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January 2006

A Word for North California....

Corinne and I arrived in Northern California two weeks ago today.  Since that time we have had some pretty powerful encounters with God.  Several days prior to arriving, we had a strong burning within us that we had to get here as soon as possible.  We were in the midst of powerful meetings in Texas when the Lord told me...."go Home!"  And the impression of "Home" was Northern CA.  At first we thought that it was because many of our Vision of Hope  ( Family were here, especially our overseers and friends, Jeff & Sheila Green, but it was a much stronger impression than even that.  We also had the sense that we would be going "Home" for an extended season.

The word "home" is a different type of conceptual word to Corinne and I.  Several times a week, people ask us, "Where's your home?'  In other words, "You travel the Country in a motor home, but where do you really live?"    We always laugh when we tell them...."We're homeless!" Or, "Our home is on 8 tires!"  All of our children and grandchildren still reside in Michigan.  We have a Michigan address on our drivers licenses, and all of our mail goes to Battle Creek, MI (a small mail box in the local UPS Store and is forwarded to us on the road), but our real Home is where ever God would have us at during any given time.  But the "Home" He spoke about while we were in Texas relates to a spiritual "thing" that He's about to release in Northern California!

Monday morning Corinne and I began the day/week, with some prayer and prophetic intercession.  As she was praying I felt to pick up the guitar and the "song of the Lord" soon followed.  During that time I was given a vision of the Region.  I can look out the galley window of "Pilgrim I" and see clearly the foothills and the high peaks of the Sierras.  I can step out front of the motor home and look West and see the mountains of the coast.  During this time of worship and prayer, I saw a great flood of God's River flowing up to both sides of the these mountains and the Valley completely flooded with His life giving River! 

Many have been given words from God about the soon coming revival that Our Covenant God is preparing to be launched in this Region.  I sense strongly that we are here, we're "Home," to experience and work in it too.  (

I sense that the month of December is a month of preparation.  December is a busy time with all of the family and church holiday activity,  but I feel to suggest that the Saints here also spend some time in prayer for revival.  I saw a giant spring being wound very tight.  I sensed that after the first of the year, that spring would be quickly released, thus launching forth God's purposes for the Region.  One thing about a flood... you don't want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when flood waters hit!  I'm sensing that this time of preparing is also a time of positioning. 

Get ready... I sense a gully washer coming this way!  I smell revival in the air!