I feel very directed to offer our helping hands to the Church here.  (You can check out our meetings at:

So, my word for the Church in Northern California....Prepare!  The River is rising! 

Happy New Year,